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Commentary: Strengthening gender equality and development in the region
Published on December 20, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

By D. Markie Spring

Man engineered feminist movements and ideologies!

This modern architectural campaign of women’s egalitarianism is derived from man’s egocentric and prejudicial ethos that created superficial philosophical idea that women are unequal in nature, psychologically stereotype women as only qualified to be domestic workers and the sexual objectification of the female sex of being child bearers, which has led to the infamous ‘gender inequality’.

The author of a number of published works, D. Markie Spring was born in St Vincent and the Grenadines and now resides in Providenciales in the Turks and Caicos Islands. He has an MBA from the University of Leicester, England, and a BA from Saint Mary's University, Canada
Most interestingly, there have been several feminist movements and ideologies developed throughout the past century, especially in Western countries, with overlapping strategies, affiliations and goals; branches supporting cultural, postcolonial and political movements, social constructionist and materialist ideologies – raising important issues of class struggles and anarchy against the state to anti-corporate stance of self-sufficiency and self reliance.

However, this chronic impediment that man hand-crafted has overwhelmed the media and the establishment and intervention of new organizations have evolved; giving life to this ‘hot topic’ even on the political spectrum.

But first, it was the development of these well-designed movements and ideologies that empowered woman across the globe. In this capacity, during World War II, American women were deployed as nurses on the front line of the war to attend to wounded soldiers. In the meantime, back in America and across the globe, women were campaigning for women’s suffrage, highlighting and discussing the fact those women are trusted with limited roles in mainstream society and conventions were held – fighting for gender equality.

By the time the war was over, so many American soldiers perished that there was a shortage of men for the growing American labour force. Ideally, for women across America this was the golden opportunity to make a difference and to influence the mode of change determinants in the cultural gender identity and the narcissistic personality disorders that man has invented for himself; proving to man that they were capable of carrying jobs that’s once held by men.

Similarly, the rest of the world, including the Caribbean, member states have sworn to comply with the provisions of the United Nations Convention to eliminate all discriminatory practices against women by way of removing discriminatory laws, the enactment of permitting policy reform, legislation and the institutionalization of gender at the highest level.

On this front, most governments around the world, including our own, have failed miserably to address these horrendous situations. Furthermore, in some remote parts of Africa and the Middle East women are still held in contempt of modern societal practices; not surrendering the past and hold firm the belief that women are not as equally important, intellectually stimulating and progressive beings – depriving women of economic decision making, education, political participation and in some areas women are not even permitted to hold a simple driver’s license. In my view, this is totalitarianism at its worst.

Although many feminist movements and ideologies, supported by entities, such as the International Labor Organization (ILO) Bureau have been formed, backed by the United Nation Convention and the United Nations Development Program, man has instituted more ways to discriminate against women embodied in its most contemptuous expressions. As evidence, discrimination against women continues to rise relative to equal pay for equal work and sex-based occupational distinctions, domestic and violence against women, transactional sex, gender related poverty, inadequate access to economic resources and minimal participation, political affairs and lack of representation in government amongst other detriments. Consequently, all these inequalities have given rise to feminists’ advocacies; forcing women to interact with political movements, such as fascism, civil rights movements and anti-racism, and socialism, although many feminist groups criticized socialist ideology for its lack of concerns about women’s rights!

Interestingly, all is not lost, as these challenges can be rectified by increasing the capacity of women to make sound economic decisions in an effort to solve existing inequalities; strengthen the institutionalization of gender bureaus by providing more resources and greater alliances with statistical gathering organizations for direct access to data to improve reform, programs and policies gearing toward developing women through research and statistical analysis, and none the least involving women at all levels of policy making. Moreover, there is the need for consistent political support for gender issues and equality.

Coupled with this, it is a priority to empower more women to develop programs geared toward enacting policy to deal with inequalities, and eliminate the squadron of men currently serving; in essence, women are in a better position to solve their own problems and life’s challenges.

These issues are detrimental and critical to the survival of women across the globe including the region. It is time that man changes his perception of women and welcomes them into the modern world of egalitarianism.

As Shaggy said, “Give it up for the woman!”
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MARKIE, I know a woman who claims to have been sexually assaulted by a leading ULP politician. She was frightened to report the matter.

I know another woman that was only given a bank loan because she gave sex to her bank manager, it was a term of being granted the loan.

I know three women who were made to give sex in return for legal help in matters by an attorney.

I know of stories about young girls having to give sex before they were accepted to be employed. And I know of stories about young girls who have to continue to give sex to stay in their jobs. I say stories because they came to me through a third party, not the girls in question.

Beating of women by many Vincentian men is accepted as the norm, many of these women are treated with contempt and scorn when they report such crimes to the police. Some police have refused to take statements of such matters and send women away.

Rape is still out of control in SVG. Because it is so deeply ingrained in our society the people do not react to it like humans elsewhere. Look at what is currently happening in India where rape is also out of control. People are taking to the streets.

I blame the prime minister and his friend and colleague the DPP Collin Williams. The PM was accused by five women of sex crimes. Of at least one he was charged with rape. Williams stopped the prosecution of all charges by all accusers. PM Gonsalves failed to go before any court to have been tried for any sex charges, not just accused of but charged for.

Even if these charges were laid before a court and a judge found no case to answer, or a no guilty verdict was reached, this would of been seen as justice being done.

How can we control this behavior in Vincentian society unless we show that the law is for everyone.

We have police officers who are convicted criminals, being employed in our police force, who do they owe that favor to?

Women have been forced to flee to Canada to claim asylum. They were scorned by the PM and his followers as giving false accounts of their treatment. Now they cannot even do that any more, the door has been closed for a variety of reasons, including dodgy passports in new names being given to criminals who were previously deported from Canada to St Vincent.

Just a reminder about passports. Just after the ULP party was elected in 2001 and GONSALVES was made PM by his party. A Diplomatic passport was issued to a Canadian Vincentian called Morgan. In 2004 whilst traveling on that very passport he was arrested at London carrying a kilo of cocaine. This man was neither a diplomat or an SVG government employee.

Eventually we will know exactly how this man came to be issued with a diplomatic passport, because its really important.







D. Markie Spring :

Peter sorry for not responding earlier.

My computer is problematic and I am unable to even check Caribbean News Now that often.

Peter, I thanks you for the education you are extending to us. HOw can we treat women in such manner? HOw can anyone deny women of their rights to safety and protection. We are still living in primitive days where women and other minorities have no rights? Since when have all these issues about women arising? Who is taking charge?

Women are so precious; however, I know at times they can be difficult, but its on us to control our feelings and agressions. What did the Bible teach us about women and how we should treat them?

Peter, I have read your comments and I am disgust by what is written. How can we use our office/ position to do such unethical things?

Peter, I do hope that we can control all this and get back to our normal daily routines.


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