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Letter: Countries like St Lucia and St Vincent were bribed by Russia for very small change
Published on April 18, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

We know that Russia bribed Latin America and they also bribed for very small change Caribbean countries such as Saint Lucia and St Vincent. ALBA and all the non-aligned countries were either bribed or threatened, depending on their dependence on Russia for oil, gas or arms.

April 15 2014: The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights issued its report on Ukraine today, saying that misinformation, propaganda and incitement to hatred need to be urgently countered in the country to avoid the further escalation of tension.

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights published a report, claiming Russia used propaganda, torture, kidnappings and repression of those expressing disagreement or anti-Russian sentiment ahead of the vote in the Crimea.

It has now come to light that Russia blackmailed and threatened Eastern European and other countries that are linked to their natural gas supplies. The threat was simple, vote in our favour at the UN or the price of your gas could double or even be cut off. They also threatened to send home migrant workers from Africa and East Europe. According to UN sources Moldova, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan as well as a number of African countries were coerced with threats, a Russian spokesman said, "We threatened no one, we just explained the situation."

We must remember that the whole of East Europe and much of Europe and even some of the UK are reliant on the Russian natural gas supply. For the Russians to turn the gas off in the summer will not be such a problem, but to turn the gas off in the winter and during the spring cold snaps could put millions of young and old people at risk. Just as increasing prices beyond what can be afforded by people, will have the same effect as turning the gas off.

As sanctions are cranked up by the US and Europe, Russia may well choose to retaliate by using the gas supply and pricing card. To be spiteful to the Ukraine, Russia has informed them last week that their gas price has increased to them by almost 40%. Most of Russian gas supplied to Europe passes through the Ukraine by a pipe line, connecting Siberia with Russia and on to Eastern and Western Europe. If the Ukraine retaliates to the price gouging placed on them by Russia, by disrupting the supply pipes on their soil, you may well see a conflict erupt that could well spark off the third world war.

We now know from the UN that Russia also rigged the referendum vote in the Crimea. Hundreds of people in the Crimea who opposed Russia and the breaking away by the Crimea from the Ukraine prior to the referendum disappeared, some found after being tortured and many seriously ill with injuries sustained from brutal acts and torture.

Now reading this and being well informed, we in the Caribbean can better understand how much the Americans and Europeans should be peeved by the actions of our little want to be big politicians, in voting or abstaining in favour of the Russians at the UN. The ALBA scum brigade of easily bought US haters, or as Prime Minister Gonsalves of SVG referred to the Americans recently in Cuba during a speech, 53 times, as “the Empire” to applause by a Cuban audience including Venezuela’s Maduro and Cuba’s Raul Castro, with a group of Russian observers in the audience. If you and I can view that disgusting turncoat and disrespectful behaviour by Gonsalves on YouTube, so can the US State Department.

Sending America the message that the new Caribbean order is to ferment hatred against them, and to support all those that are declared oppositionists of US policy and Americans in general.

Many Caribbean families rely on being fed and clothed with remittances from family members in the Diaspora. Many live and work in Canada, the US, the UK and Europe. This hate and alignment with crap states like Russia Iran, and North Korea, and following the Marxist ALBA whip may well affect those remittances and will almost certainly affect grants and help that we get from those countries. Because at the end of the day we get nothing for nothing from Cuba or Venezuela. Even PetroCaribe borrowing is a loan that carries now up to 4% interest and over 20-year repayment will mean that we are paying back double of what we borrow. Nothing is for nothing from these crap countries that our Marxist biased leaders support

Our Caribbean leaders know full well what they are doing is wrong when they sell our UN support to crap countries for less than honest and decent reasons. Otherwise why have they come to the people with cock and bull stories about why they voted favourably for the Russians? Both Saint Lucia and St Vincent brought lies and rubbish reasons to their people for voting how they did. And there were a number of reasons but two are, ALBA ordered them to and they were bribed with a handful of beads and seashells by the Russians. How did ALBA come to that decision? The committees were ordered to issue such instructions by Cuba and Venezuela. Why? Because those two countries are now very much under the financial and military influence of Russia.

March 27, the UN General Assembly adopted a nonbinding resolution declaring the Crimea referendum invalid.

The Ukrainian resolution declaring Crimea’s vote on March 16 in favour of seceding from Ukraine as having “no validity” passed with 100 votes in favour, 11 against and 58 abstentions. Another 24 U.N. member states did not cast votes because they were not present. Western diplomats called the result a diplomatic success for Ukraine. Some Caribbean leaders declared it in private as a strike against ‘the evil empire’.

A similar General Assembly vote was held in 2008 after Russia went to war with Georgia over its breakaway enclave South Ossetia, which later declared independence and is still seeking annexation to Russia. That resolution was adopted with a mere 14 votes in favour, 11 against and 105 abstentions. Again the Caribbean and the Non-Aligned countries supported Russia, bribery and threats were used at that time also.

If all you Vincentians in the Diaspora who want to support the Gonsalves’ line, come on back to SVG. You do not belong in those countries that host you, and bring wealth and subsistence to you and your families. You belong in Cuba or Venezuela, certainly not the USA, Britain and Canada. If you want to support Marxism you are living in the wrong place.

That applies to all you Saint Lucians, get back to where you belong, if you want to support Kenny Anthony, get yourselves out of those host countries, they deserve and expect better from you and your country of birth.

Peter Binose
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