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Former Grenada foreign minister joins ruling party
Published on May 22, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

NNP chairman and minister of works Gregory Bowen (R) makes a presentation of a party shirt to Peter David

ST GEORGE’S, Grenada -- Former foreign minister Peter David, who served more than ten years as general secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has now joined the ruling New National Party (NNP) of Grenada Prime Minister Keith Mitchell.

David, who served in the NDC government after its 2008 general election victory, was formally endorsed as an NNP member at a public function on Tuesday night.

A two-time NDC MP for the Town of St George, David and nine others were expelled from the party in September 2012. He did not contest last year’s general elections that were won 15-0 by the NNP.

David, speaking to Tuesday’s packed meeting that included the prime minister and other government ministers, said he is encouraged by the efforts of the Mitchell administration to improve conditions in Grenada.

“Its action to strengthen and expand its policies regarding social safety nets; of depoliticizing the process and making sure the most needy benefit, deserves our biggest applause,” David said. "And with a party and government espousing policies like these, I say count me in.”

David told the prime minister he has heard his call for national unity, and he believes it is sincere.

David’s decision to join and work with the NNP will go a long way in unifying the nation, said Mitchell, who described the former foreign minister as a good politician who loves people.

“The economic challenges this country faces are too huge; and the times are too crucial for all of us to retreat to our political corners, just preparing to come back out in the ring to throw needless political blows. That might thrill the onlookers, but will do no good for the working people all over the country,” David said.
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Peter Da dis decision to formally join the NNP won't have any positive impact on the serious economic challenges facing the country. Peter and his gang have supported tend NNP for over two years now. He has betrayed the trust that the people of Town of ST George has placed in him . Peter allegedly played a major role in the assassination of Maurice Bishop and the fall of the revolution. He was instrumental in the internal infighting within the NDC after covertly trying to become the political leader of the NDC.

Peter David , Collin LaBorie , Joseph Gilbert, Chester Humphrey . Sanford Simon etc are all political opportunist with " hallow heads" looking for power and money. These gang is all about power at all cost.

Keith Mitchell accused David of pulling a gun on his father and labelled him as a very dangerous individual who associates with many questionable characters.

LaBorie was accused of getting special fav ours from the NDC by NNP for been the beneficiary of a security contract.

Gilbert was fired off alleged. corruption i while working in the ministry of works undefined the first NNP government.

All the former members of the NDC who are now seeking refuge in the NNP
Were heavily accused and criticised by Mitchell and the NNP, in some cases as ministers of god NDC government.

Sensible people listening to those political miscreants would know that they are a bunch of opportunist and power hungry individuals. Joseph was minister of works under the NDC . Had was allegedly accused by the NNP of ending the contract with CCC to give if a family member.

This power hungry gang were expelled from the NDC for their lack of principle , betrayal of the philosophy and values of the party,. They are where they belong. Their modus operadi I'd in sync with that of the NNP. Their lack of transparency and shakiness. Keith Mitchell is to aware of their shadiness. In trying to preserve his legacy one marred by allegations of corruption he is willing to accommodate his former enemies who accused him of running gone most corrupt government in tend history of Grenada.

There are many folks in the NNP that are not supportive of this gang and don't trust Peter David. Many looked awkward including the Deputy political leader Elvin Nimrod who may lost that position in the next NNP convention which may be held sometime in the last quarter of the year.

This to is another reason why Peter David formally joined the NNP at this time. Keith Mitchell is hoping that with the supporters of god party struggling under severe economic stress Peter David may be able to energized the base

The popularity of the kem jones radio talk program is also another reason for the marriage. The program is very populate among all sectors of the society including the youths. Keith is hoping that Peter can make a difference with the support of the RMC.

The public booing and embarrassment of Chester Humphrey also expedite that move. The NNP hierarchy felt the shifting sands under their house and so pulled Peter in , in an attempt to settle the shifting particles.

Peter David however is a "loose canon " and " wild goose " . Mitchell and the NNP will have to give him all what he wants since he is extremely volatile , explosive immature and radical character.

Mitchell may not mind Peter David taking over the NNP since had is old and tired. He may not want to see the NNP go down the way of the GULP. The problem he may have is that Peter David can't manage people and may not be sold to hold the NNP together.

