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News from Grenada:



Letter: NDC should end all co-operation with Mitchell's NNP administration

April 16, 2014
There appears to be a plot by the ruling New National Party (NNP) and the rebel faction to create a one party state in Grenada. Peter David and Anthony Boatswain are on record as saying that they are in favor of a Lee Kuan Yew style of government for Grenada.

IMF to decide on Grenada program in early May

April 15, 2014
IMF to decide on Grenada program in early May ST GEORGE’S, Grenada (GIS) -- The International Monetary Fund (IMF) wants to meet early next month to approve Grenada’s home grown structural adjustment program. The IMF official who will be chairing the meeting has asked Grenada’s permanent secretary in the ministry of finance...

Commentary: Law and Politics: We can only wait and hope

April 15, 2014
Commentary: Law and Politics: We can only wait and hope The IMF conditions that were laid down by the organization for helping our government – and contained in the structural adjustment program (SAP) – should have been signed by the prime minister when he visited the USA last week for that purpose. And if it was, then the release of the $21 million from the...

OECS border control officers discuss watch-listing of subjects of interest

April 12, 2014
OECS border control officers discuss watch-listing of subjects of interest BRIDGETOWN, Barbados -- Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) border control officers participated last month in a training workshop on watch-listing of subjects of interest aimed at strengthening the region’s border security operations. Watch-listing is a system used by law enforcement...

Letter: Goodbye Hitler, hello Putin

April 12, 2014
It is said dealing with Vladimir Putin is like “Russian roulette,” with the concern of at least one world leader that the Russian president is not in touch with reality. A New York Times report published Sunday said that German Chancellor Angela Merkel said in her phone call with...

Letter: Sexual harassment at work

April 11, 2014
The writer hopes that republication of this article will raise greater awareness that harassment of women, especially of the youth, continues unabated despite the efforts of governmental agencies and international women rights organizations to stamp out this despicable practice.

No prosecution of man accused of assault on former Grenada PM and others

April 10, 2014
ST GEORGE’S, Grenada -- A man accused of deliberating trying to drive his vehicle into a public meeting of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) will not face prosecution, a Grenada newspaper has reported. The driver, Tyrone Thomas, was charged with assault following...

St Lucia eyes economic citizenship programme

April 9, 2014
St Lucia eyes economic citizenship programme CASTRIES, St Lucia -- Another Caribbean nation is giving consideration to an economic citizenship programme. Saint Lucia’s Prime Minister Dr Kenny Anthony said the introduction of a citizenship by investment programme would be an effort to boost inward investment.

Commentary: Chief public servant, huh! The prime minister?

April 9, 2014
Commentary: Chief public servant, huh! The prime minister? Grenada Prime Minister Dr Keith Mitchell’s appearance on a local talk show was heralded by a reference to him being the “chief public servant”. Indeed, in the last 40 years of independence, no other sitting prime minister has ventured to reconfigure in the minds of citizens the role and function of this office.

OAS digitalizes and catalogues 2.5 million vital statistics records in six Eastern Caribbean countries

April 8, 2014
WASHINGTON, USA -- The Organization of American States (OAS), through its Universal Civil Identity Program in the Americas (PUICA), has completed a project to assist the civil registries in Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, Saint Lucia and St Vincent...

Commentary: Law and Politics: Never a dull period in government

April 8, 2014
Commentary: Law and Politics: Never a dull period in government In the corridors of power in our tri-island state, some action or distraction is always taking place to make the news headlines – and thereby turn our attention from the daily economic problems, to the more stressful and repetitive national ups and downs that have now infected our politics.

IAPA releases half-yearly review of press freedom in the region

April 5, 2014
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados -- The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) has released a number of in-depth reviews of major press freedom developments in the past six months in each of the countries of the Americas at the opening of its midyear meeting being held in Barbados.

Letter: Grenada's new leader, Senator Nazim Burke, an icon of unbounded courage and perspective

April 4, 2014
Disarray is a word much overused in politics. But it barely begins to describe the current state of chaos and incoherence within the Mitchell regime. The carnage that Mitchell and his NNP regime will soon feel will occur because of his reckless, out-of-order, scandal-scarred government.

An open letter to the Grenada minister of foreign affairs

April 3, 2014
Greetings Minister Steele! I write to you in my personal, individual capacity, a shareholder of Grenada PLC, as a follow-up to my letter of November 17th, 2013. In that letter, I made enquiries in respect of a number of matters of matters of significant national interest and concern.

