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Commentary: The Lord is my Shepherd and He knows that I am gay (Part 1)
Published on April 8, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Dr Lazarus Castang

The title of the article, “The Lord is my Shepherd and He knows that I am gay,” encapsulates homosexual confessions of a Christianity that is compromised. It does not refer to me because I am not gay. The article addresses the claims of homosexual churchgoers and the value-judgment statements of particular respondents (example, see the second comment by a female below my previous article: Bible phobia and homosexuality) who have gone berserk over my homosexuality articles or the title of this article. I intend to juggle two big Caribbean husky coconuts on one hand in this article.

Dr Lazarus Castang is a licensed psychotherapist and an ordained SDA Minister of Religion. He holds a PhD in Old Testament, a Masters in Psychotherapy, and has completed studies in basic medical science. He has ministered to several communities in St Lucia, Barbados and the US and has provided therapy to individuals, couples and groups. He is a graduate of University of Southern Caribbean in Trinidad and Andrews University in Michigan. He has written two theological books and several articles on social relations. (
Some have become so distraught over my homosexuality articles that they have unguardedly spilled their unsavory guts on the grand screen of public discourse. I will undertake a dual engagement by means of a dialogue between Mr Born-A-Gay (a constitutional homosexual, Sister Skeptic (who is disgruntled with religion) and Me as Pastor C. I was motivated to change the format of presentation for flexibility to address this juggling task more poignantly.

Mr Born-A-Gay: Pastor C., the title of this article rings my bell because the Lord is truly my Shepherd and He knows that I am gay. He leadeth me beside the still waters of homosexuality, and He restoreth my soul.

Sister Skeptic: Mr Born-A-Gay, you are free to live as the Shepherd has guided you. But, Pastor C., this article is your cover-up. Are you gay? Are you defending yourself? Your rantings are beginning to sound like a gay man still trapped in the closet. Aren’t you one of these driveling, fame-seeking, hypocritical, religious nuts, who condemns what he practices and are using Caribbean News Now to come out to achieve celebrity status? Why not take your jargon to the pulpit and convince some of your members on why they should accept you and other gay pastors hiding behind the frock into the fold?

Pastor C.: How readest thou? Watch your mouth, sister! Basic human decency should characterize our discussion. Your human dignity matters to me more than your rudeness. If you cannot say amen, say ouch.

Sorry to disappoint you as I am a confirmed heterosexual in orientation and practice and by creation and redemption. I am a Seventh-day Adventist, not a Seventh-gay Adventist. Please, sister, engage me at the level of rigorous reason, not undisciplined emotions; at the level of sound judgment, not sick accusations; at the level of an enlightened conscience, not personal insecurity.

Did you read in my last article that “only conversation-stoppers attempt to silence any moral discussion of homosexuality with argumentum ad hominems (arguments at the person)?” False hasty predictions are one of the identifying marks and the tip of the iceberg of a morally incautious or misguided prophetic media/political commentator.

The title of my article was borrowed from Troy D. Perry’s autobiography in which he talks about his understanding of being gay, Christian and a minister. I am a married, heterosexual Christian minister, not gay. The title is intended to address the idea of being born gay and moral Christian accountability.

Nonetheless, on second thought, the title is an unintended tease which elicited your “drivel” and the simmering churnings of your mind. Your reaction showcases how the dark cloud of homosexuality is overhanging contemporary culture, and the demon of homosexuality is possessing and twisting minds to see a gay behind every bush. It is driving the world to grant “celebrity status” to people who make public confession of their anti-opposite-sex bias in sexual practice and relations and their preference for same-sex anal sex.

Mr Born-A-Gay: Pastor C., don’t lump me with Sister Skeptic in disrespect. I admire your frankness, so I will be respectful and frank with you too, even though we hold different perspectives. It does not make sense for me or you to be intolerant of her intolerance of some ill-conceived intolerance. We must learn to make peace, rather than give piece of our minds and have little of it left.

