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Commentary: Be bolder was the mandate given to President Obama by the American people
Published on November 17, 2012 Email To Friend    Print Version

By Jean H Charles

The race was tight, right up to the finishing line. In the end a coalition made up of:

• Hispanic voters (71%), who hope President Obama will seize the issue of immigration with a form of amnesty for the belongers;

• Whites (39%), who admire his strength in defeat;

• Blacks (93%), who are expecting he will be more forthcoming in facing the black issue at home in the Caribbean and in Africa;

• And youth and Asian voters (71%), who believe in the American manifest destiny;

Gave him the nod for a second term, which is, more than not, reserved for Republican candidates.

Jean H Charles MSW, JD is Executive Director of AINDOH Inc a non profit organization dedicated to building a kinder and gentle Caribbean zone for all. He can be reached at: jeanhcharles@aol
After the first debate in Denver, the coalition of Tea Party voters and big business was rallying the troops to the effect they have found Obama's Achaean wheel. President Obama, who enjoys a goodwill fame, could be defeated if their champion Mitt Romney stays the course and wins the next debate in New York. It was a draw and President Obama regained his strength up to the finishing line.

In the end, the Republicans have sinned against the concept of demography. America is no more the land of the white male only, it is more and more the land of the Hispanic, the Asiatic and the generation X that must be taken into account in adding the numbers in any election.

The long hand of the United States, as the Roman Empire, reaches all corners of the world, whether in business, military might, hip-hop music and style or ordinary gadgets. As such, as goes the state of the President of the United States, goes the state of the world. The state of the world and of the United States is not au beau fix.

Global warming is causing as much damage in gleaming New York City as well as in fragile Haiti. Unemployment in the States around 8% is hovering around 15% in Europe and 85% in most underdeveloped countries. The Muslim countries liberated from their dictators after the Arab Spring are now in a convulsive mode where the demon of fundamentalism is lurking around, clouding the democratic wind.

The expectation of the constituencies that brought Obama to victory

President Barack Obama will have to address and satisfy the expectations of the constituencies that propelled him back into the White House.

The Hispanic Vote

There is first the Hispanic electorate that increased from 10% to 20% from 2008 to 2012. It voted 71% in favor of the Democratic candidate, giving Obama the 25% margin necessary to beat Romney. It is expecting a full review of the immigration law. It was 35 years ago that the Republican Party under the leadership of President Reagan proposed and passed a comprehensive amnesty program that regularized the status of millions of immigrants who were living under the shadow of deportation. It energized the economy, stabilized the declining population and brought a full load of new taxpayers into the treasury roll. It is about time that both parties got together under the leadership of President Obama to regularize this burning issue.

The Black Vote

It will be soon fifty years since the passing of the Civil Rights Law – 1964 - 2014 -- giving full citizenship rights and privileges to black Americans. There are only around 40 million black Americans in the United States, if communist China can uplift 800 million Chinese from squalor to middle class status within one generation, capitalist America under President Barack Obama should get John F Kennedy's determination in challenging the Soviet sputnik and sending the first American to the moon, in resolving the black issue in the United States by 2014.

Providing proper education to black youths constitutes the biggest challenge of America so as to stop the intergenerational spiral of poverty amongst the minority population.

The Youth Vote

My young daughter was amongst those who fought in 2008 to be inscribed on the voter roll as she was about to be 18 by election time. She and the whole gang of youths are still fiercely dedicated to President Obama and to the Democratic Party. They are a very intelligent group that will not accept that they take them for granted. President Obama will have to come clean with them and explain to them that their future lies in remaining in school and get the highest degree possible and become creative and resilient because there is a new paradigm in the world of work.

China has gobbled through its computerized plants the expertise of engineers, designers, architects, eye doctors, and lawyers, as well as factory workers to produce gadgets and services to the world. Their future lies in their creative talents to come up with new ideas that will advance the world civilization to a higher peek.

