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British MP urges more EU dialogue with Cuba February 15, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Deputy speaker of Britain's House of Commons and Labour MP Sylvia Heal has called for improved European relations with Cuba that were upset by human rights concerns in 2003. A crackdown on dissent ordered by Castro led the EU to shun talks with Cuban officials. read more..

Jailed Cuban militant gets new counsel February 15, 2007
MIAMI, USA (UPI): A Cuban exile militant has hired a leading Miami lawyer who represented fellow Cubans convicted of weapons charges, The Miami Herald reported Tuesday. read more..

US food sales to Cuba remain strong February 15, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Communist Cuba remained one of the more important markets for American farmers in 2006 despite a decades-old trade embargo, a US-based organization that tracks the sales said on Wednesday. read more..

India, Cuba team up in drugs, oil and wind energy February 15, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): India and Cuba are forging closer economic ties through cancer vaccine research and oil exploration in the Gulf of Mexico, officials said this week. read more..

Castro recovering 'very well', says Alarcon February 14, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): A senior Cuban official said on Tuesday that Fidel Castro is recovering "very well" but gave no indication when, or if, Cuba's ailing leader might return to public life. read more..

Pirate TV fantasy world hooks Cubans who tune in to tune out February 14, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): It may be educational, but Cuban state television is unbearable, if you ask Ivette, a homemaker hooked on soap operas she watches on an illegal cable signal. "I love to see those fancy women, all done up in hairdos and makeup, and those studs," she said. read more..

India seeks to strengthen economic ties with Cuba February 14, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): India wants to strengthen economic ties with Cuba that already include the oil and biotechnology sectors, the visiting Indian foreign minister said, local media reported Tuesday. read more..

RSF disputes Cuban minister's assertions on Internet availability February 14, 2007
PARIS, France: Reporters Without Borders (RSF) took issue Tuesday with comments by Cuban communications minister Ramiro Valdes on Monday describing the Internet as a "tool for global extermination" and as a "wild colt" that needed to be tamed. read more..

Cuba warns against satellite dish use February 10, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Cuba's Communist Party has warned the island's populace against using or building makeshift satellite dishes, Granma newspaper reported. read more..

Recovering Castro takes back seat running Cuba February 10, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Six months after surgery forced him to relinquish power, Cuban leader Fidel Castro is consulted on major issues but does not "interfere" in day-to-day governing, his brother and Cuba's acting president said. read more..

Raul Castro says brother Fidel on top of everything February 10, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Acting Cuban President Raul Castro said on Thursday his brother Fidel was improving and "on top of everything" in his first comments to the foreign press since stepping in for the 80-year-old Cuban leader six months ago. read more..

IAPA concerned at new sentencing of Cuban journalist February 9, 2007
MIAMI, USA: The Inter American Press Association (IAPA) has expressed concern at the Cuban government’s ongoing policy against free speech and press freedom after learning of a recent court sentencing of an independent journalist. read more..

First woman bishop in Cuba won't copy men February 9, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The Rev. Nerva Cot, the first woman bishop named by the Episcopal Church in a developing nation, said she will bring a feminine touch to leadership of her rapidly expanding congregation in Cuba. read more..

Castro's health improving, says Venezuelan ambassador February 9, 2007
CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP): The health of Cuban leader Fidel Castro is steadily improving and he has begun eating food again, Venezuela's ambassador to Havana, Ali Rodriguez, said in a television interview on Thursday. read more..

Cuba deports Colombian drug boss February 9, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba on Thursday deported to Colombia a notorious drug cartel boss whose extradition has been sought by the United States, a Cuban official who took part in the deportation told AFP. read more..

Cuban dissidents tap cyberspace from abroad February 8, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Leading Cuban dissidents who are denied access to Internet at home now have their messages on websites thanks to the work of exiled friends and family abroad. read more..

Cuban denounces new TV Marti effort February 8, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Cuban officials have criticised a decision to show US-funded TV Marti on Spanish-language stations in Miami picked up by satellite in Cuba. TV and Radio Marti are officially banned in Cuba, though the signal can be picked up by illegal satellite dishes. read more..

45 years on, US embargo still puts Cuban ingenuity to the test February 8, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The old saying necessity is the mother of invention is put to the test in Cuba, because of a 45-year-old embargo that prevents Cuba from importing US goods. The US bans exports to the island and few Cubans have access to cars imported from elsewhere, read more..

Cuba says US blocks academic, sports travel February 7, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba criticized the United States on Tuesday for denying visas to Cuban intellectuals invited to a Soviet studies conference and barring American cyclists from competing in Cuba. read more..

Former India all-rounder Robin Singh to coach in Cuba February 7, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Former India one-day all rounder Robin Singh will form a coaching team to train players in baseball-mad Cuba where the sport is enjoying a revival. read more..

Americans defy Cuba embargo to toast Hemingway in Havana February 7, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Talk in Ernest Hemingway's former Havana watering hole often turns to the old man and the daiquiri and, at times, to the 45-year-old embargo that officially prevents US fans from tippling to his memory in the Cuba he loved. "We're not even supposed to be here," read more..

US to step up media campaign to Cuba February 6, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States government is to step up its broadcasting campaigns in Cuba, along with North Korea and Iran, under President George W. Bush's new budget plans unveiled Monday. read more..

Cuba pledges to step up aid for Montserrat’s development February 6, 2007
BRADES, Montserrat: Based on advice to strengthen transparent non-political links with Caribbean and regional neighbours, the governments of Montserrat and Cuba plan to explore ways of assisting each other. read more..

No rooms for Cubans at Hilton hotels February 6, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (ACN): As part of the US economic blockade of Cuba, the American Hilton Hotel chain has announced a denial of bookings to Cuban delegations in all its facilities around the world. read more..

Letter: The US-Cuban relationship is not so simple as it seems February 6, 2007
In response to Mike O'Rourke regarding "Cubans are so full of it", it might be a bit asking too much for one to be aware of what they are talking about before making such remarks. The US policy on Cuba is quite a hypocritical stance. read more..

Letter: The Cubans are so full of it February 5, 2007
With reference to "Embargo, at 45, still at forefront of US-Cuba relations", the Cubans are so full of it. Like ships from the rest of the world can't make it to Cuba. read more..

Embargo, at 45, still at forefront of US-Cuba relations February 3, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Forty-five years after the United States imposed an embargo against communist Cuba, the sanctions remain at the forefront of relations between the two foes, even in the absence of the ailing President Fidel Castro. read more..

US lawyers ask to dismiss Cuban militant's claims February 2, 2007
HOUSTON, USA (Reuters): The US government took another step on Wednesday to keep holding an anti-Fidel Castro militant, who is accused of bombing a Cuban airliner in 1976, without declaring him a terrorist. read more..

Cuba's Castro in a 'party' mood, 'not dying', says Chavez February 2, 2007
CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro is having a festive time, his friend and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Thursday, dismissing rumors that Castro is dying, six months after surgery. read more..

Cuba says US unlikely to change policy toward the island soon February 2, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A top Cuban official said Thursday he didn't expect any change in the near future in US policy toward the island, which is subjected to a 45-year-old US embargo. read more..

Castro looking healthier but return to power remains unclear February 1, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The latest footage of Cuban President Fidel Castro appeared to support official claims his recovery from surgery is going well, though it remains unclear whether he would resume the leadership he handed to his brother Raul six months ago Wednesday. read more..

US has no idea on Castro health February 1, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States admitted Wednesday it had no idea about Cuban President Fidel Castro's state of health, hours after Cuban television broadcast new pictures of its ailing communist nemesis. read more..

Ailing Cuban president Fidel Castro shown on TV January 31, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba's President Fidel Castro was shown on Cuban television Tuesday meeting with his Venezuelan counterpart Hugo Chavez in the first images of the ailing leader broadcast in three months. read more..

Letter: Cuba is not a backward society January 30, 2007
It never ceases to amaze me just how close minded and narrow people can be. There definitely is a need to respond to the negative and often incorrect 'facts' many Caymanians have about Cuba. read more..

US, Fidel both sidelined on Cuba policy, say experts January 29, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States has refused to budge from its five-decade Cuba policy during Raul Castro's six months in power, despite world pressure and momentum in Congress for dialogue, experts say. read more..

Cuba signs sports agreement with Antigua-Barbuda January 29, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (ACN): Cuba and Antigua and Barbuda on Wednesday signed a sports cooperation agreement, which both countries view as a new step towards strengthening their bilateral ties. read more..

Cuban ambassador holds talks with Barbados Commerce Minister January 27, 2007
BRIDGETOWN, Barbados: The Barbados Commerce, Consumer Affairs and Business Development Minister, Senator Lynette Eastmond, held talks this week with Cuba’s Ambassador to Barbados, Pedro Garcia Roque. The two, along with other senior officials from the Ministry, discussed many topical issues. read more..

Democrats seek to ease Cuba embargo as Castro's health fails January 27, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (Bloomberg): Charles Rangel, the chairman of the powerful House Ways and Means Committee, is betting that, with Cuban leader Fidel Castro in failing health and Democrats in control of Congress, lawmakers will scale back trade and travel embargoes on the communist island. read more..

Cuba offers Montserrat more development assistance January 27, 2007
BRADES, Montserrat: The Government of Montserrat and the Government of Cuba plan to explore ways of assisting each other in several areas. CM Dr Lowell Lewis says Cuba is keen to assist Montserrat with clearing up its backlog of 400 persons waiting for ophthalmology assessment, read more..

Cuban salsa star defects to US January 27, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Issac Delgado, one of Cuba's most popular salsa bandleaders, has defected to the United States to pursue an international career, a former associate said on Friday. read more..

Castro out of view for six months but still in international spotlight January 27, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro last appeared in public six months ago, but the seclusion forced upon him by intestinal surgery has not kept him from the international limelight he cherishes. read more..

Raul: Cuba's more pragmatic Castro January 26, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Six months after President Fidel Castro handed over power to his brother Raul, Cubans are coming to appreciate a different and more pragmatic style of leadership, even though the siblings have stood side-by-side since the 1959 revolution. read more..

Prices not politics slows Cuba tourism January 26, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The number of tourists visiting Cuba dropped 3.6 per cent last year due to high prices and not political uncertainty over Fidel Castro's illness, travel industry sources said. read more..

Castro letter to Chavez answers few health questions January 26, 2007
CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP): A letter from Fidel Castro to Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has revived the view that the ailing Cuban leader is hanging on and attentive to politics. Cuban Vice President Carlos Lage on Wednesday delivered the missive signed by Castro to his close ally Chavez, read more..

Cuban VP makes surprise visit to Venezuela January 25, 2007
CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP): Cuba's Vice President Carlos Lage made a surprise visit to Caracas Wednesday to bolster his Communist regime's ties with its principal ally, the government of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. read more..

With little known about Castro's condition, Cuba is abuzz with rumours January 25, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): With little known about the condition of ailing President Fidel Castro over the past six months, Cuba has been abuzz with wild rumours, further fueled by speculation reaching the island from abroad. read more..

No celebrations for US Cubans as Raul Castro holds onto power January 25, 2007
MIAMI, USA (AFP): Six months after Fidel Castro handed power to his brother Raul, the parties planned by exiled Cubans in anticipation of the regime's collapse have been shelved, as the younger Castro consolidates power, experts say. read more..

Bush administration rules out any easing of Cuba embargo January 25, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (Bloomberg): US Commerce Secretary, Carlos Gutierrez, has ruled out any easing of the US trade and travel embargo on Cuba until after all remnants of the Fidel Castro regime are removed from power. The US has restricted trade since Castro took power in 1959. read more..

Venezuela gives Cuba satellite access January 25, 2007
CARACAS, Venezuela (Bloomberg): Venezuela will grant Cuba access to the South American nation's first-ever satellite, due to be launched in September, as ties between the states deepen and the health of Cuban President Fidel Castro grows more uncertain. read more..

Commentary: Cuba at the crossroads? January 25, 2007
An article on Haiti that appeared in Time magazine in January 1973 – at the end of the dictatorship of “Papa Doc” Duvalier and the commencement of his son “Baby Doc’s" harsh rule – states: “There is also a sound on the city streets that to most urban Americans is unfamiliar: laughter.” read more..

Cuban TV fare mingles education and New York Cops January 25, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): State-run television in communist Cuba prides itself on its educational programs and the social values of its homegrown soap operas but does not shy away from hits like New York Cops and CSI. The US series and the soap operas, draw a faithful audience. read more..

Cuba beat Guadeloupe 2-1 to clinch third place in Digicel Caribbean Cup January 24, 2007
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad: Cuba clinched third place in the 2006/7 Digicel Caribbean Cup and US$50,000 prize money after a 2-1 win over Guadeloupe that was more convincing than the scoreline suggests. read more..

US lawmakers warn Washington losing influence in Cuba January 24, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): Two US lawmakers, a Republican and a Democrat, warned Tuesday that the United States was losing influence in Cuba at a critical time with leader Fidel Castro sidelined by surgery. read more..

Cuban army weighs in on economic policy debate January 24, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba's armed forces, which run the Communist country's most efficient companies, joined a nascent public debate on future economic policy on Tuesday and appeared to take a stance opposed to full free-market reforms. read more..

With Raul Castro in charge, Cuban dissidents have little hope of major changes January 24, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): With power transferred to Fidel Castro's brother Raul, Cuban dissidents have begun testing the island's political waters after decades of ironclad rule, but found little hope of fundamental changes. "I don't see any light at the end of the tunnel," said Martha Beatriz Roque, read more..

Cuban militant pleads not guilty to lying in US January 23, 2007
EL PASO, USA (Reuters): An anti-Fidel Castro militant accused of bombing a Cuban airliner in 1976 pleaded not guilty on Monday to US immigration charges, the latest round in a long fight by the US government to keep him in jail. read more..

Cuba worried as talent continues to desert January 23, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): For a tiny Caribbean nation, Cuba has a big reputation for its sporting prowess but that is increasingly coming under threat. The impoverished Communist country has long failed to halt the flow of talent that escapes its homeland. read more..

Hogs in Havana: Harley aficionados keep American classics on Cuban roads January 23, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Unable to get original parts because of a 45-year-old US embargo, Harley-Davidson aficionados resort to ingenuity and Soviet truck parts to keep the decades-old US classics on Cuban roads. Cuban fans, estimate there are about 100 Harleys left in the communist-run state, read more..

Once persecuted, gays find Cuba more tolerant January 22, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Wrapped in a figure-hugging sequined dress, the statuesque Chantal swayed languorously in the steamy Havana night during a transvestite show that reflected Cuba's slowly growing tolerance of homosexuals. While their lives are getting easier, they still face a lot of prejudice. read more..

Cuban immigrants land in south Florida January 22, 2007
MIAMI, USA (UPI): The US Department of Homeland Security has taken custody of 27 Cuban immigrants who landed on an island near Key Biscayne, Florida. The boatload landed on Boca Chita, 16 miles south of Key Biscayne, at about 6 a.m. Saturday. read more..

Religious freedom helps Jews in 'Hotel Cuba' January 22, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Salomon Mitrani sat through his wedding ceremony. After all, at 84 years old he finds it hard to stand. By Cuban law, he has been married to his wife, Pilar, for 55 years, read more..