As far as I can remember, I have always and only experienced same-sex sexual temptations, fantasies, and attraction. I don’t know why. This is natural and normal for me and I have acted out accordingly. I feel guilty because the Bible condemns it, but somehow I feel God understands my plight because he made me so. The Lord is my shepherd and he knows that I am gay. I should not be made to feel guilty by the church for a condition that was given to me. I did not choose my homosexual orientation and if I should not practice homosexuality, then I have no legitimate outlet. Plus, it has been said, “Once a homosexual is always a homosexual.”

Sister Skeptic: By the way, what is the Caribbean church? Again, I ask, what is the Caribbean church?

Pastor C: Sister Skeptic, you have received an answer already. Can you be focused and disciplined enough to address the key issue -- homosexuality? Now Mr Born-A-Gay, you have demonstrated poise and a willingness to agree to disagree without being disagreeable. Your concerns are sincere and honest.

Sister Skeptic: You getting me upset now because you are talking about homosexuality too much. Stop it. Get some other main point of interest. Plus, are you sexist by the way you respond to me?

Pastor C: Are you going crazy? I have only written four articles on homosexuality and it is my moral Christian responsibility to challenge and tackle this potentially volcanic issue in the church and in public anytime. Don’t put yourself in charge of homosexuality discussion as its gatekeeper or its police on Caribbean News Now. And avoid the sexist charge that can be leveled back at you.

Without trying to offend you, your reaction leads me to ask, are you an LGBT and/or a disgruntled former SDA member? These are asked for rhetorical effect.

Now give your heart to Jesus. He won’t turn you away, but gentle lead you all the way to Him. It takes your mind, and your heart and your hand to serve my Lord. Therefore, repent and be converted for the forgiveness of your sins and you will receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. Beddybye!

Let me go back to Mr Born-A-Gay. There are contingent homosexuals who are seeking variety by experimenting with same-sex anal sex. Situational homosexuals are in a restrictive environment (prison) with no available opposite sex, so they sleep with men. Both groups are heterosexuals who practice transitional homosexuality then return to heterosexuality. Their behaviour is not permanent bisexuality. The constitutional homosexuals feel sexual attraction to men early in life. They may have both the homosexual orientation and the practice.

Mr Born-A-Gay: That’s me. My condition is like left-handedness, or race, or gender, or skin color. Don’t blame me for it.

Pastor C.: While you cannot be blamed for the homosexual orientation, you did not choose, you can be blamed for homosexual practice you have chosen. If the connection between the orientation and the practice is compulsive, addictive, overpowering and inevitable, and makes you neurotic, then you have a pathology of the will on your hand, which requires therapy and Holy Ghost power.

Mr Born-A-Gay: I don’t think I need therapy for reality, for my sexual identity, or for what’s natural to me. Therapy for such is unethical, forced, ineffective and will do harm to me. As for the Holy Ghost power, He shaped me in my mother’s womb and He does not go against Himself.

Pastor C.: Mr Born-A-Gay, you have raise quite a number of issues: constitutional homosexuals and therapy as unethical, homosexuality as God’s gift to you, pathology of the will, homosexuality as innate, immutable, and as a conditional coercion of the practice. There is so much to respond to that it requires more than part one of this article. I must admit that I was not fully able to juggle two big coconuts on one hand. Therefore, this dialogue is to be continued with part 2. Sorry, Sister Skeptic.

Sister Skeptic: You know something; I think you are a pain in the donkey. So disgusting! I will leave you alone. But I am just wai-----ting for you to slip up.

Pastor C.: Thank you very much, Sister Skeptic. Now Mr Born-A-Gay, in closing part 1, let me begin the response with some overarching statements: homosexual orientation is a part of post-Fall evil; those with the condition has the free choice for celibacy or singleness like heterosexuals; homosexuality is an intrinsic disorder, an objective disorder, and it is a distorted view of self, nature, the world, men, women and God. God created humanity male and female. Sexuality is not neutral. It is based on gender differences. Therefore, heterosexuality is the divine ethical benchmark, the norm, for human sexual relationships.

