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Letter: Did Gonsalves write the press statement purporting to be from Hans King?
Published on June 9, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

We are aware that PM Gonsalves is a liar, he actually told us so himself. So I suppose writing a press release and pretending it came from someone else would not be beyond his capability, after all it’s perhaps just another kind of lie. So would that not be acceptable behaviour on his part? At least to him if not us.

They say no one likes a liar, but on his part yes they do. Why? Because he told us so, when he told us the Vincentian people love him.

When the article appeared in Caribbean News Now: “New law in St Vincent exonerates corruption”, I was told and verily believe it to be true, by someone one removed from the table, there was absolute panic and it was top priority to get a statement published countering the CNN article, the very same day.

I have read the statement supposedly from Hans King and compared it with a statement made by Gonsalves and posted on another media site: "Changes to Passport Law Will Not Exonerate Illegal Activities".

So I printed both and carried out what a court would describe as 'forensics that can identify or narrow the possible sources of the document'. If they were handwritten, the task would have been simplified.

A phrase from the Hans King statement "Scaremongering and falsehoods by internet crazies" is as follows:

"The NDP's false allegation is a species of propaganda straight out of the play-book of the Nazi propaganda chief, Goebbels, who took the immoral position that if one repeats a lie persistently the unsuspecting would accept it as the truth."

A phrase from Gonsalves’ statement "Changes to Passport Law Will Not Exonerate Illegal Activities" is as follows:

"He accused the NDP of using a Goebbels-like technique to speak falsehoods, repeat the falsehoods frequently enough and loudly enough and they believe that people would believe in."

Now my belief is this: Gonsalves wrote both statements. Why do I believe that? Because I believe that Hans King would not even know who Goebbels was.

Who was Goebbels?

Goebbels was one of Adolph Hitler's closest associates and most devoted followers. He was known for his zealous orations and deep and virulent anti-Semitism, which led him strongly to support the extermination of the Jews when the Nazi leadership developed their "Final Solution". In simple terms, Goebbels planned, arranged and organised for the extermination, the murder of millions of Jews in the cruellest possible way.

To compare any person, anybody or any association or political party with Goebbels is a very deep insult and is, in my opinion, when used in such a way meant to damage the standing of recipient/s of the insult. In my opinion, it can be nothing less than libellous, perhaps criminally so, in the case of Gonsalves as a solicitor, he would have been fully aware of that when writing such a thing.

It’s also my considered opinion that Gonsalves would know exactly who Goebbels was. Gonsalves hails from Portuguese Jewish ancestry and, as such, I believe he would know exactly who Goebbels was and what he did. As a world traveller and having mixed with the Iranians, he would most certainly of brushed up on the Holocaust matter and all those Nazis involved, because his friend Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the former Iranian president, denied the Holocaust ever happened.

What a disgraceful thing to do: to compare any Vincentian with Goebbels. Once again, Gonsalves is insulting not just us black people, but all Vincentians black and white.

There are many similar sentences and phrases in both documents, some almost identical, but both being about the same subject perhaps there would be. The things that stand out like a sore thumb are the references to Goebbels in both documents. It stands out because it has nothing whatsoever to do with the subject. One may say in defence perhaps that both their great minds think alike; my reply to that is what great minds.

PM Gonsalves, I ask you, did you write both statements? Will you apologise and withdraw your remarks about Goebbels? Will you apologise both to the Vincentian people and to the NDP for your disgraceful and spiteful choice of words?

It’s got to stop.

Let’s ask ourselves this question: if the boot was on the other foot, would he sue?

Peter Binose
Reads: 6022

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Marlon Mills:

As Hitler's main propagandist, Goebbels used a series of tactics to aid Hitler's ambitions to control every facet of German life and made complete use of all technical means of dominating Germany under Hitler’s rule - just as Gonsalves is attempting to do in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Like Goebbels, Gonsalves has been and continues his attempts at controlling the media to present a unified view of the Unity Labour Party administration. Therefore, no opposition voice is to be tolerated and critics must be silenced at all costs. If he doesn't like a particular article, the editor or whoever is in authority will receive a call. If compliance with the Prime Minister’s wishes is not achieved, threats are likely to follow and ultimately the justice system is used to mute the voice of the media, as is seen in the case of Nice Radio. Goebbels actually outlawed the use of radio at one point during Nazi control over Germany.