Turning the tables on Washington, Cuba says US harbours terrorists January 22, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Outside the US diplomatic mission, President Bush is portrayed as a bloodthirsty vampire, on a billboard to illustrate Cuba's claim that Washington supports terrorism. The communist government is waging a major campaign to demand the extradition of Luis Posada Carriles. read more..

Soca Warriors see off Cuba to reach final January 22, 2007
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad: Trinidad and Tobago showed just why they were the Caribbean’s favourite side this past summer when they overcame a very strong Cuban side to reach the Digicel Caribbean Cup Final, where they will play Haiti for the right to be crowned champions. read more..

Fidel Castro health improving; situation difficult, Chavez says January 20, 2007
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (Bloomberg): Cuban President Fidel Castro's health is improving even as his situation remains "difficult" Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said during a speech in Brazil at the Rio de Janeiro state legislature. read more..

US lawmakers aim to ease Cuba travel, trade bans January 20, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (Reuters): US lawmakers, with an eye on reports of failing health of Cuban President Fidel Castro, said they intend in the new Democratic-led Congress to seek to ease restrictions on travel and trade with the communist island. read more..

Castro in 'slow, progressive' recovery January 20, 2007
MADRID, Spain (Reuters): Cuban leader Fidel Castro is making a "slow but progressive" recovery although his condition is serious due to his age, a Spanish doctor who has examined him said on Friday. Castro, 80, has suffered complications after undergoing surgery on his digestive system. read more..

Cuba and Guadeloupe qualify for Gold Cup January 20, 2007
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad (Reuters): Cuba has scraped into the CONCACAF Gold Cup finals after a goalless draw with Guyana in the Caribbean zone qualifying tournament. read more..

Castro successors keep Cuba on stable track January 18, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Whether or not Cuban leader Fidel Castro is terminally ill, the provisional government he designated under his brother Raul has kept Cuba on a stable track in his absence, Cuba watchers said on Wednesday. read more..

Chavez says ailing Castro 'doing well,' recovering slowly January 18, 2007
QUITO, Ecuador (AFP): Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez rebuffed pessimistic news about ailing Cuban President Fidel Castro, saying here Tuesday that Castro was "doing well" despite some people longing to see him dead. read more..

Castro's health problems due to wrong choice of surgery, says Spanish newspaper January 18, 2007
MADRID, Spain (AFP): A Spanish newspaper reported on Wednesday what it said were fresh details about Fidel Castro's health, saying the treatment given to the ailing 80-year-old Cuban leader had unleashed serious complications. read more..

Havana complains US barring wrestlers from traveling to Cuba January 18, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Havana on Wednesday complained that the United States had refused for the first time to give travel permits to a US wrestling team that wanted to train in Cuba. US citizens are generally barred from spending money in Cuba. read more..

Bush waives Cuba lawsuits another six months January 18, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): US President George W. Bush has extended for another six months a measure banning lawsuits by Americans whose property in Cuba was taken by Fidel Castro's government, the White House said Wednesday. read more..

Cuba defeat St Vincent and the Grenadines 3-0 January 17, 2007
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad: Cuba picked up their first win in the finals of the Digicel Caribbean Cup with a deserved win over tricky opponents St Vincent and the Grenadines. read more..

Cuba keeps lid on details of Castro's health January 17, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The latest rumor whispered on the crumbling streets of Havana is that ailing leader Fidel Castro cannot appear in public because he lost his hair - and his famous beard - to chemotherapy for cancer. read more..

Cuban Robles preparing for more success in 2007 January 16, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba: Dayron Robles, the World Indoor Championships silver medallists in the 60m Hurdles is among several Cuban athletes currently preparing for the upcoming indoor campaign, which starts in Europe later this month. read more..

Cuban writers angered by resurfacing of censor January 16, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuban intellectuals are seeking an apology from the country's communist authorities for the reappearance of an official responsible for Stalinist-style cultural purges three decades ago. read more..

Cuba says US must charge militant for terrorism January 16, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba said on Monday the United States should indict Luis Posada Carriles, a militant anti-Castro exile accused in the bombing of a Cuban airliner, for terrorism instead of minor immigration charges. read more..

Castro has post-surgery stitches problem, says diplomat January 16, 2007
QUITO, Ecuador (Reuters): Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro has been having problems with the healing of his stitches after stomach surgery last July, a diplomat said on Monday. read more..

Cuba suffer first defeat of the Digicel Caribbean Cup campaign January 15, 2007
PORT OF SPAIN, Trinidad: Digicel Man of the Match Jocelyn Angloma served up a spectacular match winner to give Guadeloupe maximum points in their opening game against Cuba in the Bobby Sookram Group in the Digicel Caribbean Cup. read more..

Private enterprise remains a shaky business in Communist Cuba January 15, 2007
SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba (AFP): Violin in hand, Overlin Barrientos cracks a warm smile at a handful of tourists who cheer his trio's rendition of traditional Cuban songs and drop a few coins in his battered cap. All three musicians retired from their state jobs and have joined Cuba's private sector. read more..

Cuba's rebel rap roars for 'revolution within the revolution' January 15, 2007
BARRERAS, Cuba (AFP): Backed by a modest home recording studio, Humberto Cabrera has joined Cuba's rappers who rhyme and roar for change in a country whose communist regime usually quiets dissent. Hip-hop artists have some of the most critical voices on the island. read more..

Raul Castro in control, says intelligence January 13, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (UPI): Cuba will remain relatively stable after the death of Fidel Castro, a military intelligence official told a Senate panel, the Miami Herald reported Friday. Lt. Gen. Michael D. Maples said Raul Castro has "widespread respect and support." read more..

Protests swirl on fifth anniversary of Guantanamo prison January 13, 2007
GUANTANAMO, Cuba (AFP): Demonstrators in mock prison garb rallied here and around the globe Thursday calling for the US prison in Guantanamo, Cuba, to be closed, five years after its first "war on terror" detainee arrived. Around 395 prisoners are being held in Guantanamo Bay, read more..

Cuban dissident who sought exile dies January 12, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuban dissident Manuel Valdes Tamayo, who was jailed in a political crackdown in 2003 and released for medical reasons, died of a heart attack at the age of 50, a fellow dissident said on Thursday. read more..

Anti-Castro militant indicted in US on immigration charges January 12, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): A US federal grand jury has indicted anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles for lying in naturalisation proceedings, the Department of Justice said on Thursday. read more..

Havana Club opens rum distillery in Cuba January 11, 2007
ATLANTA, USA (Bloomberg): Pernod Ricard SA's Havana Club International unit is to open a new distillery in Cuba to expand sales of its dark-aged rums. The new distillery is located in San Jose, Cuba, about 30 kilometers from Havana. read more..

Cuba slams payment for American Bay of Pigs dead January 11, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba on Wednesday condemned as "theft" the use of frozen Cuban assets in the United States to compensate the families of two Americans killed in the 1961 US-backed Bay of Pigs invasion. read more..

Cuban rights group sees no change under Raul Castro January 10, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Respect for human rights has not improved in Cuba under interim leader Raul Castro, though the number of Cubans jailed for political reasons has fallen to 283, the country's main rights watchdog said on Tuesday. read more..

Bolivia deports Cuban dissident January 10, 2007
LA PAZ, Bolivia (Reuters): A Cuban dissident living in Bolivia who openly criticized the South American country's closer ties with Cuba was deported to Colombia on Tuesday, a Bolivian government official said. read more..

US pacifists in Cuba to protest Guantanamo prison January 8, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan defied a US ban on travel to communist Cuba and flew to Havana on Saturday to join protesters demanding the closure of the Guantanamo prison camp for terrorism suspects. Sheehan and four other American activists arrived in Havana. read more..

Cuba aims to stem tide of disappearing talent January 8, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba has called on its boxing authorities to stem the flow of talent that continues to quit the impoverished Communist nation. Every year, Cuba loses some of its top athletes, particularly boxers and baseball players. read more..

Cuba wary Christmas may spawn consumerism January 8, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): More Cubans this year shopped for toys to give their kids on Epiphany, rekindling the Christmas tradition but also ushering in harmful consumerism, Juventudes Rebeldes newspaper warned Sunday. read more..

Norway, Cuba deplore US-owned hotel ban January 6, 2007
OSLO, Norway (Reuters): Norway and Cuba on Friday deplored the decision of a US-owned hotel in Oslo to deny lodging to a Cuban delegation in compliance with US trade sanctions against Havana. read more..

Cuba's Communist regime will outlast Fidel Castro, says niece January 6, 2007
LISBON, Portugal (AFP): Cuba's 48-year-old Communist Revolution will survive long after Fidal Castro's death, the ailing leader's niece Mariela said in an interview published in Portugal on Thursday. Mariela is a leading academic and campaigner for gay and lesbian rights in Cuba. read more..

US urges political, economic opening in Cuba January 6, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The United States on Friday urged Cuba's communist government to embrace political and economic reforms, again nixing engagement with interim leader Raul Castro. read more..

US planning stepped up for possible post-Castro Cuban refugees January 5, 2007
WASHINGTON, USA (Bloomberg): The US Coast Guard and other agencies are stepping up planning for handling a possible surge in Cubans seeking refuge in the US once communist leader Fidel Castro dies, according to officials involved in the effort. read more..

Cuba says its infant mortality rate is lowest in Latin America January 5, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): In 2006, Cuba had the lowest infant mortality rate in its history and of all Latin America, putting it in second place behind Canada for the Americas as a whole, according to a health ministry report. read more..

Cuban delegation 'boycotted' by US-owned Oslo hotel January 5, 2007
OSLO, Norway (AFP): An Oslo hotel belonging to the Nordic chain Scandic has refused to admit a delegation of Cubans because it has been bought by the US hotel group Hilton, Scandic said on Thursday. read more..

Cuba condemns 'illegal' Saddam Hussein execution January 3, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba on Monday condemned the execution of deposed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein as an assassination and called for an end to the US-led war. read more..

Chavez wishes Fidel Castro a full recovery January 3, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez sent gifts and wishes for a full recovery to ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, his friend and close political ally, on the New Year's Day anniversary of Cuba's revolution, official media reported Tuesday. read more..

Cuba's Santeria priests foresee a 'gloomy' 2007 January 3, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Now that the New Year celebrations are over, the high priests of Cuba's Afro-Cuban Santeria religion have sobering visions for 2007: a "gloomy" year marked by war and military interventions. The babalawos, or priests, issued their annual predictions Tuesday. read more..

Cuba marks revolution's 48th anniversary but Castro still absent January 3, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba celebrated Monday the 48th anniversary of the revolution that brought Fidel Castro to power, but the ailing leader remained out of sight five months after intestinal surgery that sidelined him. read more..

Fidel Castro says recuperation prolonged but not hopeless January 1, 2007
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Saturday his recuperation will be a long process but that "the battle is far from lost." Castro broke his silence over his health in a statement issued to mark the 48th anniversary of Cuba's revolution as well as the coming new year. read more..

Fidel Castro send message congratulating NAM summit organizers December 30, 2006
LA HABANA, Cuba (AFP): Interim Cuban President Raul Castro delivered a message attributed to his ailing brother Fidel congratulating all who made the September summit in Havana of the Non-Aligned Nations a success, state news reported late Thursday. read more..

Seething Cuba slams Costa Rica's Arias as pawn of US December 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba: Cuba on Wednesday lashed out at Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, who has called for democratic opening in the Americas' only one-party communist state, calling the 1987 Nobel Peace Prize winner "a vulgar mercenary" of the United States and a "pawn of Yankee imperialism." read more..

No news for Cubans, no cancer for Fidel December 27, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cubans concerned about the health of ailing Fidel Castro - for most the only leader they have known - were kept in the dark by official Cuban media Tuesday, as a Spanish doctor who examined him refuted reports he is near death. read more..

Raul Castro tackles Cuba's shortcomings December 24, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba's interim leader Raul Castro urged greater honesty in dealing with chronic shortages of housing and public transport, the biggest complaints in the communist state, Cuban state media reported on Saturday. read more..

Castro's health prompts US to plan for Cuban exodus December 24, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (Bloomberg): President George W. Bush's top advisers examined last week how to handle the post-Fidel Castro era, preparing for a possible wave of Cuban refugees once the ailing dictator dies. read more..

Raul Castro says Fidel is faring better December 24, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who has not been seen in public for months following surgery, is continuing to progress in his recovery, interim leader Raul Castro said, as reported in official media Saturday. read more..

Cuba's legislature meets without a sign of Fidel Castro December 24, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The Cuban National Assembly ended a one-day session here Friday without a sign of ailing President Fidel Castro, who has not been seen in public in four months, the news agency Prensa Latina reported. read more..

Raul Castro calls for more policy debate in Cuba December 22, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba's interim leader Raul Castro, signaling a different style of government from his ailing brother Fidel Castro, on Wednesday called for greater debate on public policies in the communist-run country. read more..

Cuba's national assembly meeting could pass the torch December 22, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Interim Cuba leader Raul Castro could signal a passing of the torch to a newer generation of Communist leaders when Cuba's national legislature opens its annual meeting here Friday. read more..

Raul Castro calls his brother, Fidel 'irreplaceable' December 22, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba's interim leader Raul Castro said Fidel Castro was "irreplaceable" and that he had never tried to imitate his ailing brother in the five months since he was deputised. read more..

Castro's absence to dominate national assembly meeting December 21, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Raul Castro's status as Cuba's leader in the absence of his ailing brother, longtime President Fidel Castro, could become clearer as the communist Caribbean nation's legislature meets Friday. read more..

University professor, wife plead guilty in Cuban spying case December 20, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): A Cuban-American professor pleaded guilty Tuesday to conspiracy to serve as a Cuban spy in the United States, and his wife pleaded guilty to abetting his activities, leading them to face up to five and three years in prison, respectively. read more..

US lawmakers doubt 'official' story that Castro is not terminally ill December 20, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): US lawmakers back from a trip to Cuba on Monday cast doubt on officials there who insisted Fidel Castro was not dying and would return to power. Castro has not been seen in public since July 26 and failed to show up at a December 2 military parade. read more..

US lawmakers assured Castro does not have cancer December 19, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): US lawmakers back from a trip to Cuba said Monday officials there had insisted Fidel Castro was not dying, and that his brother Raul Castro is not Havana's new leader. read more..

Cuba swaps bank notes to stop counterfeiting December 19, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba's Central Bank issued new bank notes with enhanced security features on Monday to prevent growing counterfeiting of convertible pesos (CUC). The new bills add the denomination to the watermark. read more..

Raft still exit option for Cuban after 18 tries December 19, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): A Cuban rafter who was sent back to communist Cuba by the United States 11 months ago said on Monday he would take to the sea again in a 19th bid to get to Florida if Cuban authorities do not allow him to emigrate legally. read more..

Cuba says ailing Castro well enough to work the phones December 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro was in telephone contact with a governors' meeting, Cuba's Communist Party newspaper said Saturday, a day after the top US intelligence official said Castro could be at death's door. read more..

US lawmakers set to wrap up visit to Cuba December 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The largest US congressional delegation ever to visit communist-ruled Cuba was to wrap up talks here Sunday, following a series of meetings with senior Cuban officials aimed at easing bilateral tensions. The bipartisan delegation arrived here Friday. read more..

