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Commentary: Sell or lease St Lucia's Vigie airport? You joking? Part 3
Published on June 18, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Mark Laporte

E=mc2 and Keynesian economics and crises

The universe is built on so many interacting and non interacting concepts that to use one concept to describe it’s mass is ludicrous. The best that can be done with the above equation is to postulate that energy relative to the known mass of the universe with reference to the speed of light within certain very specific conditions will allow the equation in its present form, but the versatility of energy will not allow this equation to hold true within any number of variables, for example: Time X Energy=TxE ( assuming that time and energy is constant); or Energy X2 times speed(s) X nonspeed(o) X curvature(C) (for simplicity curvature here refers to the known curves that can be observed to behave within a specific frame).

Two questions: How would one relate the progress of mass as a function of force= f9 that directs energy and how would e=mc2 relate to that motion with relation to its formation and progress? The best that can be said is that some of E(energy) is equal to mc2 (mass x velocity) but the assumption that all of E is equal to all of mass is comical.

It further postulates that mass in texture and composition is constant throughout a constant speed and it suggests that the thinker knows all things regarding all energy at all times and the relation of energy to mass and speed. What about LIFT that upholds the universe, somewhat like a hydraulic jack? How would one view this equation in relation to mass, speed, lift? That thinking borders on arrogance for it presumes that it knows all things about energy and its relation to mass throughout all time within and without time. It further assumes that it knows how energy will behave at all times and even in all circumstances or even ex-time and ex-circumstances. That’s the kind of flaw at the conceptual level that pervades all western thinking.

For example, to assume that the golden rule: Love your neighbour as yourself, works for all situations at all times under all circumstances is laughable; for even god is reputed to have said quote: “Y have I loved and …F… have I hated,” (names expressly withheld in order to avoid any misunderstandings) Malachi 1 verse 3.

The same general idea can be applied to Keynesian economics and Smith’s theories. Their inflexibility and limitations does not take into account the variables inherent in trade, for example the arrival of some new way of doing business consequential to this existing crisis, and as a counterpoint to it. Again, there appears to be a rift in the thinking of those who somehow exert control over the material affairs on this planet, and such a rift allows for situations like the one we now confront.

We need to consider those things as well as the following as we deliberate regarding Vigie Airport…

Additionally, let us consider that no African nation or peoples ever goes about the globe begging for natural resources, whether it be gold, diamonds, rare earth, uranium, copper, cobalt, bauxite, silver, petroleum, natural gas, manganese. And there is iridium, which used to manufacture iridium tipped spark plugs for military aircraft, for x-ray telescopes and x-ray optics, for compass bearings and for balances, it is also used as a source of gamma radiation for the treatment of cancer, also for use in computer memory devices and solid state lasers. The information reproduced here regarding the some of the uses of iridium accessed at

Iridium, a very rare metal, is also used in smart phones and flat screen televisions. Iridium is found in South Africa. Remember the abundance of the exotic woods, tropical foods and fruits as well that we have supplied the world. Africa is the only natural resource superpower in the world. (a) In our present condition we should be looking to our Mother for some help to build our economy and currency. (b) Africa has those, but what do we have? Africa is a rapidly growing market. Billions of dollars, in the form of gold, diamonds, cash, etc. are taken out of Africa annually.

Think of the number of African manufacturing concerns that can locate part of their enterprises here. Immediately we see business for Vigie airport.

Then there is the vast expanse of the Sahara desert, which is so important now for the location of huge solar panels used for solar energy. Regarding such renewable energy, Africa has an unlimited supply because of the Sahara. Those nations have used all of those resources from Africa. Countless trillions of dollars have been generated from the use of Africa’s abundant resources, including tens of millions of slaves who were taken 500 years ago to develop the foundations of those western nations.

Yet for all what we have given them, or rather what they have fleeced from us, all they have to show for it is economic crises after economic crises. It is also in this light that our difficulties regarding the current economic crisis must be viewed, in order to strike some sort of balance when we are viewed as beggars on the world scene. Who then is the beggar in the real sense?

A way must be found to bolster and buttress the pillars of the St Lucian economy, for example, the St Lucian-owned hotels as well as fledgling St Lucian businesses. The propagators of this crisis are trying to weaken our resolve, attempting to force us into a kind of homeless situation from which it will be hard to remove ourselves, but if we turn the shirt inside out (those who know will know what is meant) then we send the crisis back to its owners!