The White Vote

If 89% of the white male vote went to Mitt Romney, there is a significant amount of the white vote mainly in the white only states that went for President Obama. They admire his elegant demeanor when facing difficulties. They also believe that he has totally the interest of the whole America at heart.

President Obama will have to fine tune his Obamacare program. My own father of 100 years old used to pay $20 every four months for his prostate cancer injection, now the bill comes to $600 for the same period since the introduction of the Obamacare legislation.

The Rest of the World

I have said it before, the rest of the world is expecting a stronger and a wiser leadership from the United States. It was lacking in the first Obama administration. The two wars, Iraq and Afghanistan will close with a failed prognostic of no nation building roots in those strife torn countries. The giant military American apparatus will have to transmute itself into a mammoth change agent for the countries at war to transform themselves into nation at peace. The American war machine must teach the people of Somalia, Yemen, Palestine and Pakistan how to become good citizens for their own country. A good citizen is someone who is ingrained with the skills of the common good that goes beyond the clan or the partisan interests. The corresponding responsibility is the creation of a nation/state that cares for each one of its citizens in building decent institutions and strong infrastructure to benefit every-body.

Africa and the Caribbean

President Ronald Reagan in spite of his gunboat diplomacy in the Caribbean was the last American president to have a true Caribbean policy. His foreign aid to the region amounting to 3 billion dollars some 35 years ago has never been topped since. The Obama administration will have to go beyond the drug and the illegal immigrant interdiction program in the region to engage into nation building projects in the Caribbean. Most of the nation-islands are sinking under heavy debt ratio, compromising their economic development. Haiti and Guyana that enjoy a low debt rate are basket case nations where social division amongst the people of the same nation impedes their growth in the foreseeable future. Summing up the panorama of the Caribbean today, Dr Kenny Anthony, the prime minister of St Lucia, said the Caribbean region is suffering from "a vicious vortex of persistent low, growth, crippling debt, huge fiscal deficits and high unemployment sending a new wave of skilled workers to foreign land in search of better pasture, sinking the region toward failed societies.”

The fifty-year embargo against Cuba, a no brainer policy, must come to an end, as the Cuban vote no longer matters for a president not facing re-election.

The pathetic case of Africa

The Mo Ibrahim Foundation leadership award aka the Nobel Peace Prize for Africa could not find one single eligible nominee this year. With the exception of Rwanda and maybe Ghana, the entire continent of Africa is seeking one single leader that truly cares for the welfare of its people. As President George W Bush and President Bill Clinton, President Obama will have to become an African president who demonstrates a stronger concern for the destiny of the African people in Africa.

The United Nations

Some thirty five years ago, President Ronald Reagan and later President George Bush tried to urge the UN apparatus to become more responsible to the state of the world. They were not successful for different reasons. President Bush compromised his standing by staging an earlier strike against Iraq and President Reagan did not have the right man at the UN at that time.

The Haitian experience with the UN Stabilization Force suffices to demonstrate why the UN is not relevant to most of the problems of the world. President Obama will have to utilize the United States leadership to urge the UN to change its cottage industry culture to a change agent culture where its presence brings the nation-building indices for real development in the targeted countries.

China and the European Union will need the support of the United States to continue expressing their leadership into building a better world. China with its vast cash reserve should be urged to become a better steward of the planet in its global penetration in the world, especially in Africa. The European Union, this year's Nobel Peace Prize laureate, should work closer with the United States to institute the concept of nation building in their intervention in strife torn countries as well as in old Europe such as Greece, Italy, Belgium and Portugal.

The great leaders of this world throughout history have been very few. Alexander the Great of Greece, tutored by Aristotle, in 356 BC, was one of them. President Obama has four more years to change himself and become bolder for the better so as to be hailed Obama the Great circa 2016 AD! The United States and the rest of the world are betting on his second term for the building of a peaceful and better planet!
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