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Commentary: In Grenada, a decision between smart radio host and opposing foolish callers
Published on February 14, 2013 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Hudson George

A certain Grenadian, who hosts his own radio programme on his media outlet every Sunday from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon, where most of the topics discussed are political, seems to have a serious problem with citizens who do not share his political aspirations and biased propaganda.

Hudson George has a BA in Social Science from York University, Toronto, Canada. He has been writing since his early teenage years and now contributes letters and articles to a number of Caribbean newspapers
This particular individual keeps on talking about a silent majority who are very intelligent and always listen to his programme, even though they will never call in to make any comments when the lines are open for discussion. However, on the other hand, he is saying that those listeners who are calling in to his programme and making comments are not smart, whenever their comments are not what he expected to hear.

Now if it is true that this radio host has a silent majority that agrees with his political views and they are listening to his talk-show programme, why is it he keeps on opening the telephone lines to receive calls? However, if he is all that smart, as he always quick to label callers who oppose his twisted political agenda as fools, he should have known, before he started his talk-show programme that people will always have different opinions when it comes to politics.

Therefore, it should be his duty is to try and hold healthy dialogue with them, rather than dismissing them as foolish people who do not know anything. Maybe, somebody should make him aware that foolish people do not listen to what others have to say, even though they do not know it all for themselves.

Those of us who are following Grenada politics and always pay attention to the discussions on that particular radio host programme, can remember full well when he was insulting callers who raised the awareness of factional infighting within the NDC party and government.

Listeners who called into his programme and expressed their concern about the instability within the NDC administration were banned from participating. They were advised by him not to call into his radio programme. He even went as far as banning citizens of Grenada who opposed the values of the NDC administration from posting comments on his internet forum. Unfortunately, this is the same radio host who is saying that there is a silent majority that is listening to his talk-show programme and shares his political opinion.

No one can deny the fact that a silent majority keeps listening to the programme. However, there is a possibility that the silent majority are fed up with what they are hearing and for various reasons they are staying quiet and holding their peace. There is a possibility that a large section of that silent majority could be government workers and they are frightened of reprisals. There is a possibility that they can be friends and neighbours of others who do not share the same political values as them and they do not want to create conflict that can lead to animosity. Another possibility can very well be that some people are remaining silent because they are renting properties that are owned by persons with different political values.

In addition, just recently there was another journalist on the programme as a guest. But that particular journalist shares the same political opinion as the host. However, that journalist is presently a government employee and, during the interview, he was trying to mix up his religious values with his political values to prove to listeners that they must support the NDC party in this election campaign.

He said that he just came from church worship and he was sort of criticising other Grenadians who do not go to church as though he was trying to claim some kind of self-righteousness, like a member of the Pharisees the Bible gives references about. So I am wondering if that journalist knows that the late Chilean dictator Agustino Pinochet murdered thousands of his own people even though he was devoted Roman Catholic who attended church services regularly and received Holy Communion during his reign as one of South America’s most ruthless dictator.

With this nonsense going on and some people trying to use Christian values to justify their political conviction, it is ludicrous to hear them. Sometimes, I personally wonder if these people are really living in the real world and following the things that are going on globally, or if they are just selfish folks trying to eat food and to survive comfortably while the masses suffer.

In any civilised society, politics is supposed to be all about dealing with social and political issues, while religion is a part of individual’s spiritual values. Therefore, whenever some influential people and some organisations try to merge religious values with political values in any country, the people will suffer, as we see it happen in the Philippines and throughout Latin America, where Roman Catholic values are keeping the masses of people in poverty and ignorance.

In addition, on this same radio programme, just after parliament was dissolved and the prime minister announced the date for general election, the host invited leaders of the Grenada Conference of Churches as his guests. However, it is a known fact that these religious leaders are playing politics with the minds of the people. The host is aware of the fact that these religious leaders and the politicians can collaborate and play games with average Grenadians’ mindset because of the trust the people put in religious leaders based on the indoctrination given to them to have great trust in their pastors and priests. Now it seems as though the Conference of Churches is selling the souls of the people to the particular political organisation.

Only fools will believe that the Grenada Conference of Churches is a united organisation. As a matter of fact, the Conference of Churches is more divided than the Chamber of Commerce. All Christian denominations in Grenada are preaching the gospel to prove to their followers that their organisation is the right one and the other denominations are not righteous in God’s sight; therefore, there is no unity among the various Christian denominations in Grenada. So if the people are foolish enough, they will be led away by the holy leaders they put their trust in and it is very sad to see such a betrayal.

If the voice of the people is the voice of God, maybe those listeners who call in to the programme and the host keeps labeling them as fools, are really wise people inspired and blessed by their God to call and express their opinion, but the host does not recognise their importance.

Anyway, February 19, 2013, will be judgement day and the radio host will find out if he is really all that smart as he thinks he is, or if the callers he despised are really stupid. The election results will decide.
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I happened to be listening to the programme that you are writing about and disagree with the slant that you put on what went on but in saying that you and i will not agree.however it does seem to me that , as a listener of this programme for the last few years i am still waiting to hear what the representatives of the nnp have to say, they will not come on the programme, what have they to hide? maybe nothing, i dont know.

Ian Francis:


Ah smell Ian Naught in this. Please confirm


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