Just as this opinion series is being concluded, the information that came from some airline personnel is that a certain US-based airline will stop flying to the Caribbean. Whether this is true or not, the information is out there and it will heighten the uncertainty relative to our current economic woes.

This piece is in two general parts. The first part (which may well take ten issues of the paper!) will outline some ideas that may help us to keep Vigie in St Lucian hands as a profitable public enterprise. The second part we will consider the nature of economic crises and we will attempt to show that those economic crises are engineered and preplanned, designed to bring about specific reactions on the part of populations, their countries and economies targeted, and aimed at achieving certain very specific objectives.

Some of those goals will become apparent as the subject is developed. A thread runs throughout this first section that contains the idea, in fact encourages us to start to sever ourselves from western economies in particular and determine to become an independent people relying largely on ourselves, and not on any economic imperialistic power present or future.

A few suggestions are made within these pages, which it is hoped will serve to spur us to further thought regarding Vigie Airport and its present economic situation. Since the airport’s current situation exists within the framework of our economic condition, our economic woes must be dealt with in a way hopefully to prevent them being repeated, therefore some ideas are put forward here which focus on the short term and long term; but not necessarily in that order, meaning the ideas will flow from one to another, back and forth as shown by the points of connection.

That Good Connection

So what do we have? We have pressure, meaning force of circumstances, trying to press us to sell or lease Vigie airport. It is very likely that the crisis will get a lot worse. Well, let’s use this pressure. Let’s make that very pressure the asset that we use. How do we do this? Consider that we have pressure to divest ourselves of Vigie because it is not making money. Nothing makes money; but as one famous Lucian says, “That’s for another show.”

First we have Vigie as an apparent unprofitable enterprise. But St Lucia, which has the airport, is being affected by a deepening economic crisis. You can’t fix a house by changing its occupant. Then we have LIAT, the regional airline, cutting its routes in an attempt to save itself. Pressure there as well. Additionally, we have news of an American based airline will soon close its Caribbean routes. At the same time a USVI based airline is increasing its routes to the Caribbean, and has already purchased new aircraft in that regard. Fantastic. A space is being created. Let us combine LIAT and Vigie. Make Vigie LIAT’s southern hub, and create that good connection.

We need to link with upward moving economies and sever from downward moving systems. If we look to the Asia and we find that nations like India and China are not as severely affected by the so called global economic crisis. Let’s increase the pressure, for that is what the international economic situation is giving us to work with. It is better to see what is going to come.

It is envisioned that there will be fewer tourists coming to the Caribbean. Europe is one such place we can expect a very marked decline with respect to passengers. Therefore let’s find out which airline is about to sever ties with the Caribbean and sever ties with them first. We use pressure for pressure, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Do to others before they do it to you. So we create the space, in that we remove the initiative from the potentially offending airline and turn the pressure towards them.

Next we fill immediately the space created, because we shall have made the preparations prior to relieving that airline of its St Lucia routes. We unite the two failing enterprises LIAT and Vigie and create LIAT’s southern hub, providing connections to South America, with Brazil (not much of a crisis there either) as an important focus. Having made that connection, we pull out all stops. We may, for example, examine the profitability of creating direct flights to Brazil, and develop that endeavour, not looking back to where we left or the airlines we severed ties with.

We must take control of the situation. For too long now we have allowed situations to push along. Decisions made in some shadowy boardroom somewhere are allowed to affect us and our people. Some American based airlines could think of terminating service to the Caribbean because passengers decrease… well, let’s terminate its routes to the Caribbean first. Let’s not stop there. If we have Vigie as LIAT’s southern hub, we can call it simply…

LIAT International and LIAT Cargo

So we have LIAT the regional airline and we create LIAT International. Now we also have LIAT Cargo. So Vigie can be made the southern hub for LIAT International and LIAT Cargo. We need to consider the maritime traffic from Asia across the Pacific Ocean via the Panama Canal and across the Caribbean. How may we use that?

Since a core idea has taken shape thus far, let us now see how we might embellish that idea. In other words how do we make our island environment attractive for new airline traffic? Or do we need to do anything to make the environment attractive? The islands of the Caribbean are right around us and there may be avenues right here that we can develop and use with respect to Vigie Airport and South America.

Previous: Part 2
Next: Part 4: The Caribbean’s hydrocarbon potential and how this might benefit Vigie airport

Mark Laporte is a St Lucian writer and agriculturist, and a former teacher. He researches and develops topics of interest whether or not he publishes them.
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