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Letter: A prophet's reminder and call to Yahweh's people
Published on December 31, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

On November 14, 2013, Caribbean News Now published one of my letters, the title in question was: A Prophet’s warning to the people of St Vincent. In that letter, I compared the attitudes and behaviours of people in St Vincent today to its God fearing inhabitants of yesterday. In that piece I sent out a call to all Vincentians, especially the leaders, asking them to lead the people back to the path of the past; a path where honesty, integrity, morality, a love for one’s fellowmen and love for the Creator of heaven, earth, sea and skies dominated our hearts and mind and were evident in our actions.

I also reminded the people that “Yahweh is God and his judgment is sure and swift.” I brought to their attention, and I quote: “St Vincent and the Grenadines, Yahweh wants you to return to Jesus and give your hearts to him. It is time to forget about the demonic promises of grandeurs made by those who hate righteousness; promises that have seen our physical, social, financial, economical and spiritual condition grow worst by the day. It is time we ignore the promises of large airports, connecting tunnels, new cities and hopes of prosperity.

“These are the same power dreams for which we have turned our backs on Yahweh, the same wasted promises that cause us to forsake our morals, disregard our principles; abandon professional ethics, traded our integrity and sold our honesty. Let us not forget that Yahweh is our protector and our provider he is our God and we must love, respect, honor and treat him as such.”

Exactly 40 days from the date of that piece’s publication, on the 23rd day of December 2013, the rain began to fall; of course, there was nothing unusual about this and, a day later, on Christmas Eve day the rain continued to pour in moderate showers, nothing that was not expected, even the people who were directly affected thought nothing of the pre-Christmas Day showers; for to all, it was nothing but a minor Christmas inconvenience.

Like many others, I to listened to the guys on Hot FM, as they gave casual accounts of the flood; a mere after work nuisance that kept them from going to their cars, so they waited, hoping the water would recede before they took their journey home. We all know of the devastation these minor non-threatening showers caused.

Some people thought I was playing politics with the message on November 14, but I was not. That article was truly a warning from the Great God and Creator of heaven and the earth to a people (his favoured people) who have turned their backs upon him. I will assure you that this flood was not the judgment but merely a warning of greater, even more devastation to come, if we (Vincentians) don’t return to the Lord.

As we all try to come to grips with the devastation of this mild rain spell (for there was no torrential downpour) even the authorities are left spell bound by the events that led to the loss of 17 lives and millions of dollars of infrastructural and domestic damages. They are without answer as they look for something, anything to justify that which they are unable to explain. We all search but there are no answers that can lend rationality to the events that happened.

It is unfortunate that the Almighty God Yahweh had to partially remove the hedge of protection he surrounded St Vincent and the Grenadines with; such action was designed to get the attention of a rebellious people. It is also unfortunate that it took such humanly drastic but spiritually minor course of action to get our attention, which resulted in the loss of so many lives.

It is highly important that we understand that God is not mad with Vincentians, but he is calling us back to him; please pay attention to the below text: Hebrews 12: 6, “because the Lord disciplines the one he loves and he chastens everyone he accepts as his son." Proverbs 3:12, For whom the LORD loves He reproves, Even as a father corrects the son in whom he delights; and Revelation 3: 19, those whom I love I rebuke and discipline. So be earnest and repent.

My brothers and sisters and other members of the Vincentian community, I beseech you once again, in the name of the almighty and benevolent Creator and God Yahweh and his son the Christ, whose given name was Jesus. Let it be known that the God who possesses ultimate wisdom and power loves Vincentians dearly. We cannot afford to be like Pharaoh of Egypt and cause the chastisement which is meant to bring us back in harmony with his perfect will for us, to be the very thing that pushes us further away from his love, his provision and his protection.

Yahweh have been using subtle means to get our attention; however, we refused to heed his call, Our economic hardship (zero economic growth for many years), high unemployment, etc., the pest infested crops (black sigakota, leaf spot, etc.), the escalating crime rate; all these are in keeping with Duet: 28: 19 Cursed shall you be when you come in, and cursed shall you be when you go out. 20 The LORD shall send upon thee cursing, vexation, and rebuke, in all that thou set your hand unto for to do, until thou be destroyed, and until thou perish quickly; because of the wickedness of thy doings, whereby thou hast forsaken me. 21 The LORD shall make the pestilence cleave unto you, until they have consumed thee from off the land that possessed.

If a simple warning that was designed to get our attention could generate such hurt and devastate us so badly, you will not like to get a small fraction of Yahweh’s judgment.

St Vincent and the Grenadines, your leaders have led you away from the path of right living, love for your fellow men and love for the almighty God; the same God who has kept us safe from the many hurricanes, and other storms in whose path we hopelessly lie. They (political and other leaders) went seeking after familiar spirits; they have put their trust and have been serving strange Gods. We can repent and enjoy the grace of a loving and forgiving God or we can continue and on the current curse, reject Yahweh’s provision and protection, without which; we will receive the full force of the Devil’s wrath.

Finally, to the Prime Minister Ralph E. Gonsalves and anyone else who think by virtue of their office and their extra-occupational dealing they are all powerful, I ask you to please remember that spiritual wickedness in high places is no match for spiritual goodness in heavenly places.

Allan (Yahweh's Servant) Palmer
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Although I agree with your message in its natural sense I find you to be very hypocritical and one sided.

