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Letter: CARICOM supports Venezuela whilst students are shot by Cuban snipers
Published on March 22, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

CARICOM and its member governments may be judged as guilty of the deaths of Venezuelan protesters, as if they pulled the triggers themselves.

In early 2014, a series of protests, political demonstrations, and civil unrest occurred throughout Venezuela. The protests erupted largely as a result of the high levels of criminal violence, inflation, and chronic scarcity of basic goods. These are caused by the economic policies of Venezuela's government, including strict price controls, which have led to one of the highest inflation rates in the world. President Nicolas Maduro instead blamed an "economic war" being waged against his government, specifically blaming capitalism and speculation. As a result, protests opposing the current government have taken place in cities around the country; clashes that have resulted from these protests have led to arrests, injuries, and deaths.

Venezuela students are being slaughtered on the streets of Caracas. Students who are demonstrating in the streets against the Maduro socialist [Marxist] government are being shot by Cuban snipers. There are up to 5,000 military members of the Cuban Special Forces in Venezuela, Avispas Negras -- literally the “black wasps” -- they arrived in plain clothes and based themselves in Caracas and other towns and cities undercover, using government buildings and rooftop sniper’s nests.

Young women students are being singled out on the streets for knife and blade slashings, their breasts and buttocks are being slashed by these same Cubans. The Cubans know how to infiltrate the protesters, dressed as civilians, and they move all around Venezuela to neutralize the protesters' advance. Several hundred people have been detained since the protests started, and there have also been reports of torture, including one of a student who was sexually assaulted with a rifle.

Venezuela is Cuba’s top trading partner and aid provider, to the tune of $3.5 billion a year and 115,000 barrels of oil a day, according to The Economist. Cuba pays its neighbour back in doctors, as well as in intelligence and security officers. It also lends a hand in times of crisis by sending in their urban warfare fighters the Avispas Negras -- the “black wasps”.

Without Venezuela, Cuba is actually dead in the water, they have ponced off the Venezuelan economy for so many years they have all but dragged Venezuela down to their level. They cannot let the Venezuelan socialist government fall, because if it does they will be declared a bankrupt state in a very short time.

Venezuela has been reduced from a wealthy oil state to a failed state with 57.3% being the current inflation. It started with Hugo Chavez a Marxist who had charisma. He took over almost every corporation in the country and almost all of industry has now ground to a halt. You go into grocery shops and the shelves are bare, people line up outside supermarkets awaiting deliveries, which very often do not arrive. More often than not there are is no toilet paper or sanitary napkins for ladies in the shops.

Chavez purchased several billion US dollars worth of military arms and equipment from the Russians; instead of paying cash he committed crude oil to the Russians over the next ten years. This procedure took billions of dollars of cash flow out of the economy.

Chavez also with his Marxist expansionist beliefs, worked out with the Cubans how to entrap most of the small Caribbean states and poverty ridden South American countries, they worked out how to create a Marxist Union of countries without the need of training revolutionaries and fighting revolutionary battles on numerous fronts. It was seen by them as a quick, clean and easy way of capturing the minds and souls of most of the hemisphere. All it required was a stick and carrot and a collection of leaders with Marxist indoctrinated minds, people they could rely on to collaborate and eventually sell out their countries. They invented ALBA, and the carrot was PetroCaribe, which would fund ailing states run by socialist fiscal dunces.

Most of us forget that the Castros had agreed with Chavez to join Venezuela and Cuba together and for Chavez to be the president of the whole amalgamated state. Unfortunately for Cuba, and one may say more unfortunately for Chavez, Chavez died at a comparatively young age.

In Caracas, the governments of Cuba and Venezuela signed 56 collaboration agreements during February 2014. The Cubans are panicking and trying to tie the Venezuelan state down, in the hope that if it fails they will have some legal recourse against a new government.

You can see how the indoctrinated minds of Caribbean leaders are working when you consider that CARICOM, which is currently under the leadership of SVG’s Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves, made a statement of solidarity and support for Venezuela’s President Maduro, and the very regime that is killing students and demonstrators.
CARICOM and its member governments may be judged as guilty of the deaths of Venezuelan protesters, as if they pulled the triggers themselves.

Peter Binose
Just swapped the whistle for a bugle
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Peter Bignose, you really need to get your right wing , paranoid Cold War-frozen head checked. Your continued right wing propaganda taken straight from the likes of FOX NEWS is nothing short than laughable. No wonder most people will continue to read your silly postings only when they are looking for a good laugh. You really need to relax a bit before toes communists enemies you keep on seeing in your head send you to the grave!

Paco Smith:

For some reason, even before uncovering the name of this article's author, I knew precisely who it was.

Go figure...

Steve Huggins:

Paco, I stamd surprised by your "level of discourse", as I have found some of your writings in the past to have some still redeemable features. I unsuccessfully expected much better of you. I fall in gross disappointment.

However, Roland's attempt at a response strikingly resembles those we have had in the receding past from a party-bandwagoner who made some demonstrable false statements about himself and his background, and was splendidly 'discovered' by some of the fans on this CARIBBEAN NEWS NOW online news and commentary site. A couple unconfirmed reports even intimated that he was actually 'banned' from writing his regular piece on here. I wont be surprised if it is not that same character here, the fanatical 'style' being so closely allied - - - as he used a multiple set of names, though I-man preferred to think of him as little Willy on Mr. Joe's communistic farm.

