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Commentary: Sell or lease St Lucia's Vigie airport? You joking? Part 11
Published on August 27, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Mark Laporte

National Protection and Decision Making

Before we consider the art of right decision making, we should look at the necessity of our national protection. Right decision making within the outline that will be discussed in this essay may be best within this context.

All nations, as far as is known, have a military, a form of protection and defence. What is suggested here is that we develop a means of (for want of a better word) supernatural protection. The word supernatural does not convey what one is trying to get across, for there is nothing natural about the spirit world whether super or otherwise.

In order to do this, two experiences will be outlined here.

It Happened Again -- The Trolley Experience

I refer to a previous article in which I delineated some experiences detailing that some of us seem to have some pretty astounding powers regarding the spirit realm as well as time and space. I pointed out in that article to a certain acquaintance of mine on the island of St Croix who is capable to move over a given distance in much less time than the average person. Well I am fortunate to experience a similar situation, this time on Puerto Rico. Let me elaborate.

I was heading to a certain library in order to continue working on this opinion piece. I took a ride on trolley, which is similar to a golf cart but twice the length. Before entering the trolley, I spoke with an acquaintance of mine. He then continued on his way on foot after our chat, and proceeded in the same direction that I would be heading. He was about 50 yards to the front of me when I embarked the trolley. As the trolley went by, I waved to him as we passed him by. The trolley with me on board proceeded at about 15 miles per hour for about 500 yards and stopped at my point of disembarkation, in front of the computer library.

To my amazement, as I was getting off the trolley, I saw my acquaintance, his back towards me, walking towards the library doors. I was totally stunned. I shouted to him. He stopped and waited for me. I, speaking in patois, asked him how was he able to get ahead of me when I just went past him. His response, also in patois, was, “I don’t know, it’s a principle.” No, he did not jump onto the trolley; there are no foot or hand rails for that.

“What do you mean principle?” I asked. I was totally fascinated and eager to discover more, for many reasons, not the least of which is that it seems to give merit to some hypotheses of mine. He said, “It’s a black thing.” “You mean an ability of our race?” I queried. “Yes,” he said, “and I can tell you that I can leave my home now and get here in under two minutes,” he continued. From my experience, it is quite impossible for any ordinary person to cover the distance from my acquaintance’s home to this library in under two minutes by simply walking (or driving for that matter), unless something else is at work.

He could not explain his ability; he just knows that it operates in him.

That Midnight Conversation

While relaxing in the Condado in Metro San Juan, Puerto Rico, I had the opportunity to make the acquaintance of a Dominican in-transit to Dominica. In the course of our discussion, I related the above incident to him. His response was quite to the point and I was amazed. He said to me, “The man is showing you what he can do.”

To Tie and To Bind a Form of Defence

The art of tying an enemy is a firmly established magical art form. Jesus practiced it. Jesus was a magician.

It is important to give a little background to this.

The magi, plural of magus, was actually the manifestation of the Christ in the persons of the magi to Jesus. A more appropriate rendering of the term Jesus Christ is: Jesus with the Christ.

Additionally, the Oxford dictionary in its definition of the epiphany, states this: Epiphany…The festival commemorating the manifestation of Christ to the Gentiles in the persons of the magi; observed on January 6th, the 12th day after Christmas. 2nd edition volume 5.

That the Magi (collectively or singly the record does not specify) were actually the manifestation of Christ. Therefore, according to definition, Christ was a particular materialization of God or a god through one or more persons. In other words, God or a god was making some attribute of itself physically known to Jesus through the person or persons of the magician/s called magi, through whom God or a god manifested some attribute of itself as the Christ. That manifested attribute of the god is defined as Christ.

Therefore a gift was bestowed to Jesus. It was this gift that gave him the power of performing magic, and that particular branch of the occult dealing with astrology, “for we have seen his star in the east,” Matthew chapter 2 verse 2. The act of seeing is physical and it is associated with the magical art of astrology, which was practiced as a matter of course in the eastern lands of Persia, now called Iran, and probably going farther east to India. (Chinese magical systems appear to be a different branch of the original.)

Further we consider that Jesus spent a significant amount of time in Egypt, studying the occult arts, a lot of which are implied in his discourses. For example, the Egyptians had a branch of their black arts that dealt specifically with resurrection. Jesus’ religious philosophy included significant information and action concerning resurrection capabilities. Thus Jesus was perfectly grounded in the magical arts that spanned a large geographical area stretching from Egypt to India, a point that is outlined clearly in the biblical book of Esther.

