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Letter: Can there be a more terrible lie?
Published on September 18, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The New National Party administration seems bent on ignoring the educated citizens while continuing to pander to its supporters by telling them what they want to hear and not what they need to hear. That is so pathetic, it isn’t funny.

It turns out that the only thing “the leader” is delivering is lies and more lies!

Everywhere one goes these days one can hear total discontentment with the pace at which the promised delivery is moving, with “the leader” starting to change his tune by slipping in here and there as the opportunity presents itself that no one could have predicted how bad things were until they got into office. That is the height of ridiculousness any one of us could dream of hearing as coming from this group of administrators. Who put Grenada in the financial straits it is in today?

The New Economy seems to have crashed before it started, as the man who was supposed to be driving its construction seems to have bailed out. Rumour has it that Dr Patrick Antoine may have chosen to focus on his university lecturing assignments, his consultancies and his lofty advisory position with a leading private sector entity in Port of Spain – instead of continuing to pull teeth with the group of his passion when he discovered that they can’t go anywhere based on how things are and the poor reputation of “the leader” in regional and international circles. It is alleged that he has in fact advised the leader to come to the people with the truth.

This IMF situation is worse than we are made to believe. If the Keith Mitchell administration could get an IMF programme on “his” terms (as he wants us to believe), Grenada would establish a world record in that respect, since we would be the first to so secure. There could not be a more terrible lie! The IMF is not about economic growth as a main focus. It is about stabilization where there is economic turmoil/instability, with a view to attracting economic growth down the road. In the atmosphere of stabilization, some bitter medicine must be prescribed and we (in Grenada) are all about to taste of it – as we have no choice.

The utterances of “the leader” are for political digestion and, based on his skullduggery culture, one could just see him telling the IMF representatives: “Don’t mind me when you hear me say certain things. That is for politics here on the ground.” Let’s face it – that is the nature of the man.

The public service has got to be streamlined and brought in line with our current realities. Lots of fat has got to be cut. That would mean that the several people who are today among the most nonproductive in the service have to prepare themselves to go home. Interestingly, not even “the leader” could do anything about it. We are a part of the world and when we borrow, we must pay back or stand the consequences which are about to befall us all.

We have to understand and appreciate one thing. The manner in which “the leader” said what he said in the early aftermath of his massive victory regarding having to reschedule most of our national debt frightened our creditors. He seemed to have forgotten the reach of the Internet. Most of us can appreciate that his enthusiasm to trash Nazim Burke – the former minister of finance – may have put him in this very uncomfortable position today. Could you imagine being a creditor and hearing the bellicose tone of “the leader” in a manner as if he does not care because they have to now deal with him and he is all about the people here? This must have caused them (our creditors) to close ranks on Grenada.

The unadulterated truth is these creditors are not prepared to agree to any rescheduling with “the leader” unless it is overseen by the IMF. Isn’t it beautiful how the law of karma is visited upon him so quickly? He has absolutely no elected opposition to prevent him from doing anything – and therefore no one to blame. What is “the leader” capable of delivering? Time alone will tell.

All the God he loves to talk about, as if to make the unsuspecting believe he’s really godly, it is so he is fuming and panicking privately, and one can imagine his language during these times to the hapless folks around him. “The leader”, by demonstrated behaviour, has shown that his talk about repairing his legacy through national unity has gone out the door. He is in survival mode – so quickly after elections.

Many are already convinced that he is indeed a “toothless tiger”, as without money he is frustrated and highly panicked. Be prepared for more bold-faced lies in this new era, presented in a frustrated manner as influenced by his already established 1995 – 2008 legacy, which he will never be able to shed.

Deliverance Now
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Peggy Williams:

Although the author makes some very good points, the larger question is why did Grenadians buy into the impossible hollow campaign promises to begin with? Grenadians need to stop looking to their leaders like a child waiting for Santa Claus. Take responsible to vet the candidates' messages and use just a wee bit of critical thinking to debunk the b.s. that spews like water....or rum and beer..... which may be the closer cause of such madness. Drunken fetes and debushing programs are its only successes. Wake up Grenada. Better yet, grow up and start holding YOUR government accountable.


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