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Letter: A comparative review: Gonsalves and Mandela
Published on June 21, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Sir:

The legacy of an individual is determined by the life he or she lived. The quality of the life they lived determines how that person will be remembered by their peers. It also determines if that individual memory will be blessed by history and be given some type of historical commendation or honour recited in the minds, memory, intellect and on the lips of future generations.

It is interesting that recently I took a comparative view of PM Ralph Gonsalves and that great South African president, Nelson Mandela.

Nelson unselfishly gave his entire existence to the service his people; 27 of those years were spent in an eight by eight cell without the convenience of the domestic facilities that give a little comfort to living.

Nelson Mandela's hardship was as a result of an active conscience that did not allow him to passively exist in and be governed by a system that would segregate and kill a man because of the density of his pigmentation and the way his skin utilized the energy and the nutrients that are derived from the sun.

On the other hand there is Ralph Gonsalves. From the amount of allegations of sexual felonies levied against his character, it can be considered that Ralph E. Gonsalves is a man with an apparent sexual problem. Many, including the author of this piece, believe what Margaret Parson said in summing up her impression of Ralph E Gonsalves in the video interview of her first meeting and experience with the prime minister of St Vincent and the Grenadines in the said capacity: "Ralph Gonsalves is a sexual predator."

Ralph did not sacrifice anything on behalf of his people, his country or his family; however, the record shows that he has raped the country of more than its resources.

There is evidence to suggest that when the Ralph E. Gonsalves-led Unity Labour Party loses the next general elections at the polls, a flurry of people plan to come forward to tell their stories of alleged sexual violation (rape and other sexual crimes) to the police.

It is interesting when one compares these two political leaders and their legacies, one cannot help but to notice this revealing contradiction, which is: Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for 27 years then he rose to the office of the president of his country.

Ralph Gonsalves rise to the seat of the prime minister but he may die in prison. This is so for more victims of his alleged unlawful sexual exploits (rape) now plan to come forward as soon as the NDP takes office in the next general elections.

You may be reading this document and may not have any knowledge of the events that transpired in St Vincent over the last couple of years, and you may be asking why don't the alleged rape victims come forward now in pursuit of personal justice?

The truth be told, the current state of affairs as exists in St Vincent and the Grenadines is not conducive for these women to come forward. For the simple fact that they will be victimized by the prime minister in the same manner that the police officer who was a member of PM Gonsalves' security detail, who brought allegations of rape and sexual assault against him (the prime minister) was victimized and in the same manner that Margaret Parsons, a Canadian human rights lawyer, who had her right to refuse a person’s sexual advances, as well as to have their report entertained and their aggressor prosecuted taken away.

But instead, these two valiant heroines were raped once again by the very system that was designed to protect them; the weak and victims. They were raped of their pride and dignity when their public criminal allegations were not investigated by the police, and their private criminal proceedings were nolle prosequi by a public officer who was handpicked by Prime Minister Gonsalves for the post of director of public
prosecutions (DPP).

It is truly a sad era for this the home of the blessed: Hairouna.

Allan H Palmer
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Firstly, Peter Binose, I've heard many distasteful things about Allan and yourself, which I wouldn’t repeat here, because I don’t know them as factual. I only disclose what I can substantiate, e.g., like you're both insane in the brain (just read your articles) but no "allegations” of rape... I repeat "allegations". But again, I wouldn’t incriminate you both on an “alleged” statement…; anybody can say anything at anytime, under any circumstance for whatever reason, and usually after a thorough investigation, most of the time it turns out to be a lie. Secondly, unlike you, Allan and company, I give no credence to hear-say. If you can’t prove your case, you don’t have a case. The facts (evidence) please, only the facts. This is where you, Allan and company always fall short. You never present the facts, it’s always some mix up jumble mumble foolishness coming out from the likes of you Allan and company. Everything that bears the name Peter Binose can be debunked by diligent research and reason. You’re forever on a failed mission to undermine PM Dr Ralph Gonsalves and the ULP, which is clear as daylight. But patriotic Vincentians wouldn’t allow it. I happen to be one of the patriotic 53% that put the ULP in office, and if you touch them, (so to speak) you touch us too. This is our Government, our party, and we demand respect from you, Allan and company. Fail to honor people, they fail to honor you. So bring it on.

George Turner:

What a disgusting state of affairs, lets hope that all the men women and children that have been assaulted and raped in SVG can eventually get the justice they deserve.

If you watch the UK they are prosecuting such cases 20 and 30 years after they were alleged to happen. Because like murder there is no statute of limitation on such heinous crimes.

Men of 80 years old are being prosecuted for dirty deeds they did during their 50's.

Peoples lives are wrecked by these predetors, victims can never forget, they feel dirty, used and abandoned.

This is where true reparations should begin, its the living that want recompense.

