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Letter: Fail! I will not!
Published on December 11, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

While working as a police officer in St Vincent and the Grenadines, one of my assignments was the care and security of High Court Judge, Ian D. Mitchell. Mr Mitchell treated me with the greatest respect and I looked up to him with a respect I have never given to any other person; as a matter of fact he was like my father. He gave me the privilege to discuss anything with him, and I would take matters of a personal, social, and professional nature to him. I was assured an honest answer, with the greatest of clarity and tact. I have never before trusted anyone in this capacity, for I have learned how to deal with such stuff on my own.

Once while we were in conversation, as was our custom, I can remember with vivid clarity Justice Mitchell saying to me, “Mr Palmer, you know you are a very talented young man. I have a little secret I must tell you. People like you will never make it in your country; there will always be people who will use every opportunity to ensure you don’t succeed. If you are going to be the success you can become, you will have to leave these shores. You have a much better chance of making it overseas.”

I took what the experienced, learned and friendly judge said to me seriously. After that time, I started exploring the possibilities of leaving the shores of narrow mind and venture out into the unknown, uncharted world. But before I left the shores of St Vincent and the Grenadines, I had proven Justice Mitchell’s words to have come to pass and up to today, even in matters that are out of the control of my people, it is still their mission and objective to ensure I never see success and it seems they are trying to do so by any means necessary.

As I have written before, because of my opposition to Ralph E. Gonsalves’ public behaviour, effort and partial success in perverting the course of justice and the terrible way in which he is managing the affairs of St Vincent and the Grenadines, it has become his most important intention and active ambition to do all in his power to see me fail; however, as I said before, my success is not in his control and he has no say in the level of success I attain.

In his effort to accomplish his goal, he has solicited the help of many people, some of whom I know very well and others I clearly do not know. Let me give you a rundown of some of what have happened since I arrived in the USA after fleeing Dominica 2008, when Andrew Kirkpatrick Mitchell a Jamaican hit man who worked out of St Lucia, was sent to that island to kill me. I have a sneaking suspicion this was the same person who so skillfully handled Glen Jackson’s case, and I also know of another case he handled before.

One of the chiefs of the Allan Palmer must fail mission in New York City has been busy soliciting the aid of many people. He even saw it fit to use his brother, with whom I was friends; sadly this bloke was successful in causing me some discomfort, which I managed to overcome with the help of Yahweh. When I found out of his involvement, I cut him off immediately after. Sad to say that retribution is a curse that is loyal only to its objective of payback.

Unfortunately for this fellow, he ended up in hospital in a weakened state, for he was sick to the point where he lost more than half of his body weight. This person’s misfortune was not as a result of anything I did, but his demise came at his own hands. His illness came as a result of an alcoholic relapse that he experienced. He almost drank himself into the next life; unfortunately for my ex-friend, this summer the same thing happened again. Retribution is a faithful she dog, i.e. retribution is a bitch.

In the past six months I have had three micro-digital recorders stolen from me; the good thing is each time the instrument was stolen from me, I knew when, as well as who stole the apparatus. This began after I addressed the Camailo Gonsalves issue, and I mentioned that I have documented evidence that I can use against the NYPD. However, I have found out it is not the best thing to take issue with everything that goes wrong; naiveté on a victim’s part forces the aggressors not to change their mode of operating; this allows for a level of predictability and thus equips the victim with the tool of preparation for predictable offensive move that the person may make.

Each time I record information I deem to be vital; at the first opportunity, I will download the file and, like most of my confidential writings and other files, I hide them in plain sight right on the world wide web. They are not easily discovered sites.

Recent event 1

On the evening of the 2nd December, I received some very important intelligence that informed me to be careful, because hired agents are on the prowl trying to do me harm. As a result of the intelligence, I took certain precautionary steps; big brother took precautionary steps also, after which I updated my Facebook page to that effect. Because of the precautions I took and the precautions of big brother, their plans were foiled, but not abandoned. For two days later, an assailant attacked me with a knife; fortunately for me, I was skillful enough to disarm the assailant before anyone was seriously hurt. As a result of the scuffle I received a one and a half inch laceration on the right side of my face. A photograph of my injuries can be seen on my Facebook page.

