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Letter: Count me in and out!
Published on May 30, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

In 1973 Peter David was "counted" into the Peoples' Revolutionary Army PRA, following the overthrow of Eric Gairy. He rose to the rank of captain in the PRA/PRG under prime minister Maurice Bishop. He allegedly supported the extremists led by Bernard Coard and Hidson Austin in a power struggle against Bishop, which culminated in the gruesome assassination of Grenada's most loved prime minister Maurice Bishop on October 19, 1983.

As an alleged collaborator in the assassination of Prime Minister Bishop he was labelled a murderer by Keith Mitchell and Elvin Nimrod, the political leader and deputy political leader of the NNP. He repeatedly came under the hammer of Mitchell, Nimrod and the entire NNP as a barbaric and vicious power hungry individual. Keith Mitchell even went as far as to indicate that Peter David was responsible for an attempt on his life and that nothing can come between him and power.

The revolution came to an end when the United States forces invaded Grenada. Seventeen members of the Revolutionary Military Council (RMC) were charged, convicted and jailed for the assassination of Bishop. Many supporters of the RMC and PRA were left in the doldrums as a result of the US invasion with no hope and no job.

Peter David was one of those persons who were thrown from power as a result of the demise of the revolution. After languishing in the political wilderness for over a decade he was once again "counted" into the National Democratic Congress (NDC) by Tillman Thomas in 1999 against the advice of many longstanding members of the party who say him as a troublemaker. What transpired since is now history. Peter David shows his true colours once again.

With history repeating itself, Peter David allegedly formed a rebel gang within his own government and tried to hijack the leadership of the party from Prime Minister Tillman Thomas. He failed and was subsequently expelled from the party. It was alleged then that David has betrayed his own party and government in collusion with Keith Mitchell, who it is said promised him the leadership of the NNP.

In 2012 he "counted" himself out of the National United Front (NUF), which was formed by his colleagues and led by Glynis Roberts, former minister of labour and a very close confidante . It was widely speculated at the time that he was using Glynis as a front to become political leader of NUF sometime in the future.

Peter David, in a widely surprising move, counted himself out of the 2013 general elections as a candidate for NUF or as an independent and chose instead to campaign for the New National Party of Keith Mitchell. With NUF performing extremely poorly in the elections Peter David, being the renegade captain he has always been, abandoned his comrades on the battlefield and ran to his enemies like a defector seeking refuge when he realised he was about to lose the battle.

The hypocrisy, contradictions, dishonesty and inconsistencies of Peter David suggest that he may be suffering from some mental psychosomatic disorder. Normal and mature human beings don't behave so erratically, oscillating like a pendulum, grinning like an idiot and bashing in their own shadow.

Peter David is symbolic of a child that has been rejected and in need of love. His behaviour and attitude however isn't a reflection of the love, care and attention he received as a child from his loving parents, who are extremely decent and caring individuals.

Having 'counted' himself out of NUF in 2012, on May 20, 2014, Peter David 'counted' himself into the NNP. Prior to joining the NNP he served as a special adviser to Keith Mitchell. The reason he advanced for becoming a member of the NNP is infantile at best, and doltish at worst. He compared a political organisation to a bus taking him to his destination. He rambled about been on the one bus, with a driver, and the driver taking a different route so he decided to hop off the bus, and jump on another to get to his destination. A destination to where, he failed to say.

What foolishness if this, especially from a man purporting to be a lawyer. Keith Mitchell, with a vast wealth of political experience, realised that Peter David is a foolish 'political playboy' and so decided to use him to try to improve the failing approval ratings of himself and the discredited NNP. There is a song 'only a fool breaks his own heart' and Peter David is showing the world that he is a foo . David should be mature enough to tell the Grenadian people that he has the ambition to be prime minster of Grenada one day. Nothing is wrong with any individual expressing their desire and ambition for high office. I believe more and more politicians should do so. This will only advance and improve our democracy. Peter David is behaving like the dog and its bone.

The reasons why Peter David decided to become a full fledged member of the NNP are as a result of the changing political fortunes of the party. The party and government are literally bankrupt of ideas and unable to deliver of the many election promises made. Keith Mitchell is not trusted by the international community and needs someone as the face of the party and government. He thinks Peter David is such an individual.

Secondly, the popularity of the Kem Jones radio program in educating the people is having a serious impact as more and more people listen to the program. Thirdly, the public embarrassment and humiliation of Chester Humphrey by the workers of the county at the recently held May Day celebrations and the lacklustre performance of his cabinet, especially Nicholas Steele, all expedite the coronation of Peter David in an attempt to stop the bleeding.