Finally, Mr Born-A-Gay, God has called you to be Mr Born-Again.
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Jessica Joseph:

I've always wondered, what is this obsession with anal sex? It is not a "gay mandate" it is a sex position which some heterosexuals and some homosexual men engage in. No serious person who is claiming to be any authority on the matter of sexual orientation, equates homosexuality with anal sex first of all. It is not everyone's cup of tea and that includes a large number of gay men, according to sex surveys. However many straight men and women engage in it. In the spirit of rational discussion on the subject, I would like to see anal sex treated as the non-sequitor that it is.

Lazarus Castang:

Dr. Lazarus Castang’s Response to Jessica Joseph:

Hi Jessica,

Thank you for comments and feedback re: my article on Homosexuality. That heterosexual men and women and gay men engage in anal sex is undeniable. My dialogue in the article above is with Mr. Born-A-Gay, not with Ms. Born-A-Lesbian. So avoid turning Mr. Born-A-Gay into Ms. Born-A-Lesbian. Your statement that “no serious person who is claiming to be any authority on the matter of sexual orientation equates homosexuality with anal sex first of all” is your own straw-man generalization you have set up and attempt to dismantle. I used homosexuality to address both orientation and practice. And practice is on a continuum.

In my article I said: “There are contingent homosexuals who are seeking variety by experimenting with same-sex anal sex. Situational homosexuals are in a restrictive environment (prison) with no available opposite sex, so they sleep with men. Both groups are heterosexuals who practice transitional homosexuality then return to heterosexuality. Their behaviour is not permanent bisexuality. The constitutional homosexuals feel sexual attraction to men early in life. They may have both the homosexual orientation and the practice.” Here I define homosexual by orientation and/or practice, not by anal sex alone.
Furthermore, a homosexual who practices all homosexual acts short of anal sex is no less a homosexual as the homosexual who practices all homosexual acts including anal sex, or the ones who principally practices anal sex. Therefore, same-sex anal sex is not un-homosexual (reverse non sequitur), and any rigid cherry-picking of a homosexual act as not constituting homosexuality is a hairsplitting effort in futility.

There is a “divide and conquer strategy” that you have been employing. You did it now and before in your comments. Heterosexual anal sex exists but homosexual anal sex for a large number of gay men have disappeared (not their cup of tea). Heterosexuals’ homosexual acts in Romans are condemned but homosexuals’ homosexual acts remain unaddressed or are natural expressions of human sexuality. You have set up a male heterosexual sex with males as immoral, but a male homosexual sex with homosexual males as is moral. I read your argument as saying that there are two biblical standards of sexual morality. But the Bible condemns homosexual acts, whether engaged in by homosexuals or heterosexuals.

Finally, your argument appears to betray homosexual sympathy. I appreciate your courageous effort in responding with the guise of rationality and objectivity. I will address your previous contribution under “Bible phobia and Homosexuality” later in a separate article.


Dr. Lazarus Castang

Steve Huggins:

IF WE all CONTINUE to be HETERO-SEXUALS, humankind would SURELY, most definitely, CONTINUE TO EXIST - - - even indefinitely BARRING any other MEANS OF MASS DESTRUCTION --- global famine, cosmic superimpact, large-scale thermo-nuclear warfare, global electro-magnetic retaliation, global electronic pulse attacks, global disease pandemics, global pollution, etc.


Hetero-sexuals PERPETUATE and re-'create'.


That, is a LAW OF NATURE itself.

SODOMY, or HOMO-sexual 'sexual intercourse' by MEN WITH MEN tragically RESULT in NO progeny, increase, or perpetuation of the human kind.

MAN with MAN just CANNOT make "pick-me".

Sodomy, lesbianism, or HOMO- 'sexual intercourse' of WOMAN with WOMAN tragically RESULT in NO progeny, increase, or perpetuation of the human kind.

WOMAN with WOMAN just CANNOT make "pickme".

It is a LAW OF NATURE itself.

DOES THIS 6000-YEARS PHENOMENON tell us something ?

Does LOGIC, TRUE REASON or COMMON-SENSE still have any validity or application in these heady SUPPOSEDLY "advanced" days of the 'better' 21st CENTURY ?

Are we MORE "EDUCATED" today?


Are WE any SMARTER today ?



Consider, and BE WISE, my human brothers and sisters.


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