Commentary: Congress trip to Cuba: A salute to Congressmen Flake, Delahunt and their eight colleagues December 18, 2006
A bipartisan delegation of ten members of the US Congress are now visiting Cuba and represent a ray of rare hope that President George W. Bush will tolerate a modest beginning of a settlement of the age-old split between the two ancient foes
read more..

US legislators in Cuba to jump start dialogue December 16, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The largest delegation from the US Congress to visit Cuba since 1959 arrived in Havana on Friday seeking to open a dialogue with the communist government of acting President Raul Castro despite White House opposition to such contacts. read more..

If at first you don't succeed -- Cubans try again December 16, 2006
KEY WEST, USA (Reuters): A group of Cuban boat people appeared to have made a return odyssey to the Florida Keys on Friday, almost a year after they were found clinging to a bridge piling and sent home in a deportation later ruled illegal. read more..

Rice says Cubans will push elections post-Castro December 16, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (Reuters): The United States expects the Cuban people to pressure their government for free elections and a democratic transition when ailing leader Fidel Castro dies, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said on Friday. read more..

Venezuela's Chavez says spoke with ailing Castro December 16, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters): Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Friday that he spoke on Thursday with ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who temporarily stepped aside in July following intestinal surgery. read more..

Cuba's Castro is near death, says US intelligence December 16, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): Cuban leader Fidel Castro is very ill and close to death, the US Director of National Intelligence John Negroponte told the Washington Post on Friday. "Everything we see indicates it will not be much longer... months, not years," Negroponte told the Post. read more..

US judge tells Cuba to pay $400m for executing US man December 16, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): A US judge Thursday ordered Cuba to pay 400 million dollars to the family of a US citizen summarily executed in 1960 for allegedly heading an invasion force, the family lawyer said. read more..

Cubans unhappy with lack of freedom, poll shows December 15, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (Reuters): Cubans are divided on their country's Communist leadership and frustrated by the country's lack of freedom and economic opportunity, according to a rare outside poll released on Thursday. read more..

US lawmakers head to Cuba after Raul Castro extends olive branch December 15, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): Ten lawmakers, believed to be the largest US legislative group to visit communist-ruled Cuba, were to depart for Havana Friday amid rising uncertainty over ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro's health. read more..

World's largest resort operator opens another Cuban hotel December 15, 2006
MADRID, Spain (Bloomberg): Sol Melia SA, the world's largest resort operator, has opened a 434-room hotel in Cuba, strengthening its position in the island nation. The addition brings to 24 the number of hotels operated by Sol Melia in Cuba. read more..

US declines Cuban talks, says Havana more hard-line December 14, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (Reuters): The United States on Wednesday rebuffed a recent offer by Cuba for talks and said Havana had become even more hard-line since Raul Castro stepped in for his ailing brother Fidel Castro. read more..

Cubans wonder if they will see Castro again December 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cubans are increasingly talking in the past tense about Fidel Castro, the man who governed their lives for 47 years. Castro has not appeared in public since he underwent emergency intestinal surgery on July 31. read more..

US still searching for reformer in Cuban government December 14, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The top US diplomat for Latin America Wednesday indicated the United States had yet to find a reformer in the communist Cuban government, but did not flatly rule out dialogue with it in a context of political opening. read more..

Castro gets two awards from North Korea December 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Recovering from intestinal surgery since late July and still convalescing in hospital, Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Tuesday was bestowed two awards from the North Korean government for his 80th birthday. read more..

As Castro ails, US readies for mass influx from Cuba December 14, 2006
FORT LAUDERDALE, USA (AFP): With longtime Cuban president Fidel Castro ailing, the US Coast Guard is bracing for a mass migration to US shores from the Caribbean nation, just 90 miles across the Florida Straits. read more..

Cuba restrictions to be loosened in 2007, says US congressman December 13, 2006
NEW YORK, USA (Bloomberg): The US Congress will pass legislation next year to ease restrictions on family travel and financial transfers to Cuba, Representative William Delahunt, co-chair of a congressional group seeking to loosen the US embargo, has said. read more..

Czech dissident-turned-president calls on tourists to shun Cuba December 12, 2006
WARSAW, Poland (AFP): Former anti-communist dissident turned Czech president Vaclav Havel on Monday urged tourists to shun Cuba as a holiday destination, in a video message showing solidarity with Cuban dissidents. read more..

Cuban mob attacks human rights protesters December 11, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): More than 200 Cuban government supporters attacked 15 human rights activists on International Human Rights Day on Sunday, manhandling the demonstrators as they drove them from a Havana park. read more..

Former Polish president Walesa to hold Cuban solidarity rally December 11, 2006
WARSAW, Poland (AFP): Former Polish president and Nobel Peace laureate Lech Walesa will hold a conference to show solidarity with Cuban dissidents on Monday, the Walesa Institute website reported Sunday. read more..

Cuban dissidents urge real power transfer to Raul Castro December 9, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A leading dissident group Thursday called for an urgent and definitive transfer of power to Raul Castro to better deal with the transition period in Cuban politics opened by Fidel Castro's absence. read more..

Dissident says Cuba banned him from German trip December 8, 2006
BERLIN, Germany (Reuters): Cuban authorities have banned dissident Guillermo Farinas from travelling to Germany to collect a human rights award because he is in a wheelchair, a German newspaper quoted him as saying on Thursday. read more..

Red Cross to seek access to Cuban prisons December 8, 2006
GENEVA, Switzerland (AFP): The International Committee of the Red Cross said on Thursday it would seek access to prisons in Cuba, one of the few countries to deny it permission to visit political detainees. read more..

Cuba updates report on Caribbean Sea contamination December 8, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (ACN): Cuba is one of the first Latin American countries to have finished a report on the Caribbean Sea pollution affecting national coasts. The conclusions of this research will be the basis for the development of a regional project against contamination. read more..

Legacies bind Castro, Pinochet in their twilight December 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Fighting serious illnesses in their old age, Cold War icons Fidel Castro of Cuba and Augusto Pinochet of Chile are united in stubborn adherence to their opposing and now largely unfashionable ideologies. read more..

Cuban dissidents want UN to monitor march on Human Rights Day December 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban dissident groups have written to UN chief Kofi Annan asking that he monitor a march in Havana on Human Rights Day, Sunday, to see how police and authorities react. read more..

Cubans kept in the dark about Castro's condition December 6, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Government posters say "Fidel Castro for ever" and "80 years more," but Cubans now doubt their bearded leader will again govern their country. More and more suspect he is close to death, even though they have been told little about his condition. read more..

Fidel Castro congratulates Venezuela's Chavez on re-election December 6, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban leader Fidel Castro on Tuesday congratulated his ally Hugo Chavez on being re-elected president of Venezuela, but official silence about Castro's absence at celebrations in his honour cast fresh doubts on his health. Castro has not appeared in public since late July. read more..

Washington should extend olive branch to Cuba, say analysts December 5, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States should bury the hatchet with Cuba and accept conciliatory overtures of its acting leader Raul Castro, who has called for an end to more than 40 years of hostile relations with Washington, some Latin American analysts said. read more..

Cuban exiles say now is the time to ease US embargo on Cuba December 5, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): More than 20 Cuban exile groups on Monday asked Washington to ease its decades-old embargo on Cuba to facilitate a political transition, now that Fidel Castro appears to have dropped out of public life. read more..

US says no talks with Cuba until regime moves toward democracy December 4, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States said Saturday that the Cuban regime must take steps toward democracy before Washington would consider any "deepening" of bilateral relations, responding to Raul Castro's invitation to come to the negotiating table. read more..

Raul Castro seeks negotiations with US December 4, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): At Cuba's first military parade in a decade, Cuba's communist interim leader Raul Castro, in a shift from the tack of his ailing brother Fidel Castro, on Saturday pushed for negotiations with the United States to end decades of tense ties. read more..

Cubans astonished by Castro no-show December 4, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cubans were astonished by ailing Fidel Castro's absence from his birthday parade on Saturday, but many believe the only leader they have known for 47 years will survive his health crisis and return to public life. Few thought he would fail to turn up on Saturday. read more..

Commentary: Stepping back in time on a trip to Cuba
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): As a child of the Cold War, I grew up in the United States on a steady diet of rhetoric portraying Cuba as the communist menace just 90 miles off our shores. read more..

Edgy Cubans hold their breath, waiting for Castro December 2, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Fighter jets are set to fly, workers are poised to march and all eyes will be riveted on the grandstand at a military parade for Fidel Castro's 80th birthday, after the ailing leader sat out celebrations for days. read more..

Diminished Cuban military still a political bulwark December 2, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba's armed forces will marshal their Soviet-era arsenal in a parade on Saturday to show the world, especially the arch-enemy United States, they remain a force to be reckoned with as their ailing leader Fidel Castro fades. read more..

Raul Castro called 'guardian' of Cuban revolution December 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Acting president Raul Castro is the "guardian" of Cuba's communist government in the absence of his brother Fidel Castro and in the face of US threats, a hard-line member of the Cuban leadership said on Thursday. read more..

Cuban army chief Raul Castro misses a military milestone December 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba's interim leader Raul Castro was a no-show Thursday as some 200,000 people rallied in Santiago to mark the Revolutionary Armed Forces' 50th anniversary, amid uncertainty about his ailing brother Fidel Castro's health. read more..

Cubans don't want help from US, 'idiot' Bush, says key Cuban official December 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Ricardo Alarcon, the high-ranking Cuban official in charge of relations with the United States, on Wednesday ruled out the possibility Cubans want any US help in bringing about change. Washington showed no sign of willingness to accept leadership by Raul Castro. read more..

Pro-Castro folk star impatient for some change in Cuba December 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Silvio Rodriguez, a folk star whose songs are the soundtrack of Cuba's revolution, told AFP he was eager for change in his country. read more..

Cuba reports two million tourists this year December 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba: Cuba's Tourism Ministry has reported that two million tourists picked the island as their vacation destination this year. The figure exceeds previous annual statistics for the third year in a row. read more..

Friends wax optimistic despite doubts about Fidel Castro's health December 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Friends of Fidel Castro, from writers to a film star here Thursday for his 80th birthday bash, had opinions on the ailing Cuban leader's health, but no word on whether he would sit out his own party. read more..

Cuban boom said fueled by jump in foreign exchange November 30, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba's foreign-exchange earnings swelled by some $3 billion this year due mainly to a jump in service exports, a government source with access to trade data said on Wednesday. read more..

Cubans, wary of change, still count on Castro November 30, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): After more than four decades led by Fidel Castro, many Cubans are as emotional about their ailing leader's uncertain health as they are unprepared to imagine change. read more..

Castro health questions multiply during 80th birthday bash November 30, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Soaring fighter jets, screaming schoolkids and drilling for a military parade to celebrate Fidel Castro's 80th birthday could not drown out new doubts Wednesday about the Cuban leader's frail health. read more..

Castro succession takes shape in Cuba under brother November 29, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Whether or not ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro reappears in public this week at his 80th birthday celebration, a successor government led with stealth by his brother Raul appears to be firmly in place. read more..

Castro's 80th birthday bash kicks off without him November 29, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Fidel Castro's 80th birthday celebration kicked off on Tuesday with the ailing Cuban leader nowhere in sight but hundreds of admirers from around the world were on hand to pay homage. read more..

Cuba's GDP growth hinges on cuts in energy use, minister says November 29, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Bloomberg): Cuba's economic expansion will extend into next year as the government steps up an energy savings program and cuts its dependence on foreign capital inflows, Economy Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez said. The economy grew 12.5 percent in the first nine months. read more..

Cuba says boom continues with growth at 12.5 pct November 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba's remarkable recovery from an economic crisis caused by the collapse of the Soviet Union continued this year with double digit growth expected and good prospects for 2007, the state-run news agency said on Monday. read more..

In Cuba, communist continuity with or without Fidel irks US November 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba has pulled off what the United States thought it never would, prolonging Latin America's only communist regime without Fidel Castro directly at the helm, analysts say. read more..

Castro's birthday bash rumbles out military flair amid the uncertainty November 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba rolled out anti-air defences, fighter jets and marchers Monday in a raucous rehearsal for its first military parade in a decade to mark Fidel Castro's 80th birthday, amid expectation here that he may appear in the flesh. Four months have passed since Castro relinquished power. read more..

Fifty years on, Mexico town recalls young Castro November 27, 2006
TUXPAN, Mexico (Reuters): Now frail from illness and out of sight, Cuban President Fidel Castro was remembered on Saturday as a dashing young revolutionary who set sail 50 years ago from this sleepy Mexican port to a place in history. read more..

Venezuela's Chavez: Castro to begin 'second mandate' in Cuba November 27, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro is not on his death bed, but is ready to launch a "second mandate," Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Saturday, brandishing a letter from his ailing friend. read more..

Cubans to mark Castro's 80th birthday, with or without him November 27, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba is abuzz with big celebrations to belatedly mark Fidel Castro's 80th birthday, going ahead whether or not the communist stalwart, little seen since undergoing a major operation, takes part, officials say.
read more..

Fidel Castro: Quixotic Communist and thorn in US side November 27, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Fidel Castro, whose 80th birthday Cuba is celebrating this week, has for more than four decades defied US efforts to end his rule as the only Communist leader in Latin America. read more..

Florida woman says money won't erase Castro's cruelty November 24, 2006
MIAMI, USA (Reuters): Janet Ray Weininger finally won a battle against Cuban leader Fidel Castro last week when a court ordered she can collect $23.9 million in frozen Cuban funds in compensation for her executed father. read more..

Cubans still getting used to Fidel's silence November 23, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): A silence has settled over Cuban political life that ordinary Cubans find at once disconcerting and a big relief. After decades of delivering long and frequent speeches, Cuban leader Fidel Castro has virtually disappeared while recovering from surgery. read more..

Castro change in the air on Cuban island November 22, 2006
ISLE OF YOUTH, Cuba (Reuters): Jump in the back, "the Champ" said as he revved the overheating motor of his battered, Russian-made Lada, a gift from President Fidel Castro. read more..

Cuban VP 'very optimistic' on Castro's health November 22, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Ailing Cuban President Fidel Castro's health continues to improve, according to Vice President Carlos Lage, who said Tuesday he was very optimistic, days before postponed birthday celebrations for the revolutionary icon. read more..

Cuban dissident seeks US asylum at Guantanamo November 22, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban dissident Camilo Cairo Falcon was picked up by the US Coast Guard while fleeing the island on a raft and taken to the US base in Guantanamo Bay, where he requested political asylum, dissident sources said. read more..

Investment group to evaluate potential opportunities in Cuba November 21, 2006
MIAMI, USA: Hugo Cancio, President and CEO of Fuego Entertainment, Inc., a public media and entertainment company, has announced that he will establish an exploratory group called the US-Cuban Investment Committee to assist the reconstruction of his native country, Cuba. read more..

Cuban eye surgery programme benefits nearly half million patients November 21, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (ACN): Almost half a million poor people from 28 Caribbean and Latin American nations have benefited from Operation Miracle, a highly successful programme started by Cuba that provides free surgery to low income patients. read more..

Radical William Brent dead in Cuba November 21, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): William Lee Brent, a member of the Black Panther party who hijacked a plane to Cuba to 1969, has died in Havana at the age of 75. Brent spent the remainder of his life in Cuba. read more..

