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An open letter to Ivan O'Neal, SVG Green Party
Published on March 4, 2014 Email To Friend    Print Version

Dear Mr O'Neal,

I have followed your progress over the years and I particularly agree with you regarding fishing in our 200-mile commercial sea limits. If you take a look at what I posted recently on Caribbean News Now/SVG, the item is headed “Fishery foolery in Vincentian waters

I also agree to a certain extent what you say about Taiwan. What has happened under this ULP regime is that the Taiwanese have been given overextended goodies in return for what they give us, money for projects. In return we should only be giving them help in the UN, voting for them and supporting their various applications to be a recognised world state. Instead they have fishing rights, rights of spoil at Rabacca and blockmaking, selling of Rabbaca stuff, sifted and un-sifted as dug. Airport terminal contracts and bridge building contracts. In these two latter projects they pay for the projects and take it all back by putting their own contractors in. It means that they are not really giving us what it outwardly appears.

They have completely pulled out of the agriculture help and support that they were giving us. Orange Hill and other stations are now Taiwan free. Only last week I inspected all the facilities and can report that they are already showing a downward spiral under our ministry of agriculture. Another nail driven into the Vincentian agriculture’s coffin. Now without Taiwanese funding and expertise it's only a matter of time before the facilities fall into disrepair and will close completely. Maintenance under the ULP is unheard of, look at the general post office in Kingstown, Marion House and every other government-owned building. They are all falling apart, most have not had a coat of paint or the gutters cleaned out in the last 15 years. The government is bankrupt.

Mr O’Neal, I have met with you a few times and do not doubt your sincerity in what you believe to be wrong as well as right.

Many of the things that you write about, which I am sure you believe yourself, I find just silly, and in some cases going beyond that to reach the outermost mode of idiocy.

Your continual rants about Mustique really make you look like a bumbling fool. Mustique is the second biggest employer in SVG after the government. Who else do you think would be employing our people if they didn’t? Your continual harassment of the island and its wealthy house owners is a pitiful nonsense, and makes your rambling writings about Gonsalves the ULP and communism look ultra right wing.

Remember that Canouan has similar contractual rights as Mustique. Son Mitchell was given his own Act of parliament for 'Ill de Quatre' he has even better rights for that than Mustique has. If you want a copy of his Act I can send you one.

You really must try and get rid of your hatred for people who have more than you, it has always been and will always be a matter of human fact, there are always wealthy in every society.

When I lived in Moscow for a couple of years during the Cold War era, if you were a leading party member, top athlete or ballet star, top diplomat, you would have a wonderful apartment in Moscow. Depending how far up the ladder you were you would also have a country house, a ‘dacha’. All of course supplied and maintained by the USSR state. Everyone else had an apartment that slept grandpa, grandma, mum, dad, eight children, all in two or three rooms, with communal toilets and kitchens at the end of a corridor, that served up to 50 other apartments, it was hell on earth.

Now along come a group of self made people that are the best at what they do, fortunate enough to own a house on Mustique, because they are wealthy. So you with your tiny mind disrespect them for that, you do not like it. Yet none of them got where they are through a communist state, although we could be heading that way soon.

Whenever a tragedy strikes SVG, they are always there for us; they have trust funds that help us in our hour of need. They built and repaired hundreds of homes in SVG after hurricane Ivan, yes it was them, although our current Marxist-led government claimed it was the ULP government, it was not, it was the Mustique Company and the Mustique Trust.

So, Ivan O’Neal, stop being a silly man, yourself living in an enormous house that views Mustique and stop the hatred and envy, both are a sin. We have enough of that emanating from the ULP, without you dragging the Green Party into such bad humanity.

Sir, your silliness makes you and your party unelectable. I would have used the word stupid, but I know you are not stupid. The British Royal Air Force did not take or enlist stupid people.

Get away from your red mode and re-enter the green mode, because that is what you should be concentrating on.

Peter Binose
Self appointed keeper of the whistle, and blowing hard
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Vinci Vin:


Ivan O'Neal has been called many names, even crazy. But to me he is just as crazy as a fox. The man appears to have a brilliant mind. yet he appears not to have a good sense of how to organize for political success.

Here are some issues on which I agree with O' Neal:

1. The relationship with the Taiwanese should be changed/renegotiated so that the Taiwanese could employ and train Vincentians to engage in deep sea fishing, processing and marketing. SVG should not be used as a poor outpost of Taiwan (recolnization of SVG by Taiwan).

