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Letter: Allen's letter to King 'LetterGate' fuels a firestorm of destruction
Published on January 11, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

I stood back and watched how severe the Christmas Eve trough was and how much this has set Saint Lucia back, even if the prime minister tries to put on his best face. Having read “LetterGate” (Allen Chastanet’s letter to Stephenson King, King’s letter to Allen and Flambeau Activists Called To Service (FACTS), letter to Allen), several times, I think this has sparked a vicious firestorm of destruction. An unnecessary firestorm that has successfully turned some UWP homes upside down and the rest have caught fire. My guess is ‘Allen did that’, a qualified university graduate in economics and the self-proclaimed guru of tourism.

Sometimes I feel restrained. Often times bashful and grumpy (thank God for the farm), but as hard as I try to remain silent on the UWP issues out there, I pray for an extension of life. I go to bed fearful of passing out and not leaving some knowledge with my detractors.

The reign of terror in the UWP today is equivalent to “contempt of court” towards the office of the leader of the opposition, Stephenson King. A situation that helps folks like me to better understand what went down in cabinet meetings during the UWP reign 2006 -2011. Current revelations tell me Allen’s UWP is in the wilderness and will remain there for a very long time.

Allen Chastanet’s backdoor rise in the UWP is the first unsettling issue to the speedy decline of the UWP, the party’s future as a political organization and who he represents. Only a few know who Allen is communicating with. Certainly not the base of the party! He is not connecting with that section and is not representative of them either. His shaky deal is with the petty bourgeoisie that operate like leeches on poor people. The petty bourgeoisie hardly vote. They don’t attend rallies and meetings. They operate in the dark. And they are famous for showing up for favours and payback when the UWP is in power. Well, they had better think again; the news is not good for them. That behaviour is over. That style and fashion is gone with the Christmas Eve trough.

I know I am old-school but the writing was already on the wall and visible from a distance. I have good habits. I respect my elders. And so should Allen’s UWPs. If my fading memory is still serving me well, I think it was the LPM, a small political party formed just the other day, which has really big guts, strong minds and fearless with their comments. They said it best, “His (Allen Chastanet), latest behaviour points to a certain level of political immaturity, and of one who lacks the personal attributes or acumen to become prime minister of Saint Lucia.” In my time, which fresh-faced politician would ever tell any UWP political leader that to his face?

Leave yams for dasheen (Kite igname pou dasheen), Allen Chastanet’s badly written letters on UWP letterheads with his head “honcho” general secretary is embarrassing. Now, don’t let your children read his university grammar and style. Eh, where is Peter Josie when Allen needs him. Next, his bullying and boss man mentality is nothing short of whipping others to servitude and puppet behaviour. I don’t know where he learned his leadership style from that is so disdainful. In the first place, he added fuel to the firestorm when he brushed aside seasoned Flambeaus who could teach him the tricks of the trade. Somehow he is too smart for their advice; he prefers the Women in Action (WIA) -- tell me about their action someone -- and PAC. What’s that, the mischievous little foxes on the farm?

The feeling is Allen’s UWP hierarchy exposed their lack of knowledge and experience much too soon after they bought the convention last July. My biggest discomfort is an embarrassing and humiliated crop of Allen’s UWP. Moving on, as much as I am heartbroken I am told to keep my pacemaker in shape and a spare heart if possible. No problem, I will call the Chinese and order one in time, for fear that I will be stunned later on as more stories unfold. The first act is a reality TV show of new Flambeaus. This is only the trailer for the Allen Chastanet movie someone whispered in my ears, as I rock away looking over the ocean. Boy, oh boy, there is never a dull moment with these UWP actors. My only hope is that this spectacle does not interfere with me watching the Golden Globes. After all, at my age I prefer watching beautiful ladies (with my wife’s permission of course), than puppet characters in a UWP script.

Who could have timed this very unusual chain of events within the UWP, the Christmas Eve trough and the leadership of Kenny Anthony, just in time for a good old fashioned cleanup? In the old days, a simple shower where the river meets the sea would be adequate to wash away their sins and ask for forgiveness. Today, I don’t think that will work. In exchange, the use of a power wash machine with commonly used cleaning bleach made in Vieux-Fort may do the trick.

Dinner is ready, as I should tell you that UWP politics is shifting just like climate change and the Christmas Eve trough. At a speed that is too quick for lofty heads in Allen’s UWP to grasp. I hope one of them would be lucky in the event I sign my donor card to benefit as an organ recipient before the Chinese can have it.

My bedtime is fast approaching and I must depart. In retiring for the night I would like to advise Allen Chastanet to correct his blind vision. Don’t let your naïve appearance disappear. Conserve your continental diet of mischief and eloquence and don’t let it dissolve in hot water. Take on an extra curriculum activity to study the culture and language of Saint Lucians. You should improve your knowledge and letter writing before you try to be prime minister. A relief from acting is welcomed since the pretence cannot continue much longer and a Golden Globe is no way near. You’re in the wrong place; move over and go sailing. Saint Lucia needs a relief from hardship, disappointments and further disaster.

Until then I await the daybreak to find the little foxes that spoiled the vines and the tender grapes in the valley. I hope this message finds you. Thanks for your time.

Tori Fatal
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Tell Them Tori!:

Yes Tori, excellent pronouncement of the facts, no fib, no bias, no spin. All you forgot to add is that although the boss man Allen lost his seat in 2011, after successfully riding on a horse called propaganda driven by newly hired and previously unknown delegates, and "wining" the leadership race, his maiden speech was to disassociate himself from those who had won their seats and to say "I am not working with them". Really, Mr. Chastanet, what is your job??


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