Commentary: Cuban oil and ethanol could prosper in Havana's hunt for energy supplies November 20, 2006
Hurdling over the barriers erected by Washington policymakers, Cuba, with increasing gusto, is turning to its oil and ethanol sectors to achieve energy security, despite the US embargo. read more..

US families to get $90m in Cuban assets November 20, 2006
NEW YORK, USA (UPI): The families of two men killed by Fidel Castro's regime will get more than $90 million in Cuban assets held in the United States, a federal judge has ruled. read more..

300,000 Cubans to march in military parade for Castro birthday November 20, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): More than 300,000 people will take part in a military parade marking President Fidel Castro's 80th birthday, as well as the 50th anniversary of the start of the Cuban revolution, according to press reports. read more..

Cuba patents new treatment for cervical cancer November 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba has patented a new treatment for cervical cancer with less harmful side effects than conventional therapies, a group of researchers said. The treatment involves a peptide that inhibits and kills the CK2 enzyme. read more..

Cuba TV leaves Castro birthday plans up in air November 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): An influential programme, on state-run Cuban television on Thursday, described plans for ailing Fidel Castro's 80th birthday celebration but did not mention whether he would attend and said his ideas were more important than his presence. read more..

Chavez warns Venezuelan TV not to support coup November 18, 2006
EL ESPINAL, Venezuela (Reuters): Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez on Friday warned private media he would shut them down if they promote a bid to topple him he says is planned after his expected December 3 re-election. Chavez has accused the opposition of planning to oust him if he wins. read more..

Cuba blasts Swiss banks for cutting off business November 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba's central bank blasted Swiss banks UBS and Credit Suisse on Thursday for cutting off business dealings with Cuba, saying they had bowed to US pressure. read more..

Cuba wins six-year copyright battle over 'Buena Vista' songs November 17, 2006
LONDON, England (AFP): A six-year legal battle over vintage Latin music made famous by the "Buena Vista Social Club" album ended in London Thursday with victory for Cuba over the United States. read more..

US aid to dissidents breeds corruption, says Cuba November 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Havana charged Thursday that US aid to dissidents in Cuba invites corruption, pointing to a recent US congressional probe, which showed that the funds have been used to buy luxury items. read more..

Cuban dissident barred from Germany trip November 16, 2006
BERLIN, Germany (AFP): Cuba has barred leading dissident Guillermo Farinas from travelling to Germany to receive a human rights prize awarded by the city of Weimar, a human rights group said. Cuban authorities had cited medical grounds for refusing Farinas permission to travel. read more..

US aid to Cuban dissidents bought chocolates, PlayStations November 16, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): Poor monitoring of millions of dollars intended to support Cuban dissidents has led to such excesses as the purchase of Godiva chocolates and Sony PlayStations at US taxpayers' expense, according to an official audit released on Wednesday. read more..

Commentary: Outside View - Cuba on the eve of change November 15, 2006
Having spent two weeks in Havana, I saw for myself what seemed quite obvious: after Fidel's departure, which is not far off, Cuba is in for serious change. The Cubans themselves are well aware of this. read more..

As birthday homage looms, Castro's role a question mark November 15, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Just two weeks ahead of belated celebrations for Fidel Castro's 80th birthday, it remains unclear whether the ailing guest of honour will take part. read more..

Cuban activist jailed for four years in Florida November 15, 2006
FORT LAUDERDALE, USA (AFP): A wealthy activist opposed to Cuba's communist government was sentenced to almost four years in jail by a Florida court Tuesday for conspiring to stow military weapons. read more..

Castro unlikely to re-emerge as robust self, says US November 14, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (Reuters): Cuban President Fidel Castro is not likely to return to power as his usual robust self because of lingering health problems that could include cancer, US officials said on Monday. read more..

Son of ailing Castro says father is recovering November 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The eldest son of Cuban leader Fidel Castro said on Monday his father is recovering from an unspecified illness that has forced him to temporarily give up power he held since a 1959 communist revolution. read more..

Castro said to be recovering, return to power expected November 13, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is recovering and expected to return to power, but he may not be well enough to attend his 80th birthday celebration on December 2, the head of Cuba's National Assembly, Ricardo Alarcon, said last week. read more..

Swiss banks stop dealings with Cuba November 13, 2006
ZURICH, Switzerland (Reuters): Swiss banks Credit Suisse and UBS said they have severed relations with Cuba and are not conducting any business dealings with the country. read more..

Cuban sculptor holds talks in St Kitts on monument to 'Father of the Nation' November 11, 2006
BASSETERRE, St Kitts: A monument in honour of St Kitts and Nevis' Father of the Nation and First National Hero, Sir Robert Bradshaw, is a step closer to reality. Cuban Ambassador, Ana Maria Gonzalez, and Cuban sculptor, Andres Gonzalez, briefed St Kitts and Nevis Prime Minister, Dr Denzil Douglas. read more..

Cuba gloats over UN vote, US Republican losses November 10, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The Cuban government gloated on Thursday about the latest United Nations vote to end a long-running US trade embargo and was equally pleased by the heavy Republican losses in America's congressional elections. read more..

Cuba's 100 days without Fidel - and counting November 9, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): After 100 days without Fidel Castro at the helm, Cubans, including Castro himself, are not sure when he will return to run the Americas' only communist state. read more..

UN General Assembly again urges lifting of US embargo on Cuba November 9, 2006
UNITED NATIONS, (AFP): The UN General Assembly on Wednesday voted overwhelmingly for the 15th time in a row to demand an end to the four-decade-old US trade embargo against communist-ruled Cuba. read more..

Castro may not attend birthday party, says Cuban group November 8, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The group organising Fidel Castro's 80th birthday party said on Tuesday it was unsure the Cuban leader would attend the December 2 celebration that also will mark the 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution's start. read more..

Media rights group calls on Cuba to free journalist November 8, 2006
PARIS, France (AFP): The Paris-based media rights group, Reporters Without Borders, on Tuesday called on Cuba to release an independent Cuban journalist arrested two weeks ago for being a "danger to society". read more..

Havana embassies scramble as US tightens embargo November 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Stepped up enforcement of US sanctions on doing business in dollars with communist Cuba is forcing governments to change how they finance embassies in Havana, diplomats said on Monday. read more..

Cuba airs gay soap opera November 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Cuba is airing the communist island's first TV program featuring openly gay characters, The Miami Herald reported Monday. read more..

Cuba military readies for Castro, revolution parade November 6, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Troops marched in the streets and fighter jets streaked across the skies of Havana on Saturday, rehearsing a December 2 celebration of the 50th anniversary of the start of the Cuban revolution and the 80th birthday of its leader, Fidel Castro. read more..

Cuba cricket match turns into US denunciation November 6, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Like many events in communist Cuba, a cricket match for children on Saturday turned into a denunciation of the United States, but this time from London's leftist Mayor, Ken Livingstone, not Cuban leader Fidel Castro. Livingstone praised the ailing Castro and blasted US policy. read more..

Equipment for medical centres arrives in Guyana from Cuba November 4, 2006
GEORGETOWN, Guyana (GINA): The first consignment of modern equipment to furnish diagnostic and treatment centres in Guyana has arrived and will soon be installed at two of the facilities which are nearing completion. The equipment arrived on a Cuban aircraft on October 31. read more..

Russia asks world to condemn US embargo on Cuba November 4, 2006
MOSCOW, Russia (AFP): Russian lawmakers unanimously condemned a United States trade embargo against Cuba on Friday as "a flagrant violation of human rights" and called for international help to end the blockade. read more..

Jail would be better than harassment, says Cuban dissident November 3, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AP): Activist, Martha Beatriz Roque, has an unusual request for the Cuban government: stop the harassment or send her back to jail. The former political prisoner, who has opposed leader Fidel Castro for 17 years, says she can no longer endure the threats and insults. read more..

Cuba trade fair brings fewer US vendors November 3, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Glum US vendors find themselves fewer in number and fading in importance at Havana's annual international trade fair, a plight they blame on a 44-year-old Cold War trade embargo that they say is handing the Cuban market to other countries. read more..

Cuba's 2006 nickel output may not meet forecast November 3, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuban unrefined nickel production may fall short of the 76,700 planned for the year due to a 3,000-tonne shortfall at one of three plants reported by joint venture partner Sherritt International this week. read more..

Sports agent accused of smuggling Cuban ball players November 2, 2006
LOS ANGELES, USA (AFP): An American sports agent was indicted by the federal government on Tuesday in a scheme that allegedly involved smuggling elite Cuban baseball players to America. read more..

Commentary: Cuban medical diplomacy: When the left has got it right November 1, 2006
Living in a hostile neighborhood led Fidel to look for allies elsewhere. Part of this process has included the conduct of medical diplomacy, which is the collaboration between countries to improve relations and simultaneously produce health benefits. read more..

Castro says he's still involved in government October 30, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Cuban President Fidel Castro says he is still very much involved in leading the communist island despite his recent illness. Castro said he still participates "in many of the important decisions" made by Cuban leaders. read more..

US television broadcasts leave Cubans in the dark October 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba has jammed the latest anti-Castro television programming beamed over by the United States, according to an informal survey of Cubans who tried to watch the shows that included baseball's championship series. read more..

Chavez says Fidel Castro travels, health improving October 28, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters): Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, said on Friday that Cuban leader, Fidel Castro, was walking about and making nocturnal trips outside Havana, countering rumours the ailing 80-year-old was dead. Castro has long acted as a mentor to Chavez. read more..

Cuba says dengue outbreak caused deaths, no figures October 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba is containing an outbreak of dengue fever that has caused a number of deaths, the Pan-American Health Organisation said this week, citing a Cuban government report that gave no figures. read more..

Raul Castro appears after three week absence October 27, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Interim Cuban leader Raul Castro appeared today for the first time in three weeks to congratulate Palante humor magazine on its 45th anniversary, the Cuban agency AIN said. read more..

Cuba backs Bolivia's UN Security Council candidacy October 26, 2006
LA PAZ, Bolivia (AFP): Cuba "has no objections" to Bolivia's candidacy for a rotating seat on the UN Security Council, which becomes avalable in December, Cuban Ambassador Rafael Dausa said here Wednesday. read more..

Fidel Castro will return to power, says Cuban diplomat October 25, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who ceded power in July after surgery, will return to the helm of his government, Cuba's top diplomat in the United States maintained Tuesday. read more..

Cuba ponders how to fix socialist economy October 24, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba has begun debating how to correct rampant theft and inefficiency in state-run services, from pouring beer to shining shoes, that could signal a step toward economic reform under acting President Raul Castro. read more..

Cuba's Raul Castro ousts transport minister October 23, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Bloomberg): Cuba's main government advisory body recommended the second ministerial cabinet change since Raul Castro assumed the interim presidency almost three months ago from his brother Fidel, who's recovering from intestinal surgery, Spanish news agency EFE has reported. read more..

US diplomat gives Castro's post-op Cuba poor prognosis October 21, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): Cuba will never be the same as it was before leader Fidel Castro took ill in July and handed power to his brother, according to the US pointman to democratize the communist island. read more..

Media watchdog criticises Cuba for controlling Web October 20, 2006
PARIS, France (Reuters): A press freedom watchdog accused Cuba on Thursday of trying to prevent people from reading independent media, saying less than 2 percent of Cubans connect to the Web at closely monitored Internet access points. read more..

World's most expensive smoke, but is it the best? October 20, 2006
MADRID, Spain (Reuters): It's the world's most expensive cigar -- $440 each and it only comes in boxes of 40 -- but is it the best? Nobody knows because no one has smoked one. The Cuban havanas from the Cohiba brand are so precious that no one has actually lit one yet. read more..

Castro missed chance for democratic opening, says Brazilian president October 20, 2006
BRASILIA, Brazil (AFP): Brazil's leftist President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva said Thursday he was disappointed that Fidel Castro, the ailing leader of communist Cuba, had missed his chance to implement a "democratic opening." Lula, a former union leader, visited Cuba in September 2004. read more..

China, Cuba to launch biotech venture October 20, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba and China have agreed to launch a biotechnology venture to develop neurotechnology products in China, official Cuban media announced Thursday. read more..

Graham Greene back in Havana as character in novel October 19, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Graham Greene returns to a Havana of spies, cigar-chomping gangsters and prostitutes as the main character in a novel by internationally acclaimed Cuban author Pedro Juan Gutierrez. read more..

Cuban student leader sees socialist future October 19, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): He likes the sound of Queen, leads 300,000 Cuban university students and is the son of Cuba's third most powerful man after the Castro brothers. read more..

Cuba to host 11th World Sport for All Congress October 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba: The 11th World Sport for All Congress will be held in Havana, Cuba, from 31 October to 3 November at the Havana International Conference Centre. It will be the first time that the Cuban Olympic Committee will host the Congress. read more..

French crooner Charles Aznavour taps Cuban rhythms October 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): At the age of 82, French crooner Charles Aznavour is still looking for new ways to capture an audience and has turned to the hot rhythms of Cuban music to convey his songs. Aznavour teamed up with Latin jazz piano virtuoso, Chucho Valdes, to record 11 songs. read more..

Cuba and Antigua-Barbuda to sign anti-drug trafficking accord October 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba: Cuba and Antigua & Barbuda explored ways in Havana on Monday to fight drug trafficking, which will be controlled by an accord that both nations will sign on October 20. read more..

Chavez's one-party dream faces fight in Venezuela October 17, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters): Impervious to a drenching from a tropical downpour, President Hugo Chavez last month told an election rally 90 percent of Venezuelans would one day back a socialist revolution, that he wants a single party to steer. read more..

Commentary: Cuba’s leadership of the Non-Aligned Movement: Challenge to US hegemony? October 17, 2006
Cuba’s ascension to leadership of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), at its 14th meeting held September 11-16 in Havana, signaled a heightening of diplomatic tensions between a growing number of assertive developing nations and their main target, an increasingly assailed United States. read more..

Cuban santeria finds more faithful from afar October 16, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Geraldine Correa kneels reverently before a multicolored altar to orishas, or deities: like a growing number of foreigners, the Swiss woman has embraced Cuban santeria. Correa first became interested in the religion as a research subject. read more..

Cuban found guilty of human trafficking October 16, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): A Cuban national has been convicted of conspiracy to smuggle illegal aliens into Florida and lying to federal authorities, the South Florida Sun-Sentinel has reported. read more..

Cuban state services rife with theft, says official paper October 16, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Theft and negligence are rife in Cuba's state-run services, with employees often making money on the side by changing prices or portions in places such as cafeterias, appliance repair shops and beauty salons, an official newspaper reported on Sunday. read more..

Nothing certain about Castro's health, says US official October 14, 2006
MIAMI, USA (Reuters): Cuba keeps its secrets so well that Washington has no solid information about the health of veteran revolutionary leader Fidel Castro, a senior US official said on Friday. read more..

Cuba migrant died after chase, Florida court hears October 13, 2006
KEY WEST, USA (Reuters): A Cuban woman died of blunt head trauma she suffered as migrant smugglers sought to escape the Coast Guard in a high-speed chase, a Florida medical examiner testified this week in the opening of a migrant smuggling trial. read more..