2. St. Vincent needs its own university, dedicated to train Vincentians in the sciences, engineerring, agriculture, business, etc.

3. We need to change SVG from a "beggar nation" to a "Do for yourself nation". Let's pull ourself up by our bootstraps rather than running hats in hand to beg others to solve our problems while we give away the nation to foreigners. just an example, I saw the foreign minister in the papers with a Turkish entrepreneur and Turkish diplomat. The SVG foreign Minister was proud to receive a few computers (depreciable assets) as gifts from the Turks. On the other hand, the Turks were launching a business called "Vincy Trade". But the name Vincy Trade is a valuable intellectual property that can never be regained by a deserving Vincentian government or entrepreneur. So go figure ... we are selling our birthrights for a bowl of soup.

4. Ivan advocates for the protection of our environment.. I am with him, except I find him too adamanant about the building of cross country roads. We need those roads as well as the international airport.

5. Ivan points to the commercialization of renewable resources such as our pure water, bamboo, grasses, sunlight, etc. I am with him 100 percent.

On the Mustique ISSUE I wonder whether the residents/owners of that island are providing net value to SVG beyond the menial jobs provided and the contributions in times of disaster. Yes I agree that we should not begrudge the rich because of the wealth they have accumulated. The question that Ivan is posing is whether Vincentians are indirectly subsidizing the lifestyles of the rich and famous (of which you appear to be one) on Mustique and Canouan? Wealthy enclaves in the midst of dire poverty will always come under negative scrutiny. And if the rich are not equitably contributing to the health, education, enviromnmental maintenance, infrastructural developmentb etc of the nation, then they are major parasites sucking the blood of poor Vincentians.

Ivan O'Neal appears to be the only sane politician or aspiring politician in SVG. but I think he needs to work on his human relations or people skills. A brilliant mind alone is not sufficient for success in politics.

best regards,

Vinci Vin




I meant I agree with Peter Binose.

Peter Binose:

Good day VINCI-VIN

Perhaps you are unaware that it’s Mustique policy wherever possible to employ Vincentians. They employ almost all their cooks, chefs and other house staff locally.

The security and police officers are all Vincentians. Gardeners are Vincentians.

All the islands taxi’s are privately owned and operated by Vincentians.

They all get two to three times what they would earn on the mainland as local Vincentians or in the Grenadines. So they certainly are not taking advantage of any Vincentian.

What is more they train the employees in every aspect of their job, thus enabling them to go anywhere in the world and find employment.

They also have a private clinic on the island with a resident doctor and nursing staff, with better equipment than that in Kingstown.

The Mustique Company, which is owned by the house owners, every owner holds shares in the company and considerable control of the same. They run a trust which paid to rebuild almost all the houses damaged in hurricane Ivan and Tomas and have dug deep for every other tragic instance. It wasn’t the government that foots the bill every time there is one of these tragedies, its the Mustique Company and other donors.

They have put more money into our economy than the ULP have done, the ULP are just leaches. Big bags of US Million dollars in cash, shared out, they said it was acquired by donations given to the party. Even if we believed that, what were the Marxist leaders doing sharing out the donations among themselves and their families?

They employ almost as many people as the government at a much bigger wage bill.

How do I know so much about Mustique? because I research everything that a write about, before I write it. I never spoke on a subject without thoroughly researching the subject, and I have spoken at functions and corporate events worldwide.

Sorry VIN but I know Mr O'Neal well enough to know that he often has bad judgment about situations and people that he get involved with.

He is a nice enough man but i question his judgment, and believe that by continually mal talking about the Mustique Company and the house owners, he is only trying to do what Gonsalves does, attract the ignorant, the biased and perhaps even racist elements.

Vinci Vin:

Thanks Peter. From your writings, I think we might have met once in the Grenadines. It seems to me that Mustique is set up like a Planned Unit Development "PUD".

Now, be not mistaken, I too have questions for Mr. O'Neal. In fact, I tried to interview him by questionnaire for an article about the Green Party but he declined - claiming that he did not have the time. I think the questions were to probing and hot for his pleasure.

In any case, the Vincentians on Mustique have an excellent defender in you. Yet, they need to pay attention to Ivan and others like him and put their house in order to guard against the effects of propaganda that can stimulate class warfare.

Best regards,



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