Keith Mitchell is a politically savvy individual and knows when to use people to gain the political advantage over his opponents. He senses the political restlessness within his party and government over the many blunders and errors made since the election. He realised that he can't manage Nicholas Steele and Alexandra Otway Noel as he would like to. In the event that they would rock the house he brought in Peter David as another pillar, with the hope that he will encourage Joseph Gilbert and the RMC elements to prop up the house.

He is also faced with the possible resignation of his Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade who is facing a law suit over her handling of the electoral office and Cajeton Hood the attorney general. The house is wobbling and so Keith Mitchell is battening down before the 'earthquake' strikes project Grenada. He isn't leaving anything to chance. Had Tillman Thomas taken tough decisive action against Peter David, Glynis Roberts and the rebel faction in 2011 there might have been a different political outcome. Grenadian politics is a game as Nimrod mentioned, but it is also a very dangerous contact sport.

Finally, Keith Mitchell is hoping that Peter David, being a close friend of Venezuelan President Maduro, will be able to tap into the funds provided by ALBA for social programs to appease his base.

The people of Grenada should listen carefully to the utterances of Keith Mitchell and Peter David. These two con artists are all about power and money and they would do anything to achieve this, even if it means trampling on the rights and freedoms of the people. Peter David is on record saying that Grenada should be a one party state. These political manipulators’ intention is to rule Grenada unabated and unchallenged. In his address, he indicated that he and Keith Mitchell have many things in common. He may be right. Both of them are power hungry, have dictatorial tendencies, manipulative and stab their political leader in his back traitors. The traits these deceivers demonstrate override whatever philosophical and ideological differences that exist between them. The mere fact that they are now on the same political platform is indicative of their character, personality and values, if they have any.

The fact that Keith Mitchell has coerced and manipulated Peter David to join the NNP with the alleged promise of becoming the political leader of the party is in itself a manifestation of his colossal failure. David indicated that Mitchell is the most successful politician in the history of Grenada. That may be so but his record in the governance of the country is 360 degrees out of phase to the utterance of Pedro. Keith Mitchell is the worst prime minister in the history of Grenada. Peter David thinks that his nice sound bites about Mitchell in an effort to appease him will somehow erase the stains created by Mitchell over the many years he has been a politician. Some stains are permanent and those of Mitchell can't be erased. Peter David is a fake.

The record would show that, under the leadership of Keith Mitchell, Grenadians became extremely divisive and partisan, poverty increased, people became less educated, more backward and ignorant, unemployment increased and health care deteriorated. As a result of the recklessness of Keith Mitchell, Grenadians youths lost the opportunity to seek employment opportunities in Canada. Peter David is in a dream or is just disingenuous and hypocritical. For over ten years he sang a different tune. Overnight Keith Mitchell metamorphosed from an alleged thief to the perfect saint. Peter David thinks people are stupid. Who is trying to fool who?

Winning two elections 15-0, or being the longest serving prime minister are no doubt some political milestones. However these milestones have not elevated thousands of people out of poverty, or improved their standard of living nor lifted the country and its people from level one to level two. What Mitchell has done instead is to take a country from level one and bring it down to level negative ten. Under Keith Mitchell, Grenada's national debt went from $340 million to $1.8 billion and rising. Keith is responsible for the severe economic state that the country is in. He is responsible for increasing taxes on the people and taking the country to the IMF under a structural adjustment program. If that is success, I don't want to be a Grenadian if Keith fails.

Keith Mitchell is a 'political error' that Grenada will take decades to correct. Let’s not fool ourselves. Keith Mitchell is Grenada's biggest problem. Peter David, Chester Humphrey and all those 'political prostitutes' know that. They support the NNP because they were expelled from the bus that they tried to hijack when they failed to push the driver aside so that they can get to their destination. They are motivated by their hatred for Tillman Thomas and Nazim Burke yet those madmen have the audacity to talk about tribalism

When I hear the name Peter David, it reminds me of Bernard Coard and the way he treated Maurice Bishop, Keith Mitchell and the way he to treated Herbert Blaize. I get sick to the stomach knowing that 30 years after the assassination of Maurice Bishop and the demise of the revolution these destabilisers continue to wreak havoc and political instability in the country. When will this come to an end? When will Grenadians be free of the RMC-NNP?

Keith Mitchell has failed. I would humbly suggest to him that he gracefully step aside. Count Peter David in. Allow him to get to his destination on the NNP bus and once he gets there please exit the political arena and allow Grenadians to breathe freely again. Grenadians have had enough of this drama with unscrupulous and dishonest politicians like Peter David and Keith Mitchell. It is time for a change.

Grenadian Class
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