Since the Internet is proving to be challenging for Gonsalves to control the voices of his critics, he has resorted to another of Goebbels tactics to deal with that situation by promoting stereotypes, hence the reference to people who discuss politics on the internet as ‘internet crazies’. This tactic has long been used by Gonsalves to discredit critics. As an example, when he was challenged by the Friends of the Tobago Cays, we were labelled as ‘malignant’, ‘liars’ and ‘dishonest’. Media professionals were referred to as ‘chattering nabobs’ and other critics referred to as ‘unschooled’ and ‘untutored’, ‘lazy’, and all sorts of other unsavoury titles too numerous to mention here.

Goebbels once stated that “it is not propaganda’s task to be intelligent, its task is to lead success”. That is, control over the German people. He also acknowledged openly that he was exploiting the lowest instincts of the German people – racism, xenophobia, class, envy and insecurity. Sounds familiar?

Peter Binose:

Well it gets worse, new evidence compounds my belief that Gonsalves wrote the Hans King document.

It was Elson Crick who sent out the Hans King release to all the newspaper editors, including the online media. Crick is Communications Consultant to the Government of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Caribbean News Now published an article based on that communication.

The Crick communiqué was to all Editors from Elson Crick;
"for your information and usage".

However Crick made a fatal mistake, he included with that communiqué the trail of previous exchanges between Crick and PM's Gonsalves secretary.
It shows the secretary telling Hans to see the attached letter. It points out that the PM has already proof-read it. It didn't say the PM would like King to write a letter, it was already written and proof-read.

The secretary then sends the letter by email to Ellie [Elson Crick according to the email address] pointing out that it was sent to Hans and that the PM Gonsalves wants it to go to the media and also regional media house Caribbean News Now.

It was the Prime Minister wanting it to go to the media and ~ Caribbean News Now and not Hans King according to the email. All of these emails, according to the dates on the emails, occurred Monday morning after Caribbean News Now carried a story about the Passport Amendment Bill.

For your information and usage
Elson Crick

From: Prime Minister's Office & []
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2014 11 :55 AM
To: 'Elson Crick' ·
Subject: FW: article

This article was sent to Hans. PM wants it go to the media please and also Caribbean News Now.

Grateful for your help.


So you can all see the deviousness, the living lie and the deception intended in writing and submitting all these communiqué’s. Why? lie about something such as this, why try amd deceive the people?

Vinci Vin:

Dear Peter and Marlon:

Many thanks for your quite relevant and piercing views on the ULP's attempt to stereotype, insult, intimidate, hoodwink and muzzle Vincentians. With reference to the NYC consulate scandal, the young Gonzalves was one of the first to refer to those who questioned the scam as "Internet Crazies" and cast the persons who were asking for answers as NDP followers.

I believe that it was in one of his responses published in the Searchlight and Vincentian. They always come off as puffing up themselves to be the final arbiters and authorities on law, intellect, knowledge and anything else. In their writings and utterances, it would appear that No one else in SVG or elsewhere is supposed to be the equals of Ralph Gonsalves and son. They are the almighty Rulers of Hairouna with the final say on every topic. But the work of Peter, Pouie, Marlon, Allan Palmer, Steve Huggins, et al is bearing potent fruits (strong medicine as the American Indians would say). People are reading and listening to you. So the gang is running scared. Lucky for you guys, it appears that the long-arm of SVG law is not long enough to reach you on the internet. If it could you would have certainly been hauled into court to deny you of the freedom of speech enshrined in our constitution and have the court impose heavy fines to render you economically destitute.

But again, time is longer than twine. Do you notice how many ULP ministers of government are declining to run in the next election? Burgin, Slater, Girlyn Miguel, et al have seen the handwriting on the wall: Vincentians are getting mad like hell and they are not going to put up with the ULP for another term.

Gentlemen, keep up the pressure! Let the light shine and the whistle blow to help in the liberation of our Homeland.

Best regards,

Vinci Vin

George Elseworth:

He has been writeing all over the Caribbean in false names, and some times pretending to be someone else and useing their name. He is still doing it. One of my family used to help him. Its a Marxist conspiracy on his part to try and destroy people. Spreading hate and lies in the hope it will destroy his opposition.


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