Those far flung systems no doubt had their spawning grounds inside Africa. It is important to realise that fact, for it certainly has very contemporary implications. Some of Jesus’ actions, commonly called miracles, are also defined as acts of magic, and as stated elsewhere the first such materialization of Jesus as a magician was the marriage feast at Cana; John chapter 2 verses 1-11. Further, in verse 11 it states that Jesus at the wedding manifested (the same word used to describe the Magi’s visit) his power.

The power of magic and sorcery, then, are gifts conferred to some by the Almighty on those whom She chooses, in this case Jesus, who became associated with a nonmaterial being called Christ.

Even the Word Magus

Webster’s dictionary defines the word magi as the plural of magus as stated earlier. Moreover, magus is the Latin of the word mage, which means magic, and the word magician is one who practices magic or mage. In our patois vernacular, it is pronounced margee. Webster’s Dictionary also associates the word magician with sorcery from, which is derived the word sort, which refers to the means of divination called sortilege, which has the same root – sort -- and refers to the lot system used in decision making and referenced in many places in the bible, the most famous of which is in Acts chapter 1 verses 24-26: “Show which of those two you have chosen to take over this apostolic ministry, which Judas left, to go where he belongs. Then they cast lots and the lot fell on Matthias; so he was added to the eleven apostles.”

The lot system was a means of sorcery or magic, and it is this lot system that forms the basis of the modern voting system. Refer to Leviticus 16:8; Joshua 18:6-8, 1st Samuel 14:42, Psalm 22:18, Jonah 1: 7, among others.

Thus the words magi, magus, mage easily refer to the substance of magic, which in patois is pronounced margee. Now since Jesus was also trained in Egypt, then African magic was one of the pillars of his ministry and Africa is a black country. No doubt our patios saying “magie noire” which is translated black magic relates to a form of using the supernatural, which is not evil as many suppose but which is extremely powerful (as far as words can describe) and has implications regarding that very secretive and ever changing personage; that terrible and awesome being called Obeah.

Webster’s dictionary in its meanings of the word sorcery defines it as divination by black magic and therefore supports the view expressed here.

Religion Means To Tie and Bind

It is in this context we study the doctrine of tying and binding, which was used by Jesus throughout his ministry. “Whatsoever you shall bind [or tie] on earth, shall be bound [or tied] in heaven; and whatsoever you shall loose [or untie] on earth shall be loosed [or untied] in heaven.” Matthew chapter 18 verse 18. King James Version.

National Defence

Therefore, if we were to adopt a form of national defence that is based on the things taught with relation to tying and binding, we shall be doing a good thing. We know of several instances in our culture where people were tied, referred in patois as marway. We all know, or have heard, of so many instances. It appears that in one particular country the women seem to routinely tie their men. I have the opportunity to observe that.

Accordingly, we have the opportunity and ability to develop ways to tie circumstances or people that would mean harm to us as a nation.

Other ways of protection and defence could be described in these examples: Let us say that you are in a difficulty with an enemy. You have spoken to him, you have gone to the police, you’ve had lawyers’ letters sent to the person, you may even have moved to another part of the island, all to no avail. You prayed. (We recognize of course that the ability of discernment of spirits presupposes the ability to control, tie, or destroy the evil.) Of course, God could have intervened very directly, but She chose to refer you to a human angel (those anonymous ones!) or human demon who has within himself or herself the gift (1Cor 12:10) of destruction or control of evil…

Another example that we can consider is the ability to bind or tie an evil circumstance or circumstances. The tying of circumstances may be even more powerful, for the instigator/s becomes more aware of their powerlessness against us. Such was the case with Balak, king of Moab. Numbers chapter 22. International Standard Version. In his case he had a difficult time tying the circumstances he faced!

The patois word marway means to tie. It is expressed somewhat like this: marway mun la ki ka faire ou ma, l, which means: Tie the person who is doing you the evil. In this way your enemy is bound into the circumstance he or she operates within, is also bound and therefore by obligation your enemy must leave you alone. Again, we in St Lucia are familiar with this both by experience, storytelling, word of mouth, and by means of the scripture.

Jesus on some occasions untied a few people. On the other hand, he did not untie everyone who was bound. We also are aware that Jesus did bind and tie some evil people. I mean this is quite obvious. He tied nations. That too is obvious. Luke 4:26-27 John 11:44 New International Version.

One might ask why. Refer to this: one of the meanings of the word religion is to tie or bind : religiōn- (stem of religiō ) conscientiousness, piety, equivalent to relig ( āre ) to tie, fasten ( re- re- + ligāre to bind, tie; cf. ligament) + -iōn- -ion; cf. rely. sub title :Origin .