Peter Binose:

ALLAN, thanks for this reminder and informative piece.

There will still be people who refuse to accept the word of assaulted people all over the world, its the same in SVG.

Such a shame that people have to suffer for the rest of their lives because of the actions of such deviants and sexual marauders world wide.

But we must look at our homeland, some women feel they have been let down by the system, the police, the judiciary, and worst of all the countries leaders.


Quite frankly, Allen Palmer’s opinion does not count and should be discredited as always. As a fledgling member of the sorry opposition NDP Party, and a ranking member of the “internet crazies”, he has a mission to fulfill, and his letter proves just that. Moreover, he has just read PM Gonsalves lecture on “Free Movement Of Community Nationals, CCJ, Shanique Myrie etc, sponsored by UWI, on June 17th last, and it bothers him to see the honors and respect our beloved PM receives from those at home and abroad, who holds him in the highest esteem, and certainly know something that Allen doesn’t. Allan Palmer is furious with jealous rage, frothing at the mouth and shouting “why couldn’t that be me Lord, why?”

Allan, you’re not bright enough, you’re not charismatic and charming enough like PM Gonsalves, sorry, you’re a dingbat! Come on, why would anyone waste time to recap and print all this rubbish over ‘n over again. Is Ralph a Mandela? Is Ralph Marxist? Is Ralph this? Is Ralph that? Enough of your “BS” Allen Palmer! Write about what Ralph is…and that is, the three (3) time democratically elected Prime Minister Of SVG, and heading for a fourth term, and will be remembered in the annals of history as SVG’s and one of the Caribbean best politician, and you wouldn’t.

You’re on a failed mission Allan Palmer, quit while you’re behind; your time has run out, you’re a loser, and quite boring. Find something much more productive to do in your spare time, besides gossiping.

Peter Binose:

PKnight, or Ralph Gonsalves, how many times have you heard that Allan Palmer is a rapist and sexual predator? How many times has he been charged with rape or sexual assault?

And remember Gonsalves is the man that admitted he is a liar, and there are many recorded instances of him telling lies, in and out of parliament.

Not just because you say for political reasons, he is a liar.

Gonsalves is a proven and self confessed liar.

Allan, keep the exposing articles coming, the person who calls himself PKnight is one of the paid Marxist contributors to the filth that comes from this regime.

Peter Binose:

PKnight, I have no respect for Marxist's, therefore none for you.

I am an old labour supporter, and I supported Gonsalves in 2001. But having seen his disgusting behavior, and heard his dreadful lies I have since rejected him. He was before and I believe is now, a marxist through and through.

His father warned me about him, I laughed it off, but I was wrong and he was right.

This ULP is not the old Labour party, its a Marxist party wearing the cloke of Labour. Of course there are people like you who do not care a damn about that. Because you to are Marxist. You don't care about the lies, the bad behavior, the six sex allegations and the rape and indecent charges brought and laid against him. You don't care about all the corruption, all the theft from the taxpayer's.

You don't care because you are not a Vincentian patriot, your a patriot of the man, a patriot of indecency and spite, malice and hate.

Vinci Vin:

Allan, you should not even mention the name Nelson Mandella next to Ralph Gonsalves. Nelson Mandela believed in the cause of freedom for his people. On the other hand, Ralph Gonsalves appears to want us to take it that he believes in everything, is everything, and is the ultimate ruler of Hairouna. But it appears that the same Ralph Gonsalves DOES NOT BELIEVE IN ANYTHING. It seems that he is only an opportunist who would jump on any bandwagon as long as it appears to benefit himself and his minions. He is everywhere and yet nowhere. Do you recall when he jumped on his soapbox and declared that he was suing NYC Police because they tried to restrain his son who in his pomposity thwarted the laws of the city? He thought that he could hoodwink the city into paying a ransom. But once he found out that Americans are not frightened by "Small Napoleons in Lilliput" the whole idea just faded away. Yes he appears to place every selfish issue in the frame/light of trying to be the champion of poor Vincentians. In fact, When the history of our country is written it will show that many of those who received the major benefits in the name of poor Vincentians were those who were/are actual exploiters of our poor compatriots.

So Ralph Gonsalves and his party only represent 53% of Vincentions. So what happens to the 47 percent of Vincentians who do not call themselves RED-SHIRTED ULPITES? Are we not entitled to the full benefits of Vincentian citizenry and all of the benefits and rights accruing to us under our constitution?

As you know, I am not one to agree with everything written or propagated by anyone. I have had my disagreements with you, Peter Binose and others on this site. But the truth be told I would rather pay serious attention to those of you who are heroic enough to question the actions of the Ralph Gonsalves of this world rather than to side with those among us who allow themselves to follow Ralph and the ULP as Lambs to the Slaughter.