Oldest Cuban dead at 126 October 12, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Benito Martinez Abrogan, Cuba's oldest person and star of the government's efforts to promote healthy lives for its oldest citizens, died on Wednesday at the age of 126. read more..

US tightens Cuba embargo enforcement October 11, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): The United States will pursue more aggressively violators of a US trade embargo against Cuba, a US prosecutor said Tuesday, in an effort to topple the communist regime. read more..

14 Cuban rafters rescued October 10, 2006
CANCUN, Mexico (AFP): A cruise ship rescued 14 Cubans on a rickety raft in the Caribbean and handed them over to Mexican immigration authorities, the tour company said. read more..

Castro is recovering in Cuba, working more, brother Raul says October 10, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Bloomberg): Cuban leader Fidel Castro is recovering and slowly resuming his duties after undergoing intestinal surgery in July, his brother and acting government head Raul said in a speech on Sunday. read more..

Commentary: Policy Watch: Raul Castro and Hugo Chavez October 10, 2006
A lot of people don't like Hugo Chavez, the elected revolutionary leader of oil-rich Venezuela. At the top of the list, of course, is President George W. Bush, whom Chavez recently described as "the devil" in a speech to the UN General Assembly. read more..

Guyana to erect monument for victims of Cubana bombing October 9, 2006
GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Thirty years after a terrorists’ bomb killed 73 passengers on a Cubana airline flight, Guyanese officials have unveiled plans to erect a monument here to honour the victims. A ceremony was held on Friday in the capital of Georgetown for the erection of the monument. read more..

Cuba's Casamayor claims WBC lightweight crown October 9, 2006
LAS VEGAS, USA (AFP): Cuba's Joel Casamayor captured the World Boxing Council lightweight title here Saturday with a 12-round split decision over American Diego Corrales. read more..

US government says Castro has cancer October 9, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): US government officials say Cuban President Fidel Castro is suffering from terminal cancer, Time magazine has reported. The officials cautioned, however, that definitive proof of Castro's condition was not available. read more..

Sherritt plans to expand in Cuba October 7, 2006
CHICAGO, USA (Bloomberg): Sherritt International Corp., a Canadian company that produces nickel and oil in Cuba, plans to expand on the island nation because executives are confident the investment will be safe after Fidel Castro cedes power or dies. read more..

Nobel laureates urge US to prosecute anti-Castro militant October 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Four Nobel laureates urged the US government Friday to put anti-Castro militant Luis Posada Carriles on trial for the bombing of a Cuban jet. read more..

Venezuela cuts October gasoline exports to Cuba October 7, 2006
NEW YORK, USA (Reuters): Venezuela's state-owned oil firm PDVSA has cut its October unleaded gasoline export flow to neighboring Cuba due to refinery problems, oil traders and ship brokers said on Friday. read more..

US opposes release of anti-Castro militant October 6, 2006
EL PASO, USA (AFP): The US government opposed on Thursday releasing Luis Posada Carriles, an anti-Castro militant wanted by Venezuela in the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner that killed 73 people, court papers show. read more..

Miami publisher resigns in uproar over anti-Castro payments October 5, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): The publisher of The Miami Herald has resigned amid an uproar over the firings of three writers for taking US government payments for appearing on anti-Castro propaganda programs. read more..

Fidel Castro will return to power, says foreign minister October 5, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Ailing 80-year-old Cuban leader Fidel Castro, who temporarily ceded power to his brother Raul in July, will return to power, Cuba's top diplomat was quoted as saying in official media Wednesday. read more..

Plane stolen in Florida turns up in Cuba October 5, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): US authorities are investigating the theft of a small plane that was found in Cuba, apparently stolen by a man with a minor, sources told AFP. read more..

Cuban centenarians attribute longevity to coffee, cigars and sex October 5, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba's high number of centenarians say their longevity is a result of going easy on alcohol, but indulging in coffee, cigars and sex, according to a survey released Wednesday. read more..

US university gets licence for academic exchange with Cuba October 4, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (ACN): Harvard University is gearing up to launch a spring-semester study-abroad programme at the University of Havana, Cuba, despite strict federal regulations on US travel to Cuba. read more..

US mistaken on Cuban collapse, says top Castro aide October 4, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Two months without Fidel Castro at the helm in Cuba have shown how wrong US predictions of upheaval on the communist-run island have been, a senior Cuban official said on Tuesday. read more..

Six months without travel visas for Cuban migrants returned by US October 4, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Fourteen Cubans that have visas to travel to the United States -- granted after they were repatriated in January -- pleaded for help Monday to leave Cuba. read more..

Cuba says US tightens economic noose October 3, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): US trade sanctions have cost Cuba $4.1 billion over the last year in higher financial and shipping costs, lost business and cancelled contracts, the island's communist government said on Monday. read more..

Cuba money manager keeps low profile in Miami October 2, 2006
MIAMI, USA (Reuters): There is no sign and not even a visible street address outside the Miami office of money manager Thomas Herzfeld. "I'd appreciate it if you don't mention where we are," Herzfeld told Reuters. read more..

Oil refinery blaze in Cuba leaves one dead, one injured September 30, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A huge blaze at Cuba's biggest oil refinery in Havana left one worker dead and another injured, television reports said late Thursday. read more..

Huge blaze injures two at Cuba's biggest oil refinery September 29, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A blaze of "huge proportions" broke out late Wednesday at Cuba's biggest oil refinery in Havana, leaving at least two people injured, authorities said. read more..

Azerbaijani foreign minister in Cuba to talk oil September 29, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Azerbaijan's Foreign Minister Elmar Mamedyarov arrived Thursday for his first official visit to Cuba to discuss possible energy agreements, according to officials. read more..

Russia negotiating Cuba debt and fresh credit September 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Russia will make it easier for Cuba to repay $160 million in debt and set aside for now a dispute over Cold War-era credits as it seeks to sell planes to the former Soviet client, a Russian diplomat said on Wednesday. read more..

Cuba fires telecoms, computing chiefs in shake-up September 26, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba has fired the heads of two of the country's most influential companies in a bid to bring the computing and telecommunications enterprises back under firm state control amid a national anti-corruption drive, industry sources said on Monday. read more..

Commentary: Cuba: An economic tiger in the Caribbean? September 25, 2006
US President George W Bush and UN Secretary-General, Kofi Annan, talked about the possibility that Cuba “could once again be an economic tiger in the Caribbean”. What are the changes that Cuba would have to make? read more..

Cuba wages war on tiny enemy: the mosquito that spreads dengue September 25, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Fidel Castro isn't the only one ailing in Cuba, where authorities are on the charge, spraying from aircraft and military trucks in a war on a great big, tiny enemy: the mosquito that spreads dengue. read more..

Fidel Castro's health 'better', says Raul Castro September 21, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro "is doing better and better" and often uses the telephone at his bedside, his brother and Cuba's acting leader Raul Castro said Wednesday. read more..

Bush, Annan, discuss post-Castro Cuba September 20, 2006
NEW YORK, USA (AFP): US President George W. Bush and UN chief Kofi Annan on Tuesday discussed ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro's health and whether Cuba would become an "economic tiger" once he leaves the world scene, the White House said. read more..

Indian oil company may buy stakes in Cuban oil fields September 20, 2006
NEW DELHI, India (Bloomberg): Oil & Natural Gas Corp., India's biggest oil explorer, may bid for stakes in oil fields in Cuba, Chairman R.S. Sharma told shareholders at an annual meeting in New Delhi on Tuesday. read more..

Castro in uniform, walking, eating well, say friends September 19, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Convalescing Cuban leader Fidel Castro is trying on his uniform, taking short walks in his hospital room to loosen up his numb limbs and has a healthy appetite, visiting friends said on Monday. read more..

Cuba's Calatayud ends season on a winning note at IAAF World Cup September 18, 2006
ATHENS, Greece: Cuban World champion Zulia Calatayud found that extra strength again in the final metres of the home straight to hold off another determined finish from Kenya’s Janeth Jepkosgei and become the first Americas female 800m winner at the IAAF World Cup in Athletics since 1989. read more..

Fidel Castro fades out. Tropical Taliban next? September 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): No matter whether Fidel Castro returns to office or not, diplomats and dissidents say the post-Fidel era has already begun and some foresee an ideological tug of war between "tropical Taliban" and proponents of Chinese-style economic reforms. read more..

Non-Aligned summit in Cuba marked by nuclear issues September 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The Non-Aligned Movement concluded a summit in Havana on Sunday, issuing a final declaration backing Iran's right to nuclear energy and urging UN reform to give greater weight to poor countries. The event was also marked by North Korea's defense of its nuclear program. read more..

Cuba’s Robles delighted with career so far September 16, 2006
ATHENS, Greece: Surprise World Indoor 60m hurdles silver medallist, Cuban Dayron Robles is overwhelmed with his own performances this season, a year in which he graduated from a junior level and became a world-recognised hurdler at the senior level. read more..

Commentary: Cuba’s Non-Alignment Movement Summit: Dominated by rebels looking for a cause... September 15, 2006
Chances are that many of you know as much about the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) as you do about Foucualt’s Pendulum. After all, the NAM’s governing philosophy has proved every bit as profoundly innocuous and ultimately irrelevant. read more..

'Axis of Castro' talks tough in Cuba September 15, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia -- who have all charged the United States is working to topple them -- were in Havana Thursday packing some blazing anti-US talk. "The Empire is in decline," Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez quipped as he arrived in Havana. read more..

Ailing Castro regaining weight, speaking loudly, says lawmaker September 15, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Fidel Castro is regaining some of the weight he has lost since his operation, and can once again speak in a loud voice fit for speeches, an Argentine lawmaker wrote a day after meeting the Cuban strongman. read more..

Raul Castro in meeting with Ahmadinejad September 15, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Acting Cuban leader Raul Castro met in Havana Thursday with leaders of the Group of 15 developing countries including Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. read more..

Ravaged face of old Havana gets make-up for summit September 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): New Chinese traffic lights, anti-mosquito fumigation campaigns and half-finished paint jobs on crumbling houses reflect what many Cubans see as papering over the cracks of a dilapidated city to prepare for the Non-Aligned Summit. read more..

Cuba accuses US of hypocrisy over exile ruling September 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba accused the United States of double standards on Wednesday after a judge recommended releasing a Cuban exile accused of the 1976 bombing of an airliner in the same week it mourned the September 11 attacks. A US magistrate said Luis Posada Carriles must be freed. read more..

Castro not bed-ridden, but his summit show uncertain September 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuban television showed photographs of convalescing Fidel Castro receiving a friend in a dressing gown on Wednesday and officials said he was back on the telephone giving orders. State television broadcast photographs of a gaunt-looking Castro sitting at a table. read more..

Cuba economy grew 12.5% in first half, says minister September 13, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Bloomberg): Cuba's economy grew 12.5 percent in the first half of 2006, boosted by a surge in the construction, transport and services industries, Economy and Planning Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez said. read more..

Ailing Castro to host breakfast of champions for three September 13, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP): Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez Tuesday invited his Bolivian counterpart to join him for breakfast with President Fidel Castro, and suggested the ailing Cuban leader may serve up a health concoction he calls "tsunami." read more..

Cuban dissident slams Non-Aligned over human rights September 13, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A leading Cuban dissident Tuesday slammed the Non-Aligned Movement, in the second day of a summit here, for not making human rights a real priority, and failing to defend personal and political freedoms. read more..

Cuban official mocks 'axis of evil' summit label September 13, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): A top Cuban government official objected on Tuesday to news reports on the non-aligned movement he said conveyed the impression that all its 100-plus members belonged to the "axis of evil." read more..

US magistrate recommends Cuban exile's release September 12, 2006
EL PASO, USA (Reuters): A US magistrate on Monday recommended releasing a 79-year-old Cuban exile accused of violent acts against Fidel Castro's government, including a 1976 airliner bombing that killed 73 people. read more..

Cuba signs oil exploration accord with India September 12, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Bloomberg): India's biggest state-controlled oil exploring company has won permission from Cuba to drill for crude in its waters, part of an effort by the Caribbean island's communist regime to become oil self-sufficient. read more..

Cuban Foreign Minister comments on Castro, US and Iran September 12, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Bloomberg): Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Felipe Perez Roque has commented on leader Fidel Castro's health, the US and Iran before a summit of the Non-Aligned Movement group that will take place in Havana this week. Perez Roque spoke at a news conference. read more..

Developing nations summit gathers US foes in Cuba September 11, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Leaders of the Non-Aligned Movement of 116 developing nations will meet in Cuba this week for a summit that will gather some of the United States' fiercest critics just 90 miles offshore. read more..

Despite ill health, Castro certain to take spotlight at Havana summit September 11, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Not one to shy away from the spotlight, the ailing Fidel Castro will cast a long shadow as Cuba hosts much of the developing world, including key US foes, at a Non Aligned Movement summit in Havana this week. read more..

Miami daily fires reporters paid by US anti-Castro broadcaster September 9, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): Three reporters for Miami's main Spanish language daily were fired for receiving money from the US government to appear on its anti-Fidel Castro broadcasting operations, the Miami Herald reported Friday. read more..

US to stay away from Cuba non-aligned summit September 8, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The United States will not attend next week's summit in Cuba of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) that will gather some of its most hostile critics just 90 miles from US soil, the top US diplomat in Cuba said on Thursday. read more..

Renowned Cuban musician dies September 8, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Renowned Cuban musician Richard Egues, known for his songwriting and flute playing, has died in Havana at the age of 82. Cuba-controlled news outlet Granma said Egues died September 1. read more..

Bolivian leader pays surprise visit to Fidel Castro September 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Bolivian President Evo Morales made a surprise half-day visit to Cuba on Wednesday to visit convalescing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, Cuban television said. read more..

Cuban ballet lacks sparkle, direction in creaking 'Don Quixote' September 7, 2006
LONDON, England (Bloomberg): Ballet Nacional de Cuba, which opened "Don Quixote" in London Tuesday night, is, like Cuba, looking frayed around the edges. It's sunny and good-natured, while suffering from the domination of a leader who should have gone years ago. read more..

Iranian president to attend Cuban summit September 7, 2006
TEHRAN, Iran (AFP): Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is to attend the summit of Non-Aligned Movement countries in the Cuban capital Havana in mid-September, an official said Wednesday. read more..

Castro says worst of health is 'behind' him September 6, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The Cuban President Fidel Castro said the worst part of a health crisis that made him shed 18.5 kilos (41 pounds) was over and that he would attend the Non-Aligned Movement summit here next week, in a handwritten statement published Tuesday. read more..

Cuba abuzz with talk of Castro's apparent recovery September 5, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba's second glimpse of Fidel Castro since he handed power to his brother in late July has fueled speculation that he is rapidly recovering and may return to the helm and appear at the Non-Aligned Movement summit later this month. read more..

Pakistan's Musharraf may meet Indian PM in Cuba September 5, 2006
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AFP): Leaders of nuclear-armed rivals India and Pakistan may meet on the sidelines of an international summit this month to jump-start their stalled peace process, Pakistan's foreign ministry said Monday. read more..

Reuters cameraman dies in Cuba after road accident September 5, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Ignacio Insua, a Cuban cameraman working for Reuters Television in Havana, died on Monday of a heart attack after suffering spine injuries in a car accident. He was 57. read more..