While these rank apologists are forlornly attempting to discredit and demonize the above CNN correspondent/letter writer, increasing numbers of Venezuelan students are dying in the streets, and all opponents of the horrendous LENNINIST regime are being mercilessly hunted down and persecuted, including JAIL AND TORTUROUS BEATINGS. The native Venezuelans are fervently decrying the DASTARDLY INVOLVEMENT OF THE FOREIGN ('para'-) MILITARY FORCES SUBVERSIVELY SENT INTO VENEZUELA BY THE CENTRAL COMMITTEE OF THE COMMUNIST PARTY OF CUBA AND THE SENILE CASTRO DESPOTS.

Why don't these detractors seek out the Venezuelan nationals at home and abroad, and their strenuous attempts to get out the news of the continuing regime outrages - - - despite the near total suppression of the non-regime print and electronic press.


HOLA, to those brave, patriotic Venezuelan university students.







Quieremos Venezuela.

Venezuela, peyi nous tout.

Another outstanding contribution by the feckless Peter Binose. I have been trying to keep up with the happenings in Venezuela, especially by the nationals themselves, uncensored. The international human rights monitoring groups reports many of the outrageous abuses as well. Keep up you researches and sterling writings, Bro., and don't be in any way dissuaded nor intimidated by these wannabe LENINIST puppies.

Peter, you have fearlessly demonstrated absolute temerity and nerve, even verve. Keep up the fabulous work of BLOWING THE BUGLE and disseminating the objective facts and unbiased observations, beside insightful commentaries, two the Latino Americano region, y the Caribbean sub-region.

An observation on current prospects, though. I am convinced that the Argentina-born, ethnic Italian, "Sud-Americano" Roman Pontiff may sooner be called upon to referee the larger Venezuelan conflict. At least, the Pro-Russian, Power-mad Castroite COMMUNIST PARTY rubber-stamp 'Central Committee' (which has held Black people in slavery for over 50 years in Cuba, including some of my relatives) WONT SUCCEED. Yes, Communism cannot see the light of day in LATIN AMERICA. Despite all the infiltrations, indoctrinations and subversions --- in their vain, forlorn gambits to "take over" and OVERTHROW the region and sub-region.

Peter Binose:

Pablo Herrero and Roland la Rata , thank you both so much for your input, although its total rubbish, it has the affect of bringing Steve Huggins into the fray.

Unlike you silly Billy's, Steve is a switched on man able to run a commentary that pokes holes in all your attempted Marxist support, highlighting you as collaborators of the worst kind.

Thanks Steve for your insight and remarks, much appreciated by all of us except the Cubans and their Caribbean and South American puppets, who will think of you as being muy grosero.

Claude Wharton:

Who is this Crypto Fascist apologist. A Cuban American Tea Party Racist idiot. We do not wish to be an American Colony.We wish to run our countries as independent states, not lackeys of the Americans, as do the Cubans and the Venezuelans. U really need to have some pride in your country. Attempting to have us sell ourselves into slavery again, or are U unaware of the history of Black Slavery in the West indies. Suppose U do not consider yourself a West Indian, hence your ludicrous mouthing. Would U have criticized America when they bombed poor Grenada. Of course not, once the Cubans are involved, America can do as she wishes.Leave the West indies if U do not like our political orientation. We Blacks have suffered enough from Colonist control . Go live in America, Canada among your own kind..U should be shot for Treason. Pour encourager les autres

Peter Binose:

CLAUDE WHARTON, I see by what you write that you are quite simply not on the same page as everyone else who has any decency about them.

I am a Vincentian, probably older than anyone else who writes on these pages. As a historian I certainly know more historically than almost anyone that writes on these pages.

When it comes to pride, supporting wrong in any country has little to do with pride. People like you Claude who have pride in a government who is systematically killing, murdering its people. Bringing in Cuban special forces to kill, who perhaps are more efficient in killing methods. Murdering protesters, murdering students, murdering anyone who refuse to accept a government they do not want.

You should well know that the Russian Soviets took over Grenada, using the Cubans as a front and partner. Maurice Bishop was a Cuban mole that had been activated by the Cubans to take over Grenada. The intention was to take over the whole Caribbean, one country at a time. Cuba was involved with other such moles in Saint Vincent and elsewhere. There was a very feeble half hearted attempt by the Vincentian Marxists to overthrow the government of SVG. It was happening all over the Caribbean, fortunately it was a falling out between Coard and Bishop that brought the whole thing tumbling down. Coard was controlled by the Russian Soviets, he was a Marxist Leninist, the Russians wanted him to be the leader. Bishop was controlled by the Cubans he was a Marxist, the Cubans wanted him to be the leader. The rest is history, but one thing that the American invasion proved was that the airport being built in Grenada was in fact a part of Soviet/Cuban expansionism, it was being built for military use. There are captured public records that prove just that.

I am sure most decent people love Cubans, love Venezuelans, not the governments, not the nasty Marxist systems, we love the people.

In Cuba black people have been third class citizens, virtual slaves Working for US$25 a month, if they can get work. The second class citizens are mainly of Iberian extraction, Spanish and a few Portuguese, they get the better jobs, even a choice of jobs.

The first class citizens and there are only two of them and their family members, are the Castros the billionaire's who have applied Marxist rules and measures to everyone else but themselves.

CLAUDE, it always amazes me how semi intelligent people like yourself can fall into the Marxist crap trap.


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