You support a party with who has an elected minister who stoned a church where Yahweh's people were worshiping but yet I don't see you calling him out in this said article. This same minister bragged on national media that he will do it again if he has to but I have seen no condemnation by you. If I am correct a relative of yours does be actively campaigning for the same minister.

Have a good day my friend.

Allan Yahweh' Servant Palmer:

Abuse, greetings in the wonderful name of Jesus and may the protective power of the Almighty God Yahweh be with you in the new year.

Now let get something straight, it matters not who believe this message it does not change the source from which the message came. This is not my message, I am just the messenger. I am not looking for, the validation of anyone in my personal life, and it is even worst when I am doing my fathers bidding.

Now that we have that straight lets move on to your trivia and nonsensical issues. It makes me ashame to have to deal with such petty minded stuff however I will address them.

The issue of Mr. Cummings and his stoning actions.

Some time after the church stoning incident, I was dispatched to Sharps as a police officer to address an issue with Mr. Cummings and a church that was next to Mr. Cummings' resudence, I listen to both parties side of the argument and I spoke to the pastor, who in his effort to share the gospel with people who were passing by, put his large speakers outside. Unfortunately the Pastor did not do the neighborly thing and took the time to considered or ask the opinion of his neighbors, but instead of being a blessing to then he had become a nuisance.

Here we had a situation develop where the neighbor was regularly calling the pokice because the gospel music and preaching had become an annoyances to the people who lived in the immediate vacinity.

Abused, isn't it fair to say that Mr. Cummings has the right to enjoy the comfort of his home without the annoyance of anyone. A right that each person should have the pleasure and the privilege to enjoy the peace, silitude and comfort of their homes without the disturbance of any neighbor be it a disco, a church of an individual who plays his soca at a disturbingly high volumn.

Bear in mind that pastor and the congregation was not living in the immifiate vicinity most of them don't even resides in Sharps. So at any time they choosed to, they had the luxury to leave the noise of the church and go too the peace and quiet of their homes. Mr. Cummings and the other neighbors did not have that privilege.

I brought all these points to the attention of the pastor and his congregation, they agreed, the pastor, Mr. Cummings and I had the volume turned down to a compramising volume. I think the problem was resolved. Because for many years after I was not called to, or hear any of me colleagues mentioned they had to attend that incident etc.

Now being a minister of the Good news of Salvation do not give anyone the rights to infringed on the rights of anyone else. Its every persons right to or not to be preached to or to reject God and the Gospel.

Yes Mr. Cummings was wrong to stone the church, and the Church was wrong to become a nuisance.

On the ussue of my political affiliation, I was thrown off of the NDP Rose Place development committee by my friend John Horne in my absences. I was so dealt with because I choose to keep my political independence rather than to join the NDP constituency party group. I am not a supporter of a political party, I admires Mr. Eustaces standards, level of moraliry, his love for St. Vincent as well as his public and private conduct. But the NDP; I am not a nember of and I will never be a member of any political party. Go into the archive and you will see that I use to give PM Mitchell and his NDP sticks when they messed up.

When Mr. Eustace takes the post of PM and he switch up on me and adopts Gonsalves' behaviors and practices he to will get sticks. I admires his qualities but I am loyal not to Mr. Eustace but to a body of principles that do not change as man does.

So big deal some member of my family supports and campaigns for NDP who cares? What does that have to do with me? I have a sister Andrea who support ULP; .my child's mother Karen support my friend "uncle Mike" (Mike Brown) and the ULP What does their choices have to do with me? This is the.most foolish thing I have ever heard. GOSH!!!

Abused, I will be praying that you and your advisors grow up for 2014. I will advised you all to stop getting involved in grown up discussions until you have grown up. Is that fair?

Steve Huggins:

Allan, I am Amused that you have been so unfairly ABUSED.

Peter Binose:

AMUSED, what you wrote is full of lies and twisted truths, you are nothing less than a trouble making scoundrel and a scamp.

you wrote "You support a party with who has an elected minister who stoned a church where Yahweh's people were worshiping but yet I don't see you calling him out in this said article. This same minister bragged on national media that he will do it again if he has to but I have seen no condemnation by you. If I am correct a relative of yours does be actively campaigning for the same minister.

The man that you refer to is the "Water Man" he is not a minister of government or religion. He is a duly elected member of parliament, and loved by his constituents. He admits throwing stones or such like at the roof of a building that is sometimes used for worship and sometimes used for recreational use. The building on this occasion in question was being used for a disco and playing very loud music next door to his house. This had happened on a number of occasions before and he had complained to the trustees and organisers of the event. Lots of loud people congregated outside his house, drinking, smoking and swearing. He had asked for the music volume to be turned down and had also appealed to the police on three occasions who did nothing. Out of shear frustration he threw stones at the roof to try and make them pay attention.

When a building is used in such a way it is just that, a building, not the House of the Lord. In fact subject to what is going on it may be occupied by Satan on such occasions.

Perhaps there are people from your party who wouldn't of stopped at launching missiles, they may of waded in with a cutlass.

You know the true story and so do most other people, its certainly not the one you told. The story has been embroidered by you and some other Marxist agitators in an attempt to gain some political points. A very nasty campaign of falsities and hatred have been waged against Mr Cummings, the ULP fear him.

If you want to ask some questions ask your leaders where the million US dollars cash in a bag came from, why was a man called Morgan given a diplomatic passport and was caught carrying a kilo of cocaine in a London airport, why your leader was accused by five or more women of sexual crimes against them but has never appeared in a court on the matter’s. I can give you a 102 questions that require answers, I have had them published three times before.


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