To tie, in this context, also means to beset with difficulty, crisis, or curse, like the economic crisis. It is interesting to note that Jesus himself used the words “loose him and let him go” many times during his ministry: Mark 11:2, John 11:44, so that we can reasonably say that a main pillar, if not the main support of Jesus’ ministry and religion was his ability to bind and loose, tie and untie people, circumstances and nations, for that is, as stated above, one of the central meanings of the word religion.

We might consider making first the art of binding and loosing our national religion, first in order to untie ourselves from the difficulties of this economic crisis as well as a means of protection and a way to tie circumstances and or people or nations that will, by their intent, be detrimental to us. After all Jesus himself said that he is willing to give that power… but I hasten to add that does not necessarily mean it is going to be easy to learn, but it’s worth the effort. Some difficulties need quite a bit of power to burst or dislodge. Consider Matthew 18:18... “Whatever you bind [restrict, compel, obligate, enslave] on earth will be bound [restricted, compelled, put under obligation, enslaved] in heaven, whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

The verse implies that, similar to the work of the obeah practitioner, the person or nation versed in the art of tying and loosing is trained to work with respect to these without the oversight, nor supervision, nor the permission of the Almighty… for the words say clearly “…whatever YOU bind on earth...”

So there we are, we have enough examples and points of reference both in the biblical text and more importantly in our own African religions from which some biblical cases find their genesis, as well as our own culture and experiences. These are a few supernatural methods of defence and protection.

Appropriate Caution

It is necessary to state that if one is not specifically called to the affairs of the spirit one should not get involved. Curiosity or simple intellectual attractions to the spirit world can result in people bringing on themselves sorrows, hardships, and very definitely more serious conditions. History, as well as contemporary information, in addition to the bible, are full of warnings concerning those who presume to involve themselves where they are not called. 2 Peter 3:16 Peter states quite clearly that those who do those things destroy themselves. Well founded advice.

Work of Demons; Work of Angels

Both categories are means of the Almighty for the execution of spiritual force and are a much needed addition to our defence.

If one accepts a human definition of demons then man is worse, a lot worse than demons. Demons obey God when ordered to do something; people don’t. Demons do not carry out wanton destruction, people do. Demons do not molest or hurt, or harass children; people do. Demons do not slaughter sleeping children, people do. Although they can, Satan, the boss of demons, does not unleash Satanic or demonic power on humans, but people governments unleash increasing horrors on other people.

The woman, the mother of death (not Eve), wanted someone to validate a decision she had already made; else she would have ignored the serpent’s facilities. The serpent knew her choice and, in accordance with her desire, the serpent was certain that she must never enter elsewhere, thus the serpent facilitated her decision, such facilitation being in keeping with the Creator’s outlook and creative plans.

Anyway the policy is: Satan’s job is to harass the angel of evil and death. Accordingly, Satan’s capacity and effectiveness to expose death’s plans and eliminate death must be increased. Moreover, I have already increased Satan’s power. Satan is given exceedingly broad and sweeping capacities in this regard. (Check the meaning of the word harass for further clarity.)

God has never promised to destroy demons, but She has promised to destroy man, has already done so once. Job learnt that. Moses and several others also. Job’s fate was conditional upon his response, but the process of his destruction had already begun. After their tête-a-tête, Satan moved against Job first, but God would deliver the coup-de-grace by totally destroying Job’s spirit. Satan would have finished the job were it not for God’s pre-destruction discourse with Job, and God, as well as Satan, were ready to finish him off.

God finds the project with man no longer worth the effort. Following the chronology, Paul states that God finds that we all have become unprofitable to God. Chronologically that is after Jesus’ supreme investment and sacrifice in man (if you believe the story), Paul, quoting the diviner of the psalms says, “They are all gone out of the way and are together become unprofitable, worthless.” Romans 3:12 and Psalms 53:3 King James Version and International Standard Version.

That may be the rationale (if one believes it) for Revelation so by the time we arrive to reading it, we are faced with, not a soft speaking, tolerant, forgiving, negotiating, miracle working, magical Jesus but a vengeful, very angry and bloodletting Jesus. I don’t think man realizes the very untenable position he is in with respect to the Creator. If something is unprofitable, there is no need to continue it. Jesus’ sacrifice was the last straw. God doesn’t lose any sleep over the prospect of suddenly and totally eradicating all life on the planet… or better yet letting us do it ourselves. The extinct dinosaurs as well as all the lifeless planets in the solar system serve as testimony enough.

