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News from the Caribbean:

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Jewish community in Toronto supports a peaceful Caribbean
Published on March 8, 2012Email To Friend    Print Version

(L-R) Peaceful Caribbean Conference Media Director Melanius Alphonse; Conference Director Rebecca Theodore; and Amir R. Gissin, Israeli Consul General in Toronto

By Caribbean News Now contributor

TORONTO, Canada -- During a special service for Israel on Tuesday night held at the Beth Avraham Yoseph Synagogue in Toronto, Canada, under the theme “Canada standing with Israel and Israel's right to exist in the Middle East,” participants also expressed solidarity with the aims and objectives of the organisers of the Peaceful Caribbean Conference, scheduled to be held in Barbados next month, in their initiative to seek solutions to the spread of violence and terrorism in the wider Caribbean.

Conference director Rebecca Theodore attended the service and afterwards took the opportunity to draw attention to the ongoing efforts by Iran to establish a foothold in Latin American countries -- in North America’s backyard – specifically in Venezuela, which provides a springboard for activity in the region.

She pointed out that Iran and its emissaries in the region also engage in extensive social, cultural, and religious activity aimed at exporting the Islamic Revolution. The resulting infrastructure in Latin America could, in time of need, help Iran act against the United States itself or against Western interests in Latin America in various scenarios: if its nuclear installations are attacked by Israel and/or the United States, or if, should Iran's sense of isolation and encirclement intensify, it seeks to initiate crises with the US, perhaps on the model of the Cuban missile crisis.

In the meantime, according to Theodore, Iran is exploiting the relative proximity to the US to illegally penetrate its territory (via Mexico) as well as to prepare a terror and sabotage infrastructure within the US itself.

Equally, Iran and Hezbollah will take and most likely are taking advantage of Venezuelan ties and influence in the wider Caribbean to infiltrate the small countries and islands of the region, thereby moving ever closer to the United States and Canada.

Members of the Jewish community in Toronto have expressed a firm interest in the aims and objectives of the Peaceful Caribbean Conference 2012.
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When writers like Theodore make comments, it amazes me that with their experience they do not look at the big picture but conveniently wrap themselves in the interests and opinions of their masters. In my view I will say 'shame on you'


people people dont belive that woman she is going around looking to see where she can get money an talking about peaceful caribbean conference that is a lay this woman is looking for money an she will try every thing she is talking agance alba but she want money from alba she is a scam.You see she dress in black don't trust her.

John warner:
What is this woman talking about "Iran establishing a foothold in Latin American countries -- in North America's backyard -- specifically in Venezuela, which provides a springboard for activity in the region". How about America having a foothold in everybody Else's backyard. Why don't Theodore question the Israelis about their apartheid system against the Palestinians. Does she know that Israeli Arabs can't ride on the same bus a Israeli Jews. Doesn't she also realize that the Israelis are looking for their entry point into the Caribbean by pretending to be supporting a peaceful Caribbean. there is so much to be said about this article but I will leave some space for someone else to comment.


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