Allan, Peter Binose, Pouie, et al continue to exercise your rights of freedom of speech and expression. You will only be defeated if you allow others to shut you up by branding you as NDPite, internet crazies and other disparaging names. You are the genuine Vincentian heroes who are brave enough to let the light shine on the exploiters in the wilderness of our Homeland.

Keep up the Pressure.

Vinci Vin (not a member or supporter of any single politician or political party in SVG ... Yet a concerned Vincy by Birth and Allegiance)


To Vinci Vin.

Pooh for you Vinci Vin, you jump from side to side when it suits your stance, without reflection, foresight and serious thought. Who’s the opportunist here? And as Nelson Mandela remarked when asked by Anchorman Ted Koppel in an interview about his unrelenting support for Castro and Cuba etc, during the Apartheid struggles , his reply was …”but for anybody who changes his principles depending on whom he is dealing, that is not a man who can lead a nation…” and you Vinci Vin fits this description. You are one unscrupulous, unprincipled, ex Vincentian, without shame. Remove “Vinci, and add “Flimsy Vin” as your new name.

To recollect, Vinci Vin you were once the foremost challenger to Peter Binose (Head Chief of the “Internet Crazies”) on this blog, and braved the worst to bring to the fore what you knew to be the real position on national issues, holding mostly to a correct interpretation of socio-political and economic events in relation to SVG, the ULP government and comrade Ralph in particular. “So wey happen now, eh, tell me a lie nuh”?

Nothing is amiss politically, socially, or otherwise in SVG under this administration. Nothing, that threatens this Nation in any severity, as propagated by these “Internet crazies”, the NDP, Nice Radio and the NDP ‘ites. Surely there will be, from time to time little upsets here and there, as to be expected in any democracy, but nothing we as a people can’t handle; and Vincentians are very resolute in getting things done efficiently and effectively towards better governance for all. And with PM Ralph Gonsalves expertise and leadership, we stand to gain more than we could, under Mitchell and forget- Eustace.

PM Ralph Gonsalves believes in empowering his fellow Vincentians, with a Nationalistic Pride, political savviness, and a true revolutionary spirit, far superior to that of the likes of ex- Black Power fledglings like Eustace, Leacock, Fredrick’s etc; fast becoming SVG’s foremost racists, who only see things in the “black” so to speak, who pretend to forget that SVG was, is and always will be a peaceful multi-racial nation regardless of Party rule, where the greater majority is so mixed that it is criminal to be racist.

Now we let petty-politics divide us terribly so, (thanks to the NDP), and PM Ralph Gonsalves becomes the “white man”, the enemy, and should be destroyed by any means necessary; because we disagree politically?. WHAT A SHAME! What hypocrites they must be who advocate such. Will the real Peter Binose please stand! Allan Palmer can take the place next to him, and you Vinci Vin! I mean Flimsy Vin, and all who can’t see, or don’t want to see the real progressive movements unfolding before their very own eyes in SVG, keep them closed, we won’t be missing you, and good luck on the losing side.

Vinci Vin:

PK Knight, shame on you! They should name you "Pitch Dark Night" because you have lost your ability to reason. Yes man/woman since you have proven that you are a blind person with a wooden head I have no use for you.

As the Good Book says: There is a time and season for every purpose under heaven. This is the time for change of government, housecleaning and the beginning of transparency and accountability in SVG government.

Where is the transparency and accountability promised to us by the PM in 2001? Where are the acceptance of responsibility and unbiased evaluation of the failed initiatives of the ULP? As the old people used to say: "God is not Asleep". Those who do political iniquity and have dirty hands will eventually get their due punishment in Hairouna.

Vinci Vin


Flimsy Vin, what is there to reason about? I’ve already stated my position, and you yours. I have no problem with that. What is your problem?

Your fight lies not with me, but with the people of SVG, who put the ULP in government three (3) times straight… Are they not, just as “bad” as Gonsalves, not as vile, not as corrupt, not as foolish to put the ULP back in office two times straight, even with all the before mentioned “rape allegations”, “ lack of transparency”, “corruption” you name it, all the negative things the crazies advocate. What say you? Why doesn’t your party take to the street and demonstrate against all the “wickedness and suffering” the ULP causing the poor citizens of SVG, as you say, and bring a no confidence vote against them, remove them from office, so to speak…Why? Oh, I thought so!

Don’t hate PM Ralph Gonsalves; hate the “dumb Vincentians”, who keep voting for him and his minions, “who allow themselves to follow Ralph and the ULP as Lambs to the Slaughter”. Go pick on Eustace for “not being elected” as your PM. The people have spoken. Chill out man… SVG WILL SURVIVE!

Vinci Vin:

PKnight, you are spitting in the wind as you attempt to defend the indefensible. Remember, the upholder is no better than the thief .... even though your entire family and extended family continue to sup at the trough of the people's treasury.


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