Cuba's Castro recovering, giving orders, says Chavez September 4, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters): Cuban leader Fidel Castro is now able to write notes and give orders as he recovers from surgery, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Sunday. Castro temporarily handed power to his brother Raul on July 31 to recover from intestinal surgery. read more..

Ailing Cuban leader looks better in new video September 4, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro, looking well on the mend, was shown on television on Friday meeting with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez after temporarily ceding power a month ago to undergo intestinal surgery. The seven-minute clip showed a smiling Castro in bed. read more..

Cuba: a month without Fidel at the helm but little visible change September 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): In the month since an ailing Fidel Castro ceded power to his brother Raul, very little appears to have changed in communist-run Cuba but residents say an almost 48-year era has ended. read more..

Cuba sees first cabinet change with Raul Castro at helm September 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): In the first cabinet change since Raul Castro, 75, took communist Cuba's interim presidency a month ago, a seasoned 74-year-old was named Thursday as new communications chief. read more..

Raul Castro says his brother's recovery is 'satisfactory' August 30, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Provisional Cuban leader Raul Castro said his brother Fidel Castro's recovery from gastrointestinal surgery was "gradual and satisfactory," the official newspaper Granma said Tuesday. The statement on Fidel Castro's health came during a meeting Sunday. read more..

Costa Rica's Arias urges democracy in Cuba August 30, 2006
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (Reuters): Costa Rican President Oscar Arias, a respected elder statesman in Latin America, said on Tuesday he hoped Fidel Castro's health crisis would help move Cuba toward democracy. Arias also urged the United States to lift its embargo on the communist-ruled island. read more..

Ernesto douses eastern Cuba en route to Florida August 29, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Tropical Storm Ernesto drenched eastern Cuba on Monday and headed for the Florida Straits, where it could regain hurricane strength and hit Florida's most populous region. Ernesto briefly became the Atlantic season's first hurricane on Sunday. read more..

Ernesto weakens as it pounds Haiti; Cuba in sights August 28, 2006
MIAMI, USA (Reuters): Hurricane Ernesto weakened to a tropical storm as it hammered flood-prone Haiti on Sunday and Florida and Cuba started evacuations as the storm headed for the Gulf of Mexico a year after Hurricane Katrina swamped New Orleans. read more..

Cubans brace for Ernesto without Fidel Castro August 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): For the first time in four decades, Cubans on Sunday faced the possibility of confronting a hurricane without longtime leader Fidel Castro personally leading the nation through the storm. read more..

Cubans in US less fearful on immigration August 26, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (UPI): Cuban-Americans are less likely than other Hispanics to see the immigration debate as heightening discrimination, the Washington-based Pew Hispanic Center said. read more..

US offers to lift Cuba embargo if Havana embraces democracy August 24, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States, keeping up the pressure on Cuba in the absence of ailing leader Fidel Castro, said Wednesday it would lift a 44-year trade embargo if the communist government embraced democracy. read more..

Cuba steps up fight against dengue mosquito August 24, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): With the help of a Russian-built biplane, Cuba has stepped up measures to check the spread of dengue, a mosquito-transmitted virus that causes a fever that can be deadly. read more..

Fidel Castro recovers free of workload - brother August 24, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuban leader Fidel Castro is relaxing for the first time in his life as he recovers from intestinal surgery free of his excessive workload, his older brother, Ramon Castro, said on Tuesday. read more..

Poland's Kwasniewski proposes 'round table' in Cuba August 24, 2006
WARSAW, Poland (Reuters): Polish ex-President Aleksander Kwasniewski, who helped negotiate a peaceful end to Ukraine's "Orange Revolution", has offered to mediate talks between the Cuban government and Cuban opposition leaders. read more..

Cuba and Navajo nation talk business without Fidel August 24, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The highest-level US delegation to visit Cuba since Fidel Castro handed over power left the island on Wednesday with a historic deal on trade between the communist country and a Navajo agribusiness. read more..

Miami school board wants Cuba book off its shelves August 23, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): Miami's school board decided Tuesday to appeal a ruling ordering its libraries to reinstate a children's book about Cuba, which exiles claim paints an overly rosy picture of the communist-run island. read more..

Cuban Robles takes 110m hurdles in Monaco Grand Prix August 23, 2006
MONACO, France: Cuban former World Junior silver medallist Dayron Robles defeated a relatively strong field to win the men's 110-metres Hurdles at the 'Herculis 2006,' an IAAF Super Grand Prix meeting in Riviera on Sunday, August 20. read more..

Raúl Castro says he'd talk with US August 21, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Raúl Castro's first public comments as Cuba's acting president focused on initiating dialogue with Washington, the Miami Herald said Saturday. read more..

US names spy operations 'manager' for Cuba, Venezuela August 21, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States has named a special "manager" for its intelligence operations against Cuba and Venezuela, in effect putting the two Latin American nations on a par with "axis of evil" states confronted on multiple levels by the Bush administration. read more..

US calls Cuba's interim leader 'Fidel light' August 19, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): A US State Department official poked fun Friday at ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro's brother, who is interim ruler of the communist state, calling him "Fidel's baby brother" and "Fidel light." read more..

Fidel Castro's condition is improving, brother says August 19, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Fidel Castro is getting better and Cuba has bolstered its defenses since his operation, the strongman's brother Raul said in comments published Thursday, his first since becoming acting president. read more..

US says it has no plans to invade Cuba August 19, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States on Friday said it had no plans to invade Cuba, after its communist interim leader, Raul Castro, said he had ordered a mobilization to counter a US invasion threat. read more..

Cuba's tiny private sector struggles to survive August 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Long held in check by President Fidel Castro, Cuban entrepreneurs ranging from plumbers to pizza makers hope to enjoy some slack while his brother Raul is in charge. read more..

Commentary: The Cuban mirage: Self-deception in Miami and Washington August 18, 2006
For many of the anti-Castro exiles dancing along Miami's Calle Ocho on Monday, July 31, the announcement of a temporary transfer of power marked the happiest of moments as well as the end of a troubled epoch in their lives. read more..

Cuba pits 'Plan Raul' against 'Plan Bush' August 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba's Communist Party reaffirms daily that Fidel Castro's handover of power to his brother Raul is a plan to stave off any offensive by US President George W. Bush toward a political transition. read more..

Cuba's post-revolution generation set to take power August 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): With President Fidel Castro ill, and acting President Raul Castro 75 years old, the era of those who won the 1959 revolution is ending and the ascendancy of a new generation is about to begin, Cuba experts say. read more..

Cuba keeps expectations low with scant Castro news August 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba has carefully paced the release of information on Fidel Castro's health and the transfer of power to his brother Raul to ensure stability while keeping expectations low, experts and diplomats say. read more..

Cuba demobilizing reserves after power transfer August 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba began demobilizing thousands of reserve troops this week on alert since President Fidel Castro temporarily handed power to brother Raul Castro for health reasons, Communist Party sources said on Wednesday. read more..

Bacardi to defend 'vigorously' in Havana Club lawsuit August 17, 2006
LONDON, England (Bloomberg): Bacardi Ltd will defend itself "vigorously" against a lawsuit by Pernod Ricard SA over the U.S. rights to the Havana Club rum brand, the subject of a 10-year legal battle. read more..

Volunteer doctors from Cuba tend sick children in Haiti August 16, 2006
CANGE, Haiti (AFP): "It hurts me to see children die before they even had a chance to live," says Estrella Torres, one of 600 Cuban doctors who work in Haiti, where life expectancy is only 52 years. Haiti, with a population of just eight million people, is the poorest country in western hemisphere. read more..

Cuban TV shows video of Castro, Chavez August 15, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban television showed video on Monday of Fidel Castro, following two weeks of speculation over the ailing communist strongman who said he still faces a long and possibly risky recovery from surgery. State television showed Castro celebrating his 80th birthday Sunday. read more..

Castro cautions recovery to take time, not assured August 15, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Ailing Cuban leader Fidel Castro said his recovery could take time and cautioned Cubans to be ready for bad news, while acting president Raul Castro stepped into his brother's public role by greeting Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as he arrived for a visit. read more..

Raul Castro greets Chavez on Fidel's 80th birthday August 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Raul Castro made a brief public debut as communist Cuba's leader Sunday, welcoming Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez to mark ailing Fidel Castro's 80th birthday. read more..

Castro photos released for 80th birthday August 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba on Sunday marked the 80th birthday of Fidel Castro by releasing photos of the communist leader which erased any doubt that he made it through major surgery though he warned Cubans to be ready for "bad news". Castro said he was "happy". read more..

Cubans plan Castro birthday with or without leader August 12, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Supporters of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, anxious to see him reappear almost two weeks after undergoing surgery, are preparing to celebrate his 80th birthday on Sunday with or without him. read more..

Chavez reveals recipe for Castro's 'tsunami' antacid August 12, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters): The stomach condition of Cuban leader Fidel Castro is a classified secret, but his close ally Hugo Chavez openly suggests the communist try a dose of his own medicine for his intestinal woes. read more..

US expects Cuba's power transfer to fail August 12, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (Reuters): Cuba's Communist government may redouble its efforts to assert control and assure the successful transition from Fidel to Raul Castro, but the plan won't work in the end, a senior U.S. official said on Friday. read more..

Winds of change may sweep few exiles back to Cuba August 12, 2006
MIAMI, USA (Reuters): A lot more than the treacherous Florida Straits separates Miami's Cuban exiles from their homeland just 90 miles (145 km) off the southern tip of Florida. read more..

Anti-Castro movement weakened over years August 12, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): The once-prosperous movement against Cuban President Fidel Castro among Cuban exiles in Miami has weakened in recent years, the Los Angeles Times said. read more..

Venezuelan, Cuban presidents exchange letters August 11, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters): Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said on Thursday he had exchanged letters with his friend and ally Fidel Castro, who is recovering from abdominal surgery. read more..

US court upholds Miami conviction of Cuban spies August 11, 2006
MIAMI, USA (Reuters): A US appeals court has upheld the convictions of five Cuban men for spying on behalf of Fidel Castro's government, ruling a lower court was right not to move their trial out of Miami despite claims of a biased jury pool. read more..

Face-to-face with Fidel Castro August 11, 2006
NAIROBI, Kenya (Reuters): Most people drink a mojito, jump in the sea or head for a salsa bar when they arrive in Cuba. I got a two-hour tirade from Fidel Castro. read more..

New battle lines drawn in Cuban rum wars August 10, 2006
MIAMI, USA (Reuters): With the cocktail-drinking classes thirsty for mojitos and daiquiris, a new front has opened up in a Cuban rum war that has its roots in the ailing Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution. read more..

Castro's health a state secret due to US threats, Cuba says August 10, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba on Wednesday justified the dearth of news on ailing President Fidel Castro's health, arguing that the country faces a clear and imminent threat from the United States. read more..

Costa Rica's Arias presses for elections when Castro dies August 10, 2006
SAN JOSE, Costa Rica (AFP): Costa Rica's President Oscar Arias became the first Latin American leader Wednesday to demand free elections for Cuba when ailing President Fidel Castro dies. read more..

US speeds up plans for post-Castro Cuba August 9, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States said Tuesday it had stepped up planning for a Cuba without President Fidel Castro, steering a careful political course as intrigue deepened over the communist icon's fate. read more..

Dissidents play down chances of imminent change in Cuba August 9, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban dissidents Tuesday played down chances of imminent change, as authorities insisted the communist leadership is alive and well after the ailing President Fidel Castro temporarily ceded power. read more..

Dean of Cuban opposition Gustavo Arcos dead at 79 August 9, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Gustavo Arcos Bergnes, a comrade of Fidel Castro in the early days of the revolution but later imprisoned for criticizing the regime, died of a heart attack here Tuesday, opposition activists told AFP. He was 79. read more..

Cuba's ailing Castro back at helm within weeks, say officials August 8, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba's vice president said Monday Fidel Castro should be back at the helm within weeks, but another top official spoke of months, reflecting the secrecy surrounding the ailing president's condition. read more..

Life goes on in Cuba village, despite Fidel illness August 8, 2006
ISABELA DE SAGUA, Cuba (Reuters): While the world waits to see if Cuban leader Fidel Castro recovers from surgery and returns to power in the island nation he has run for 47 years, life in this remote fishing village goes on as before, almost untouched by the news. read more..

Commentary: Cuba to suffer after Fidel August 8, 2006
(UPI) Cuba is in for some major changes soon. Its octogenarian ruler, Fidel Castro, and his younger brother Raul, the number two man in the Cuban Council of State, cannot withstand change, and there is no younger leader on the Cuban political scene. read more..

Cuban military controls weapons, economy August 8, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): The Cuban military is not a repressive apparatus, it's a money machine that runs the tourism sector, sugar, naval and retail industries, a report says. read more..

Commentary: Salvaging Washington’s Cuban train wreck August 8, 2006
With Fidel Castro temporarily transferring his authority to his brother Raúl a number of days ago, the instability that could accompany any significant shift in the Castro regime is now under close review in Washington. read more..

Cubans getting news from satellite dishes August 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Satellite TV dishes are giving some Cubans a look at how the rest of the world is covering President Fidel Castro's health problems. read more..

Party reassures Cubans over Castro's health August 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Word filtered through the ranks of the Cuban Communist Party and government that President Fidel Castro was recovering from surgery, but his location and exact condition remained a mystery on Sunday nearly a week after his unprecedented handover of power. read more..

US not stoking crisis in Cuba, says Rice August 7, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday insisted the United States would not stoke a political crisis in Cuba as President Fidel Castro ails, but issued a new call for democratic change. read more..

Shipwrecked Cuban boy Elian wishes Castro quick recovery August 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Elian Gonzalez, the Cuban boy who became the celebrated object of a 2000 US-Cuba tug-of-war wished Cuban leader Fidel Castro a speedy recovery from surgery. read more..

Life little changed where Castro launched revolution August 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): In the foothills of Cuba's rugged Sierra Maestra mountains, where President Fidel Castro launched his armed revolution half a century ago, life appears frozen in time. read more..

Rice sends message of support to Cuba August 5, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (UPI): US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told the Cuban people Friday that the United States will support a transition to democracy in Cuba. Her message was broadcast on TV Marti, a service sponsored and financed by the US government. read more..

Administration in the dark about Cuba August 5, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (UPI): The Bush administration is admittedly in the dark about Cuba since Fidel Castro handed power over to his brother, Raul Castro, the Miami Herald reported. read more..

Cuba condemns US exile community August 5, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): The Cuban state-controlled media has condemned Cuban-Americans in Miami for celebrating Fidel Castro's surgery and temporary delegation of power to his brother. read more..

Church World Service concerned over US-Cuba humanitarian aid proposals August 5, 2006
Washington, USA: A meeting with US State Department officials this week did little to assuage concerns of humanitarian agency Church World Service (CWS) over new restrictions on its established channel of aid distribution to Cuba. read more..

Sister says Castro doing well August 5, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): Contrary to rumors within Florida's Cuban community, the sister of Cuban leader Fidel Castro says she has learned her brother is doing well after surgery. read more..

Commentary: No US domination after Castro August 5, 2006
Fidel Castro’s temporary step-down from power while he convalesces from surgery has again raised the question about what happens with Cuba after he dies. The expectation is that the Castro regime will collapse. read more..

