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Letter: Allen Chastanet is a Frankenstein mistake
Published on February 19, 2016 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

If the United Workers Party (UWP) had any slim chance of winning the 2016 general election, it should have set in motion a substantial rebuilding effort in 2012. This should have started around parliamentarians and the party’s base; and/or acquire a new leader with legislative and/or political know-how with achievements to celebrate. But that was not to be, a Frankenstein monster was created.

It is written in the good book, to lead you must serve. With service come blessings to celebrate with acts more than words. The UWP needed a revival and grounding since it was and still is at the crossroad decorated with atheists. But that was not to be.

Former UWP advisors and insurance brokers, lawyers and offshore international business companies, shipping agencies and party leeches convene in marriage with Saint Lucia Labour (SLP) rejects to form Destructive Workers Party (DWP). They select aristocrat Allen Chastanet as their poster boy political leader, on the promise of manna from heaven.

What a bunch of fools! You see, from the moment of aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s “birth" even his own creator cannot stand being around him. His Frankenstein personality has been rejected by everyone he meets with commonsense and strong will. His cockiness and quick tongue are thoughtless, not knowing who he is communicating with. Are they imposter guests at Coco Palm colonial-style resort? Eh… or a fake foreign girlfriend even to give details where they can meet in Miami for a rendezvous.

These are lessons Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, Dr Ubaldas Raymond and Felicia Brown should know will not integrate the aristocrat Allen Chastanet into human social patterns, to seek revenge against his creator. What’s left of their quid pro quo will be washed and hung online with red clothes pins.

Come again! What their appearance will do is showcase the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s collective incapacity, his horribly ugly creation, watery glowing eyes, famous untruths, foolish and dope mindset that is insulated from realty.

I knew those who egg-on the sell-out for 30 pieces of silver were very odd to believe a leadership change was the answer to false hopes and dreams! That was unbearable then as it is now a fatal danger.

In politics, business and personal life the aristocrat Allen Chastanet is a repeated failure. Someone missed the chance to return him to boarding school where he can play basketball all he wants and possibly learn to create a better Photoshop of his famous “bouillon double degree”.

So, from the get go, there was nothing to believe in and nothing to celebrate. Moving in the right direct was lost from the start. DWP emphasis was on things that divided de party to advance a vicious culture of illusion and fear; a collective aspiration of alien short-sighted mendicants for their own narrow interest. Their vision was and still is to create something anonymous (like replacing the VAT with something else and turning Lucians into refugees), practice ‘Machiavellian’ values and the old politics of ‘rotten boroughs’.

So, in promoting these divisive actions, DWP commitment to restructuring spoke as a child and practiced childish things, give-and-take the adult business of building a better party and country. There was no focus on team work, ideas and plans to build membership and engage people of brilliant talent. The result is a visible subtraction and division. Those who contributed have everyday regrets. Out of shame, flambeaus have covered their face with yellow blankets on the demise of a once upon a time political force.

So, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet is not someone I or you ought to trust as a friend or a neighbour whatsoever. There is no easy way to earn trust and gain support. Real trust has to be earned one step at a time. I was taught to work hard at it. Ah…working hard is not something aristocrat Allen Chastanet knows, period. This is not part of his upbringing. Plus his leadership style is to seek revenge and his collective stupidity is deep.

Teacher Percy says if you tell a lie you going to hell as soon as you die! So, I afraid, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet, a Frankenstein monster mistake is the 2016 election plague. Thanks to 300 hungry and thirsty delegates, a Dream Team, and a bunch of looters wobbling in AGONE on the inside.

Tori Fatal
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Thomas Roserie:

What is or was your relationship with Allen Chastanet that you speak against him with such venom. Give us some practical examples of what has
Transpired between the two of you to validate some of your comments

Johnny Come Early:

Thomas Roserie, why do you keep asking those stupid questions that only end throwing a very bad light on Allen Chastanet? The whole of St. lucia knows that you were Allen Chastanet's preferred candidate for Micoud North but the constituency group would have none of it.


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