Letter: Grenada's 'passport pirates'

April 2, 2014
If there is any issue that Keith Mitchell is successful at in his thirty years in politics it is his ability to manipulate both public and private sector officials by the use of his most lethal weapons -- money and power. The prime minister allegedly said that all Grenadians have a price.

Commentary: Law and Politics: The finance looks brighter

April 1, 2014
Commentary: Law and Politics: The finance looks brighter The good news a couple weeks ago that the government had been rescued by the IMF and some other financial institutions – to the tune of some US$100 million in grants and loans – seems to have made a whole lot of difference to the economic road ahead. It has been well known for some considerable time now...

Letter: Putting the spotlight on Pure Grenada

April 1, 2014
Congratulations are due to Russ Jarman Price, Minister Otway-Noel and Sheldon Keens-Douglas. On Friday, March 28, an insight was given to not only the future for Grenada as a tourist destination but a path to a future defined by a goal of particular merit.

Commentary: The IMF cannot rescue Grenada

March 31, 2014
Commentary: The IMF cannot rescue Grenada I read Lloyd Noel’s article (The IMF to our rescue, March 25, 2014). Basically it seems as though Mr Noel believes that the IMF money can save Grenada. On the other hand, he did not stick to this topic, as he gives some information about Grenada’s history in terms of the past economic activities before and...

Letter: Grenadians must stop this name game culture

March 31, 2014
I find it difficult to understand why so many well educated people living in Grenada find themselves unable to write good quality readable articles without the temptation of having to drag the good name of prominent individuals into what has become a name blame culture in Grenada.

Letter: Grenada's NNP has yet to deliver

March 29, 2014
Many Grenadians thought that the New National Party would not be able to overcome the test of generational change. Some thought that the NNP would have been destroyed by 2013, given the difficult conditions they were faced with after so many negative criticism and scandal.

Chance for Eastern Caribbean writers to participate in international programme

March 28, 2014
BASSETERRE, St Kitts (CUOPM) -- Writers who are nationals of Eastern Caribbean islands and Barbados are being invited by the Public Affairs Section at the US Embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados, to submit nominations for the ten-week International Writer’s Programme (IWP).

Letter: Is Keith Mitchell Grenada's false prophet?

March 28, 2014
Seek ye the kingdom of Keith Mitchell" is a slogan written on a wall in St George's North West, the constituency of Mitchell, by a political activist of the New National Party, NNP. This message seems to have been endorsed by Grenada's false prophet Keith Mitchell.

Grenada to co-host special meeting of CARIFORUM

March 26, 2014
ST GEORGE’S, Grenada -- The government of Grenada will co-host a special meeting of CARIFORUM officials from March 31 to April 1, 2014. The meeting will commence with an opening ceremony, when Minister Oliver Joseph will deliver the feature address.

Commentary: Grenada government amends Citizenship by Investment Act

March 26, 2014
Commentary: Grenada government amends Citizenship by Investment Act Nicholas Steele, Grenada’s minister of foreign affairs and international business piloted a bill in the country’s parliament to amend the Citizenship by Investment Act #15 of 2013. Under aegis of the Citizenship by Investment (Amendment) Bill 2014, the ruling New National Party (NNP) administration seeks...

CTU brings Caribbean technology entrepreneurship seminar to Grenada

March 25, 2014
CTU brings Caribbean technology entrepreneurship seminar to Grenada GRANDE ANSE, Grenada -- A regional workshop held in Grenada encouraged local entrepreneurs to leverage cutting-edge technology to develop world-class products and services that address challenges facing Caribbean society. The workshop, held on March 24 and 25, was part of a broader...

New programme to protect and improve health of Grenada's near-shore and coastal habitats

March 25, 2014
New programme to protect and improve health of Grenada's near-shore and coastal habitats ST GEORGE’S, Grenada -- With the goal to protect and improve near-shore and coastal habitats in Grenada, The Nature Conservancy has entrusted the Windward Islands Research and Education Foundation (WINDREF) with the task, granting the research institute, housed on the True Blue campus...

Commentary: Law and Politics: The IMF to our rescue

March 25, 2014
Commentary: Law and Politics: The IMF to our rescue After just over one year since the NNP administration regained total control of the nation’s affairs, the much talked-about IMF financial rescue was eventually agreed last week, and is now awaiting the approval of the IMF’s executive board. But that approval is contingent upon the timely completion...



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