Cuba insists Raul Castro in control, Fidel recovering August 5, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba insisted Friday that Raul Castro was in control and his brother Fidel was recovering from surgery, as the Communist leaders stayed out of view but defiant against escalating US calls for democratic change. The government released the first news on Fidel Castro's health. read more..

Commentary: Dancing on Castro’s grave is not only unseemly; it’s also premature! August 4, 2006
Though not surprised, I was stupefied by Cuban Americans who danced in the streets after reports that Fidel Castro was forced to transfer power to his brother Raul before undergoing surgery a few days ago. read more..

Miami's 'other exiles' frown at anti-Castro celebrations August 4, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): Moderates among Miami's Cuban exiles on Wednesday branded open displays of jubilation over Fidel Castro's illness frivolous and embarrassing to the 800,000 Cuban-Americans there. read more..

Raul Castro absent from view as Bush pushes for Cuban democracy August 4, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Pressure mounted Thursday on Raul Castro to prove he was in control as Cuba's interim leader as US President George W. Bush called on Cubans to push for democracy. read more..

Castro recovering, says senior aide August 3, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba's Fidel Castro is "very alert" and resting after stomach surgery, a senior aide said on Wednesday, but the man who has governed for 47 years has not appeared in public since standing down temporarily this week. read more..

Cuba says Castro's life not in danger August 2, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The communist government told nervous Cubans on Tuesday that Fidel Castro's life was not in danger, after the ailing U.S. foe who has dominated the nation for nearly 50 years said he had stepped down temporarily. This prompted speculation that he would not return to office. read more..

Timeline of Fidel Castro's life August 2, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Key events in the life of Cuban President Fidel Castro, who late Monday announced he was temporarily handing power over to his brother and Defense Minister Raul Castro, after undergoing intestinal surgery. read more..

US cautious, hopeful as Castro cedes power in Cuba August 2, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): After 44 years of sanctions meant to push Fidel Castro out of power, the United States sounded cautious but hopeful Tuesday, after the communist Cuban leader ceded power temporarily for the first time to his brother, following surgery. read more..

Castro temporarily hands power to brother Raul due to surgery August 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro said Monday he underwent surgery and had temporarily handed power to his brother, Raul, for the first time in his 47 years atop the communist government. Castro, who will turn 80 on August 13, made a "proclamation," read on television. read more..

Cuban ambassador praises cooperation between Cuba and the Caribbean August 1, 2006
ROSEAU, Dominica: Cuban Ambassador to Dominica, Oswaldo Cobacho Martinez, has praised the benefits to the Caribbean region of cooperation between Cuba and Latin America and the Caribbean countries. The Ambassador’s comments were made at the opening of the refurbished Nursing School. read more..

Commentary: Cuba comes in from the cold August 1, 2006
For a country long in the grip of a paralyzing economic malaise, Fidel Castro's May Day boast of 11.8 percent growth in the first three months of 2006 came as welcome news to a long suffering population. read more..

Dominica PM acknowledges Castro’s contribution to humanity August 1, 2006
ROSEAU, Dominica: Dominica’s Prime Minister, Roosevelt Skerrit, has acknowledged the contribution of Cuban President, Dr Fidel Castro to humanity. The Dominican leader made the remarks last week at the opening ceremony for the newly refurbished Nursing School and Hostel. read more..

Dominica-Cuba relationship deepens with the opening of refurbished nursing school July 28, 2006
ROSEAU, Dominica: The bilateral relationship between Dominica and Cuba has deepened with the opening of the newly refurbished Nursing School and Nurses hostel on Wednesday. The Cuban Government has so far contributed materials in the amount of over $500,000. read more..

Dominicans continue to benefit from Cuban eye care programme July 27, 2006
ROSEAU, Dominica: Dominicans are continuing to benefit from the Eye Care Programme, an initiative of the Governments of Cuba and Venezuela. Since the initiative dubbed Miracle Mission started in July, 2005, well over 1300 Dominicans have received free surgical eye treatment in Cuba. read more..

Castro, nearly 80, jokes that he won't be in power at 100 July 27, 2006
BAYAMO, Cuba (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro, who turns 80 next month and has been in power for almost 48 years, joked Wednesday that he did not plan to be leading Cuba if and when he hits the 100-year mark. read more..

Court lifts Miami ban of school book about Cuba July 25, 2006
MIAMI, USA (Reuters): A federal court judge ordered Miami's public school system on Monday to lift a ban on a children's book about Cuba that critics say fails to paint a bleak picture of life on the communist-ruled island. read more..

Castro warns of commodities boom July 25, 2006
SAO PAULO, Brazil (Bloomberg): Cuban President Fidel Castro, on his first trip abroad since December, warned of uncertain consequences from the global boom in commodities prices. Castro also took advantage of the meeting to embrace Venezuela as an important source of the region's oil. read more..

Chavez, Castro may push Mercosur meeting leftward July 21, 2006
CORDOBA, Argentina (Reuters): Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez marked his nation's debut as a member of South America's biggest trade bloc on Thursday at a two-day summit that also drew his friend, Cuban leader Fidel Castro. read more..

Cuba's Castro arrives at Mercosur trade summit July 21, 2006
CORDOBA, Argentina (AFP): Cuban leader Fidel Castro arrived Thursday at a Mercosur trade summit, a guest of Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and incoming member, Venezuela. read more..

Cuban Robles says record holder Xiang is not unbeatable July 20, 2006
MADRID, Spain: Cuban teenage sensation Dayron Robles said he's keen on putting up a fight against Liu Xiang, China's newly crowned world record holder in the men's 110m Hurdles. read more..

Commentary: US embargo against Cuba under growing siege July 19, 2006
Washington’s embargo against Cuba has been a longstanding obstacle to U.S.-Cuban relations of any kind, but the emergence of economic opportunities in the Cuban market has prompted a possible thaw in the historic hostilities. read more..

Cuban militant associate arrested July 14, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): U.S. authorities have arrested a friend of known Cuban exiled militant Luis Posada Carriles, The Miami Herald reported Thursday. read more..

Castro is 'extraordinarily healthy' July 13, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro, who turns 80 next month, is an "extraordinarily healthy" man who continues to work very hard every day, parliamentary speaker Ricardo Alarcon said. read more..

Cuba reacts with anger to US plan to promote change July 12, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP) : Cuba on Tuesday reacted with indignation to a plan approved by US President George W. Bush to promote democratic change on the communist-ruled island. read more..

US adds 80 million dollars to Cuba democracy program July 11, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): US President George W. Bush on Monday approved an additional 80 million dollars to help foster Cuban democracy and pressure President Fidel Castro, whose government called the effort "embarrassing." read more..

Cuba's 'revolutionary' tourists pick fruit July 10, 2006
CAIMITO, Cuba (Reuters): They do not come to Cuba for the beaches and tropical mystique that draw more than 2 million other visitors each year. Instead they come to spend their vacations working in the countryside under a blazing sun. read more..

Cuban woman dies as 36 try to reach Florida July 10, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): An illegal Cuban migrant woman died in a failed bid to reach Florida shores Saturday after US Coast Guards intercepted a small boat overloaded with 31 bruised and exhausted people, the US Coast Guards said. read more..

US commission recommends tightening embargo on Cuba July 7, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): A US Cabinet-led panel recommended tightening an embargo against Cuba and boosting opposition financing, warning that Cuba is teamed with Venezuela in a bid to thwart regional democracy. read more..

Cuban jailings dip, harassment up, dissidents say July 6, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): The number of Cubans political prisoners dropped to 316 from 333 in the first six months of this year, but the government stepped up extrajudicial harassment of opponents, the island's main rights group said on Wednesday. read more..

Cuban officials charge US planning regime change July 6, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Two senior Cuban officials charged on Wednesday that a report on the communist nation delivered to the Bush administration's National Security Council amounted to a blueprint for an Iraq-style regime change in the Caribbean. read more..

US National Security Council examines Cuba situation July 6, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): US President George W. Bush on Wednesday met with members of the National Security Council to discuss prospects for bringing democracy to communist-ruled Cuba. read more..

'Forgotten' Cubans want to be at next football feast July 4, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Football is suffering in Cuba because it comes low on the priority list way behind the Caribbean island's top sport of baseball, according to respected coach Roberto Hernandez. read more..

Humanitarian group says new Cuba report would prevent relief aid July 4, 2006
NEW YORK, USA: Humanitarian agency Church World Service (CWS) is protesting the recommendations in an advance draft it has received of a new report by the Bush Administration's Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba. read more..

Castro's niece fights for new revolution July 3, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Mariela Castro is leading a Cuban revolution less well known than her Uncle Fidel's: one in favour of sexual tolerance within the island's macho society. read more..

American actor Andy Garcia calls for rapid transformation in Cuba July 3, 2006
KARLOVY VARY, Czech Republic (AFP): American actor Andy Garcia said he hoped for "a rapid transformation" in Cuba, the country where he was born, when he presented his first film as director at the Karlovy Vary international film festival on Saturday. read more..

US gears up for post-Castro era in Cuba July 3, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (Reuters): The United States should act fast to boost a transitional government in Cuba when President Fidel Castro's rule ends and get advisers on the ground within weeks, a U.S. government report recommends. read more..

Cuban dissidents say repression increasing as summit nears June 30, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The Cuban government has stepped up arrests and harassment of critics as it prepares to host the Nonaligned Movement Summit in September, a human rights organization on the island charged on Thursday. read more..

Cuba hails 'plantibody' breakthrough for hepatitis vaccine June 26, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): In what scientists billed as a breakthrough, Cuba has developed the first monoclonal antibody from transgenic plants -- dubbed a "plantibody" -- used in making a human vaccine. read more..

Castro makes party elite feel corruption campaign backlash June 26, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban authorities last week jailed a senior Communist Party member for 12 years for corruption in a rare sanction against high level fraud. read more..

Woman accused of spying for Cuba released June 23, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): Elsa Alvarez, who was arrested in January for allegedly spying for Cuba, has been released on $400,000 bond from a Miami Federal Detention Center. read more..

Cuban exile admits plot to kill Castro June 23, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): A Cuban exile acquitted of plotting to assassinate Fidel Castro admitted in an interview published Thursday that he had indeed planned to kill the Cuban leader in 1997. read more..

ACLU files lawsuit over Cuba book ban June 22, 2006
MIAMI, USA (Reuters): The American Civil Liberties Union filed a lawsuit against Miami's public school system on Wednesday, saying its ban on a children's book about travel to Cuba was unconstitutional. read more..

Cuba imprisons Communist leader for corruption June 22, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuba has sentenced a leading member of the Communist Party to 12 years in prison for corruption in what the country's only legal political organization said was proof no one stands above the law. read more..

US Supreme Court rejects Cuban cigar appeal June 20, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (Bloomberg): The U.S. Supreme Court has refused to question Swedish Match AB's right to sell cigars in the U.S. under the Cohiba brand name, turning away an appeal by a company owned by the Cuban government. read more..

Demonstrators oppose Cuban travel ban June 19, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): Nearly 100 protesters gathered in Miami to oppose a ban on traveling to Cuba, the Miami Herald reported. read more..

Miami schools vote to ban Cuba book June 16, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): Miami school officials have decided to ban a controversial book about Cuba from public school libraries, The Miami Herald reported Thursday. read more..

Raul Castro says party not military to follow Fidel June 16, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (Reuters): Cuban Defense Minister Raul Castro denied the military would take over after his brother President Fidel Castro died or left office, insisting in a speech published on Thursday that the Cuban Communist Party would lead the nation. read more..

Honduras new route for Cubans bound for the U.S. June 16, 2006
TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras (Reuters): Honduras is becoming a key staging point for human trafficking rings bringing undocumented Cuban immigrants to the United States, authorities said on Thursday. read more..

Cuban drummer Ignacio Berroa fuses Latin roots and jazz passion June 15, 2006
NEW YORK, USA (Bloomberg): When Ignacio Berroa was touring with Dizzy Gillespie's band in the 1980s, his Cuban accent would prompt people to ask, "Are you the percussionist?" "No," he'd reply. "I'm the drummer!" read more..

US blames Cuba in power struggle at Havana mission June 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A week-long US power struggle with Cuba ended Tuesday when electricity returned to the US mission in Havana, but a US spokesman doubted storms were to blame for the lengthy blackout. read more..

Bush's oil, Cuban-American allies split on anti-Castro embargo June 13, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (Bloomberg): High oil prices are driving a wedge between energy companies and the Cuban-American community, two pillars of support for President George W. Bush and his fellow Republicans. read more..

Cuba cuts off electricity to US mission in Havana, US says June 13, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States said on Monday the Cuban government had cut off electricity to its diplomatic mission in Havana, accusing it of engaging in "bullying tactics." read more..

EU hits out at Cuba but maintains sanction freeze June 13, 2006
LUXEMBOURG, (AFP): The European Union criticised Cuba on Monday for the deterioration of human rights on the island but decided not to reintroduce sanctions against President Fidel Castro's regime. read more..

Thousands of Cubans flee 'life-threatening' storm Alberto June 13, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): US officials warned Monday the season's first tropical storm could unleash life-threatening floods and mud slides as Cuban officials evacuated 25,000 people from Alberto's path. read more..

Venezuelan energy company to help Cuba increase oil production June 8, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP): Petroleos de Venezuela SA, South America's largest energy company, pledged to help Cuba increase production of oil and improve the quality of gasoline. read more..

Cuban prisoners hailed as heroes at home June 5, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Five Cubans serving lengthy prison terms for espionage-related acts in the United States are being hailed as heroes in their native land. read more..

Cuba says US denied visa to UN AIDS delegate June 5, 2006
UNITED NATIONS, (Reuters): Cuba complained on Friday that the United States denied a visa to the head of its delegation to a UN AIDS conference, but a US spokesman said he applied too late. read more..

Cuba sends 135 medics to quake-hit Indonesia June 5, 2006
JAKARTA, Indonesia (AFP): Visiting Cuban Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said Friday his country was sending 135 medical specialists to treat survivors of the earthquake on Indonesia's Java island. read more..

Castro's death could spark refugee crisis June 5, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): As Cuban President Fidel Castro nears his 80th birthday, US authorities planning for the fallout in Florida from his eventual death fear a dangerous mass migration of Cubans, The Miami Herald reported Friday. read more..

Cuban regime's number-two official, Raul Castro, turns 75 June 5, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Raul Castro, the official political heir to Cuba's communist regime led by his brother Fidel, turned 75 Saturday with a flurry of glowing coverage in state-run media. read more..

Cuban dissident to complete fourth month on hunger strike May 31, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Frail and fed through an intravenous tube, hunger-striking Cuban dissident journalist Guillermo Farinas finishes a fourth month Wednesday defying communist authorities and demanding Internet access even to his death. read more..

Castro brands US and Forbes magazine 'liars and slanderers' May 26, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): President Fidel Castro on Wednesday branded the US government and Forbes magazine as "liars and slanderers," and demanded an apology for saying he had amassed a personal wealth of 900 million dollars. read more..

At least seven dead as heavy rains pound Havana May 26, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The death toll from the heavy rains that pounded the Cuban capital this week has risen to seven, as flooding and power cuts continued to plague the coastal city, Cuban authorities said Thursday. read more..

