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Letter: A reparation apology to Barbados from St Vincent and the Grenadines
Published on July 16, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

Shame is a word that is often used in expressing regret for some wrong; however, the word shame means: a feeling of guilt, regret, or sadness that you have, because you know you have done something wrong.

It is also important to note that people can be ashamed because of association. Like a family member, a good friend, a colleague, etc. can suffer the public embarrassment and open shame because of one’s actions. In the same way, I am, whenever I remember Ralph Gonsalves is the prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines; in the same manner, I am ashamed of Vincentians for facilitating his political election for three consecutive terms, even with the knowledge of repeated allegations of unlawful sexual misconduct such as rape, etc.

Up to 1979, Ralph E. Gonsalves was a lecturer at the Cave Hill Campus of the University of the West Indies in Barbados. It is no secret that Mr Gonsalves lost that position at that institution because the government of Barbados reportedly:

1. Revoked Gonsalves’ work permit, removing his lawful right to accept employment and to become gainfully employed in that country.

2. Took away his residency; thus prohibiting him to live in the country.

In order to justify himself, and to take shame out of his eyes, he wanted to be perceived as a macho or as a "wifeman" (a “wifeman” is a Vincentian indigenous term for a man who has sexual access to many women at his will) as a result a rumour was started to that effect.

According to the rumour, the reason why he (Ralph) was kicked out of Barbados was because the then dignified Prime Minister of Barbados: the Rt. Hon. Tom Adams discovered he (Gonsalves) was sleeping or having an affair with one of the PM Adams' concubines and/or wife. The word wife and concubine were used interchangeably depending from whom the information was received. As a result, PM Adams used his prime ministerial authority to victimize him (Ralph Gonsalves). We all have heard this story at one time or the other and we also know who started the rumours.

Although from the rumour the identity of the woman was never verified, what was clear from the rumour was that Gonsalves allegedly had sex with someone. But it was not as he caused to be propagated, and the Vincentian and Barbadian community was misled as to what actually happened. Because PM Adams and the persons involved did not care to let the cat out of the bag to avoid the public shame and humiliation, there was no pursuing the matter legally; most people are still left to grapple in the dark as to what had happened.

We must never forget that there are sick people in our world, and these psychopathic individuals do not know what it means to feel empathy, sorrow or sympathy for anyone not even the suffering. And because they are required to exist within this community they have perfected the art of fabricating believable stories to justify their actions and misdeeds.

Let it be known that Tom Adams, actually victimized Ralph E. Gonsalve, but it was not for what his rumour speculated. The alleged affair that Gonsalves had with the person who was close to Prime Minister Adams was the same type of affair he allegedly had with Michelle Andrews, the female police woman who was on Ralph Gonsalves’ security detail, who claimed he forced himself upon her and had sexual intercourse with her without her permission; in the back of his yard, in the early hours of the morning. An incident that saw the female police officer bring rape and sexual assault charges against PM Gonsalves the same day.

The alleged affair Gonsalves had with the person who was close to Prime Minister Adams was also the same type of affair Gonsalves allegedly had with Margaret Parson, who filed a report of sexual assault against the PM of SVG, after which she took her story public in a graphic TV interview that can be found on YouTube.

When PM Adams kicked Gonsalves off Barbados by revoking his papers, Prime Minister Adams was putting the mechanism in place to have him Gonsalves apprehended when he was on his way out of the country. However, Gonsalves was reportedly smuggled onto a Grenadines cargo vessel like the contraband he is and shipped to St Vincent and the Grenadines.

I am ashamed and I would like to know if Arnhim Eustace is feeling like I do today. Mr Eustace, are you ashamed that Gonsalves is your prime minister? I am. Are you ashamed that Vincentians could be that backward as to elect an accused rapist, even after his alleged felonious practice was made public? I am. Are you ashamed to be called openly a Vincentian as I am?

Let me take this opportunity to give reparation to the people of Barbados for allegations of ill inflicted upon your nation by one of ours. So a preparatory apology to the prime minister and people of our big sister island Barbados coming from me, Allan Palmer, on behalf of the Vincentian community. I hope you accept our apology in lieu of payment.

Allan H. Palmer
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Peter Binose:

Your quite right Allen, folklaw say he had to leave the country under the cover of darkness, under a tarp on the boat belonging to Captain King of Bequia. Some say he was dressed as a woman when he left, I do not know if that was a disguise or if that is the way he dressed sometimes.

If the woman in Allan's story who Gonsalves is alleged to have assaulted or raped in Barbados would like to blow the whistle and tell the story I will write the story and publish it.

Remember that according to British law, if found guilty in a court, Gonsalves can be prosecuted and imprisoned for such offences because there is no time limit on such offences, and that includes Barbados.


Wow! This Allan Palmer guy is really pissed off at Comrade Ralph. I wonder why? Allan, please tell us why you hate the PM so. We know it’s not because of his politics, not because of the RUMORS going about. It has to be personal. Please tell us why Allan, I’m dying to hear!

P.S I hope the PM wasn’t friendly with your wife!


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