Recent event 2

On Saturday, 8th December 2012, at about 9:50 pm, I was driving down Flatbush Avenue. I stopped at the junction of Flatbush and Parkside Avenue; I was looking in the driver’s side rear view mirror. I saw a man whom I knew get out of the van behind the vehicle I was driving, I noticed he was bend over heading to my van; I also noticed the guy had a knife with about an eight inch blade in his left hand. I then saw the man stab driver’s side rear tyre of the vehicle I was driving with the knife, I immediately got out of my van to confront the man, I saw him run away, then he turned and entered the van that was stopped about a van’s length behind me. Then the van sped off. I was afforded two positive looks at the criminal’s face. These two matters, which constitute criminal offences, are in the hands of the police.

Recent event 3

I am currently enrolled in a program at the Medgar Evers College, which is geared to prepare me to enter the business world. It was not surprising when a young man from St Vincent and the Grenadines showed up in the class half way through the program. Unfortunately for this young man, he is totally lost as to what is going on in the class. If I tell you his reason for entering the program at that late stage of the game it will amuse you, but there is not enough time to relate this story.

However, knowing why he was there, one evening after class, I offered the young man a ride home and I filled his ears with the things I want Ralph Gonsalves and his friends to know. I doubt he is capable of relaying the information I fed him. That was the first and last ride he is going to get from me or in my vehicle unless he is paying for that ride.

Are all these events just acts of chance or are they organized? The question is what they will come with next. I pray that the peace, love, grace, mercies, protection and bountiful blessing of the Almighty God Yahweh be with you all.

Allan Palmer
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D. Markie Spring:

My friend, you must be extra careful!

I do not understand what is going on for you. I do not understand why all these things are happening. Is it because of 'political opinions?' How can we live in a world where one cannot voiced teir discomforts and dissatisfactions? Who made out the world to be this way?

Let me appeal to everyone, that we must respect the opinions and ideologies of persons, meanwhile, we can disagree and state what we believe. Vincentians it time to live as one and stop the bickering 'ma;-behaviours'

Palmer, the judge was right and even when they flew overseas they follow and make other people's lives a living hell. But, as you say only God can protect us. In Psalms 37 the Bible says that we must not fret because of evil doers, neither be thou envious against the workers of inquity.

The reason the word 'debate' exist is for all of us, so we can analyze our sorrounding and state our opinions. This is what democracy allows us to do. Its 'all good' once we respect each other's opinions.

My broter the only thing taht we can do is to allow God to have His way. Christ also warns us in Proverb 3 that we should not lean on our own understanding, but in all our ways we must acknowledge Him and he will make our paths straight.

Let pray!!


MARKIE, the problem is that much of what is brought here by the ULP regime supporters is just downright lies and attacks on decent and honest people, not matters of opinion.

I hope that your not saying we should respect whatever they say as opinions?

There is pure Satanism at work, when a man says he worships Obeah for the Lord, that must be a reference to Satan.

When a man take money from a state such as Iran to vote for them at the UN, Iran being a persecutor and murderer of Christians, that must be the work of the devil.

I for one welcome genuine debate, I welcome other points of view, I welcome the truth.

D. Markie Spring:

Peter, how can we be sold out for little or nothing? Is it greed or something that is embedded within us. If we collect money from Iran to vote infavor of your quest for nuclear, where is the money. I have not seen us evidence. I believe that if we were receiving money the evident will be at Argyle.

I do not get it. With this comes to mind transparency!

How come things are happening adn we cannot see where, what, how?

Peter, We talk alot on here, but I think Palmer has the better starategy, we must pray.

I am totally sconfused about what is happening...indeed

D. Markie Spring:

Peter, if so many lies are bieng told who is there to inform the public about the truth, who takes this nationa task on their shoulders?

It is emperitive that politicians changed the way they carry out the functions of the state. Why have politicians change the true meaning of politics and the political system?

What are the churches saying / doing about this delimma. If we do not stop where would SVG be heading? Are Vincentians indulging or immune to ill information?

Sad state!!


MARKIE, one of the things I have been informed of and verily believe to be true, is that SVG is operating a bank account in Cuba. This account receives money from states such as Iran.

Iran and several other states cannot use traditional banking systems because of sanctions.

What I would like to know is where that account is being monitored and what evidence do the Vincentian people have of who draws from that account and for what purpose.

Are there records, is parliament aware of these offshore accounts?

Does Cuba get any of this money?

Who and how are we able to monitor these accounts?

For all we know a Million US Dollars can be put in an old crocus bag and brought to SVG.


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