Hon Nazim Burke while he may not be as charismatic as Peter , is so much more stable , discipline , mature , family oriented and experience individual.

Keith Mitchell after criticizing the bald heads will soon see the bald heads be the political leaders of the two main political parties in Grenada. Isn't this something. Never say never . Politics in Grenada is so exciting. Keith Mitchell is nod totally surrounded by the bald heads. No where for him to run. When he turns in his bed at night, when he turn to the right he sees Nazim Burke when he turns to the left he see Peter David , Chester Humphrey , Joseph Gilbert more bald heads. Prophecy is about to be fulfilled.. The stone that the builder reject shall make the head corner stone.

Mitchell has boxed himself into a corner and it would be interesting to see how he would emerged from this situation. Peter David isn't job. He won't wait to long for the price. Remember his quote just before he launch his attack to take zither leadership of the NDC from uncle Tilly , quote "we have come to far to take our eyes of the prize ". He want s to be prime minister and as Keith Mitchell said quote " nothing will come between Peter David and power" Time will tell whether his body still come between Peter David and power. There is an old saying when you digging a pit for somebody , always dig one for yourself. Hope Keith Mitchell already dug his pit.

The move by Peter is just a tactic to divert attention from the real issues facing Grenada and it's people. It points to the massive failure of Keith Mitchell as prime minister and also payback for his destabilization of the Tillman Thomas leader administration. If Peter David and his gang was successful in hijacking the NDC then he would be seen by Keith as the same wicked bald head who pulled a gun on his father. ,but he failed and so he ran to the NNP for a rescue.

Keith Mitchell , Elvin Nimrod and Gregory Bowen the three senior leaders in the NNP are all old grey men who lacks the energy to move the country forward. Mitchell is therefore trying to use Peter David as someone who would protect him from prosecution in his old age.

The political and biological clock is slowly but surely ticking for Keith Nimrod and Bowen. Mitchell seemingly is entrusting the leadership of the NNP in the hands of Peter David over Roland Bhola, Claris Modeste , or Nicholas Steele. In his speech Keith stated that had had engage Peter to assist in the RE-ORGANISATION of the party , a job that should db performed by the general secretary. Roland Zbhola ixl currently hand general secretary of the NNP. He was noticeably absent from the endorsement.

What is striking is that Peter David is from the town of St George , however his endorsement took place in St Andrew for reasons unexplained.

Following the demise of the revolution some of hand more moderate members of the PRG such as Joseph Charter and Einstien Louisan joined the party. The more radical members such liked Peter David was rejected. Today the RMC faction who was accused of the assassination of Grenada's best leader Maurice Bishop are all in the house of the NNP.

Peter David indicated that a political party is a vehicle to get him where he want to go. He indicated that he decided to jump from one vehicle to another because that is the vehicle that he thinks would take him where he wasn't to go. Whist he didn't say is shed he wants to go. It is no secret that Peter David want to become prime minister. He seems to have forged an arrangement with Keith Miitchell. Mitchell has used that to drive a wedged between David and the NDC especially Burke. Nazim Burke has seem been appointed political leader of the NDC.

It will be interesting what told Peter will play in government. It ixl rumored that he may be made foreign minister since Nicholas Steele is a complete failure. He will soon go on a trip to North America with the prime minister in favour of Steele.

The months and years will be filled with drama . NNP is looking political dominance but with a serious economic crisis facing the country the party is struggling . Mitchell decided to bring Peter David on board now to see if had can stop the bleeding. He may have to try to stop his own bleeding very soon.

Dr Raphael Fletcher would say for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction and whist goes up must must come down. Keith and Peter may be up but they will soon come crashing down. Grenadians brace yourself.

Helen Grenade:


What Keith does not realize is that his Political Party is going down with him. Once the NNP government falls, that will be the end of NNP as we know it. Pay attention people of the Tri-Island,

Mitchell is driving his wooden bus in a reckless manner, his and his bus is out of control, his bus is leaning on one side, eventually the bus will be destroyed.

It's quite simple people, The Mitchell NNP government will collapse when God is ready to do so. Have patience and continue Prayer. The day is fast approaching. Fear not, it will happen, do not be to concerned with Mitchell and his Garbage, this crap is only for now. Wait patiently and carry on in Prayers.


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