We must try to make use of the avenues available to us by the Creator lest we be found unprofitable. This may seem like a contradiction, but then again, it’s our call.

The problems with Vigie airport within the context of the world economic crisis can be seen as a wake-up call. It is the economic crisis that can serve as a wake-up call.

Thought Destruction

The act of binding thoughts is mentioned by Paul the apostle, and he wrote (he wrote that part in the present tense) that this practice of thought destruction was actively used in the churches under his directorship even as he wrote. He stated that it was a three-stage process: (a) the destruction of a person’s strong points; (b) Dislodge by force the person’s entrenched imagination; and finally (c) the actual confinement and restraining of the individual’s thoughts. This implies that a person might think of something, but would be greatly hindered in bringing the thoughts to any conclusion. These no doubt could be applied to groups of individuals or nations, collectively or in the individual sense. See 2 Corinthians chapter 10 verses 4-6.

That’s pretty powerful stuff. It is available to us if we care to avail ourselves of it in order to make it part of our national defence. As the scripture implies, the destruction of the thoughts of an evil person is actually a merciful act, and a step before actual possession, which is the action of propelling or compelling the evil person by supernatural force.


Possession is more widespread than most of us are aware of. How people get possessed is a big subject, but one comes to mind. For example, if an individual or individuals were to delve into areas of the spirit that is not for them, they run the risk of becoming possessed. Would any one of us try to fly a space vehicle? Would we get very far? What would be the outcome of such and effort? Well then, attempting to enter the spirit world, is exceptionally dangerous for those not called and specifically gifted by the Almighty. Working in the world of spirit is for those gifted for it. See Acts 19: verse 16. What is recorded here is just a very small account of the dangers of meddling in a world one is not specially gifted or trained for. A spirit can inflict much more than a beating let me tell you! That person mentioned in the scripture was very lucky!

However, possession as function of spiritual defence is very much described and used by those who have the capabilities. That is what the word possession implies: the ability to dispatch a spirit into the mind of an enemy and actually possessing the enemy. Another manner is simply changing the spirit of the enemy and inserting a different spirit into the individual is certainly one more way to add to our protective capabilities. That principle has been recorded in the bible, so it is not new or farfetched: Ezekiel 36 vs 26 records this principle: “I will put a new spirit within you...” That has been clearly seen in the black person’s abilities to do just that ! But as a famous St Lucian says, “This is for another show.”

The ability of the black race to work with the spirit is very well documented. The Caucasian, the Indian, Chinese, etc. are gifted with space exploration for example. Our race, the black race, is gifted in the things of spirit and spirit force. We need to explore and develop our attributes in this regard. Magic being one such attribute. In the African Fon people’s language, spirit is known as vodu, in much the same way as God is known as Bon Dieu in French.

For example, in the vodu religion the Rada Loa or invisibles, are the ones who are supposed to be hot and fiery and can work malevolent magic, while the Petwo Loa can heal and do beneficial workings. They work together like yin and yang. Reference It is conceivable that it would be the Rada invisibles or spirits that the Creator references as the ones that we can dispatch to do the acts of protection as well as to destroy the thoughts of those who would do us harm, or more accurately those who are intent on doing us harm. They would be the ones that we use in our defence .

The scripture makes it clear that the Creator is the Father of spirits or invisibles. It does not differentiate between good or bad spirits, but says clearly that the creator of spirits, both those that are seen as good as well as those that are seen as bad. The term angel is a misnomer. The forces that are normally called angels ought to be called incognitos because of the very secretive nature of their work and movements. They are totally anonymous.

While the spirit may not be inherently bad as humans define the word, it deals with the evil person in the only way the evil person respects and understands, and that is with evil. In that sense the so called evil spirit is doing the best thing with respect to the evildoer for it is acting on the instructions of the Creator. The evil spirit is called evil because the evil person sees the possessing or destroying spirit as a threat because the evil person will not listen and wants to persist in evil despite warnings from his or her Maker, therefore evil is sent against him or her, but if the evil person was to desist from evil then, the spirit he or she sees as evil would be no threat to him or her.

We have discussed three means of spirit defence, which should suffice to get the idea across.

This very elementary example shows that we can develop and control a very strong protective capability. No more will be said here.

It is in this protective framework outlined above, that we can and must fit the art of decision making, etc.

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Mark Laporte is a St Lucian writer and agriculturist, and a former teacher. He researches and develops topics of interest whether or not he publishes them.
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