Commentary: Cuba on the 'terrorist' list: Miami rides again May 24, 2006
In the State Department’s near-universally discredited series of annual certification reports, Cuba found itself once again lumped in with Iran, Libya (only briefly), Syria, North Korea and Sudan as a “state sponsor of terrorism.” read more..

Castro healthy enough to live till 140 years old, says doctor May 22, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro, who turns 80 this year, enjoys vibrant health and will live to 140, his chief doctor said Friday. read more..

Bush vows to help create 'peaceful' Cuban government May 22, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): President George W. Bush said Friday the United States was committed to helping Cubans create "peaceful" government in a message ahead of the island's independence day. read more..

Castro says he will resign if US can prove he's wealthy May 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro said Monday he would offer his resignation if his arch-rival, the United States, can prove that he has a huge personal fortune as claimed by Forbes magazine. read more..

Cuba’s Menendez wins in Brazil May 16, 2006
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil: Following her impressive season in the Caribbean this year, Cuban javelin thrower, Osleidys Menendez, produced yet another notable mark in a winning effort in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on Sunday. read more..

Resident Cuban ambassador for St Vincent and the Grenadines May 15, 2006
KINGSTOWN, St Vincent: St Vincent and the Grenadines now has a resident Cuban ambassador, 14 years after the two countries established diplomatic relations in 1992. read more..

Commentary: The US and the EU: Arm wrestling over Cuba May 15, 2006
Friday’s EU-Latin America Summit will highlight one reality: when it comes to a number of Latin American issues, there is scant unity to be found among members of Europe’s all powerful political and economic bloc. read more..

Cuban dissident to be honoured in US May 15, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): A leading Cuban dissident is to be honoured in New York next week, but it is not clear if the communist government in Havana will let him travel to attend the event, a Columbia University spokeswoman said Saturday. read more..

Israeli minister wanted by FBI to visit Cuba May 15, 2006
JERUSALEM, Israel (AFP): Israeli minister Rafi Eitan, a former Mossad spy who is wanted by the FBI, said Sunday he would visit Fidel Castro in Cuba next week in a move that could anger the Jewish state's chief ally. read more..

US Ambassador derides Cuba's election to UN Human Rights Council May 11, 2006
UNITED NATIONS, NY (AFP): US Ambassador John Bolton derided the inclusion of Cuba to the new UN Human Rights Council and said it proved that Washington's concerns about the new panel, which it voted against, were justified. read more..

Indian, Norwegian firms eye oil off Cuba's coast May 11, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): India's ONGC Videsh and Norway's Norsk Hydro are joining forces with Spain's Repsol in a bid to find crude oil off Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico, diplomatic sources said Thursday. read more..

Cuba elected to new UN human rights council May 10, 2006
UNITED NATIONS, NY (AFP): The UN General Assembly elected Cuba to a new UN Human Rights Council on Tuesday as part of a planned overhaul of the world body. read more..

Cuba's Castro among world's richest rulers May 8, 2006
NEW YORK, USA (AFP): Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, Cuban President Fidel Castro, Monaco's Prince Albert II and Britain's Queen Elizabeth II are among the world's wealthiest rulers, Forbes magazine reported on its website Friday. read more..

Cuba-Key West flight stirs US officials May 5, 2006
KEY WEST, USA (UPI): Two French environmentalists caused a stir when they flew a homemade plane across the Florida Straits from Cuba to Key West. read more..

Castro leads huge May Day celebrations May 2, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): More than 1,700 delegates from 79 countries joined in as Cuban President Fidel Castro led a colorful ceremony in Havana early Monday to celebrate May Day. read more..

Cuban-American says US backed his plan to raid Cuba May 1, 2006
LOS ANGELES, USA (AFP): The US government secretly supplied weapons for an attempt to overthrow Cuban President Fidel Castro, which were seized from the home of a Cuban-American arrested for illegal arms sales, the man told The Los Angeles Times in an interview published Friday. read more..

Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia seal anti-US trade deal May 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The leaders of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia signed a "People's Trade Treaty" Saturday to counter a US-led drive to forge a Pan-American free trade area. read more..

Europe, Canada missions send flowers to beaten Cuban dissident April 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Embassies of Europe and Canada sent flowers to prominent Cuban dissident Marta Beatriz Roque after she was beaten by a pro-government mob, diplomats said Thursday. "Such a gesture is natural courtesy for a woman who has been assaulted in her home," read more..

In Cuba, Chernobyl kids get special care, and hope April 27, 2006
TARARA, Cuba (AFP): Far from his native Ukraine, Mikhail -- his frail body tanned, a sea breeze caressing his hairless head -- is one of many in Cuba fighting after-effects of the Chernobyl fallout, in the biggest such program of its kind. He is one of 22,000 people treated for radiation-related pathologies. read more..

Cuban woman dissident, 60, beaten en route to meet US diplomat April 27, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba's most prominent female dissident, ailing economist Marta Beatriz Roque, said Wednesday she was brutally beaten at her home by a pro-government mob of people who knew she was heading to a meeting at the home of the top US diplomat in Havana. read more..

Cuban artist wins top international political cartoon contest April 24, 2006
LISBON, Portugal (AFP): Cuba's Angel Boligan has won a top international political cartoon prize for his drawing of a man slumped on a couch watching a giant wooden television on wheels that resembles a Trojan horse. read more..

No change in EU stance on Cuba: Spanish minister April 24, 2006
MADRID, Spain (AFP): There is no prospect of the European Union changing its attitude towards Cuba, Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos said Saturday. read more..

BBC journalist asks queen why she failed to invite Castro to birthday bash April 21, 2006
LONDON, England (AFP): BBC journalist John Humphrys asked Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday why she had failed to invite Cuba's communist leader Fidel Castro to her 80th birthday parties as he also turns 80 this year. read more..

Czech Republic, in tit-for-tat move, expels Cuban diplomat April 20, 2006
PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AFP): A Cuban diplomat was ordered to leave the Czech Republic on Wednesday in a tit-for-tat move following the expulsion of a Czech diplomat from Havana over charges of spying, the foreign ministry said. read more..

Belarussian PM to visit Cuba this week April 19, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Belarussian Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky will visit Cuba Thursday at the invitation of President Fidel Castro, the government said in a statement here Tuesday. read more..

Traces in Cuba of meteorite crash that destroyed dinosaurs April 19, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban researchers say there are signs in the center of their island of the mega-meteor that slammed into modern Mexico's Yucatan peninsula 65 million years ago, in what was the beginning of the end for dinosaurs, official media reported Tuesday. read more..

Disillusioned Bay of Pigs veteran hopes for a last glimpse of Cuba April 18, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): Forty-five years after taking part in the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, Tomas Vazquez has no fight left in him, and simply dreams of seeing the island he loves one last time before he dies. read more..

Seven Cuban mothers face legal proceedings over trafficking April 18, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Seven mothers are to face legal proceedings for endangering the lives of their minor children in an intercepted human trafficking attempt, Cuba's official Granma newspaper said Monday. read more..

Czech Republic to seek change in EU relations with Havana April 17, 2006
PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AFP): The Czech Republic will seek a change in the European Union's policy towards Cuba, foreign minister Cyril Svoboda said on Sunday. "My position is that the soft approach to Cuba has borne no fruit, no positive fruit," Svoboda said at a news conference in Prague. read more..

Cuba marks 45th anniversary of US-led 'Bay of Pigs' invasion April 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cubans on Sunday marked the 45th anniversary of the Bay of Pigs invasion, when a US backed assault by 1,400 Cuban exiles failed to bring down Fidel Castro's two year old government. read more..

Haiti president-elect Preval meets Castro April 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Haitian President-elect Rene Preval met Cuban President Fidel Castro late Thursday to discuss new ways for improving bilateral cooperation. Preval, visiting Cuba with a delegation that includes future members of his government, earlier praised Cuban-trained doctors. read more..

Czech foreign ministry protests "expulsion" of diplomat from Cuba April 14, 2006
PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AFP): The Czech foreign ministry protested Thursday against Cuban authorities' refusal to prolong a visa for a diplomat at its Havana embassy, saying it considered the move as an "expulsion." read more..

Haiti's president-elect praises Cuban medical help April 14, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Haitian President-elect Rene Preval praised Cuba's medical help for impoverished Haiti and called for closer ties ahead of a meeting with President Fidel Castro, the official Granma newspaper reported Thursday. read more..

Venezuela, Cuba in joint venture to modernise Cienfuegos refinery April 12, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba and Venezuela have launched a new company to get Cuba's out-of-order Soviet-technology oil refinery in Cienfuegos back in operation, the Communist Party newspaper Granma reported Tuesday. read more..

Castro brothers meet top Malaysian diplomat April 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): President Fidel Castro and his brother, Raul Castro, the communist Cuban regime's number-two official and armed forces chief, met separately with Malaysia's visiting foreign minister, the Cuban foreign ministry said Thursday. read more..

One dead as Cuba slams brakes on smuggling operation April 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The Cuban government said Thursday it had halted a human smuggling operation along the island's southwestern coast, killing one smuggler and arresting two Cuban-Americans. read more..

Cuba buys train engines, buses from China April 6, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): President Fidel Castro said Cuba has bought from China 100 train engines and more than 7,000 buses for delivery this year, as part of his "energy revolution" to save fuel and improve public transport on the communist island. read more..

Malaysia's top diplomat due in Cuba to bolster ties April 5, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Malaysia's Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar was due in Cuba's capital Tuesday for a one-day visit aimed at bolstering cooperation and trade ties, officials said. read more..

Cuban revolution not based on personality cult, says Castro April 4, 2006
MADRID, Spain (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro is not worried about his succession since the revolution does not depend on a cult of personality, according to extracts from a book to be published Friday. read more..

Cuban dissident marks two months on hunger strike April 3, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A Cuban dissident journalist on Friday marked two months on a hunger strike to demand Internet access, a member of his government-outlawed agency said. read more..

Jailed Cuba airline bombing suspect said to be a threat to US security March 31, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): US authorities say they will not release Luis Posada Carrilles, wanted in Venezuela for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner, because he represents a threat to national security. read more..

Cuban's hand in India's boxing resurgence March 27, 2006
MELBOURNE, Australia (AFP): A Cuban influence is behind India's resurgent boxing fortunes at the Melbourne Commonwealth Games with three boxers fighting for gold medals here Saturday. read more..

Miranda adds Cuban salsa flavour to Canadian diving double March 27, 2006
MELBOURNE, Australia (AFP): Canada scooped two Commonwealth gold medals in the diving pool Friday, with Cuban-born Arturo Miranda erasing his Olympic heartache with a win he said repaid an emotional debt to his adopted homeland. Canada won gold in the men's 3m synchro springboard. read more..

US grants entry visas to Cubans it repatriated March 27, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The United States on Friday granted entry visas to 14 of the 15 Cubans it repatriated in January after they fled their country illegally and reached a bridge near Florida, but not the US shore, a group spokesman said. read more..

Castro aide talks about former boss March 24, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): One of Fidel Castro's former aides is living in Miami, where he has become a celebrity in the Cuban community, complete with regular appearances on TV. read more..

US to keep in custody Cuba airline bomber suspect March 24, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): The US authorities said that Luis Posada Carriles, wanted in Venezuela for the 1976 bombing of a Cuban airliner, would remain in US custody although he has been ordered expelled. read more..

Pio Leyva, of Buena Vista Social Club fame, dies March 24, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Singer Wilfredo "Pio" Leyva, a pillar of the Grammy-winning Buena Vista Social Club and one of Cuba's masters of 'son,' died Thursday in Havana aged 88, his family said. read more..

Japanese down Cuba to capture World Baseball Classic crown March 22, 2006
SAN DIEGO, USA (AFP): Japan's greatest-ever baseball squad captured global supremacy in its beloved national pastime, defeating Cuba 10-6 here Monday in the World Baseball Classic championship game. read more..

Cuba to assist Antigua-Barbuda in cutting energy costs March 21, 2006
ST JOHN’S, Antigua: A Cuban delegation led by Ambassador Rojas last week paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Baldwin Spencer and updated him on progress in assisting Antigua and Barbuda to cut its energy costs. read more..

Cruise ship scoops up Cuban refugees March 21, 2006
GALVESTON, USA (UPI): More than two dozen Cuban refugees were picked up by a cruise ship off the coast of Jamaica, the Houston Chronicle reported Monday. read more..

Immigrant traffickers get ten years for Cuban boy's drowning March 21, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): Two illegal immigrant traffickers were sentenced to ten years in prison Monday for the drowning death of a six-year old Cuban boy off the Florida coast in October, prosecutors said. read more..

Cubans risk dangerous strait to reach US March 20, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): Hundreds of Cubans are reported to be risking their lives in one of the ocean's most dangerous straits because it's a new route to the United States. read more..

Rights activists mark anniversary of Cuba crackdown March 20, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Wives, mothers and daughters of Cuban political prisoners marched in Havana Saturday to mark the third anniversary of Cuba's worst crackdown on dissidents in years. About 30 "Ladies in White" fasted Saturday and marched to demand the release of 60 political prisoners. read more..

Cubans dump Dominican Republic to reach World Baseball Classic final March 20, 2006
SAN DIEGO, California (AFP): Having waited decades to prove themselves against Major League Baseball stars, Cuban amateurs downed an elite Dominican Republic team 3-1 Saturday to reach the World Baseball Classic final. read more..

Few major leaguers in World Baseball final as Cuba, Japan advance March 20, 2006
SAN DIEGO, California (AFP): Baseball was created in the United States but it appears to have been perfected in Cuba and Japan. The Japanese avenged two prior losses to previously unbeaten South Korea with a 6-0 victory here Saturday in the World Baseball Classic to book a date in Monday's final against Cuba, who eliminated the Dominican Republic 3-1. read more..

Cubans edge Puerto Rico to reach World Baseball Classic semis March 17, 2006
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AFP): Cuba's gifted baseball team proved itself the equal of Major League Baseball's elite stars by edging Puerto Rico 4-3 here Wednesday to reach the World Baseball Classic semi-finals. read more..

Several Cubans feared dead in attempts to sail to US March 17, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): The US Coast Guard said Thursday it repatriated 44 Cuban migrants picked up at sea, while at least two others died while trying to sail illegally to the United States in recent days. read more..

Cuba denies 553 visa holders exit permits March 15, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): The Cuban government is preventing more than 500 Cubans with visas from leaving the country, the Miami Herald reported Tuesday. read more..

Dominican Republic dump Cuba 7-3 in World Baseball Classic March 15, 2006
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AFP): David Ortiz smacked a home run and Odalis Perez pitched 4 2/3 scoreless innings to lead the Dominican Republic past Cuba 7-3 here Monday in a second-round game at the World Baseball Classic. read more..

Castro gets new plane March 13, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Cuba has purchased a top-of-the-line Russian airliner for President Fidel Castro, the BBC reported last week. read more..

Cubans defeat Venezuela 7-2 in World Baseball Classic March 13, 2006
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AFP): Frederich Cepdea and Ariel Pestano swatted back-to-back home runs in a five-run sixth inning Sunday and Cuba beat Venezuela 7-2 to open the second round of the World Baseball Classic. read more..

Puerto Ricans pound Cuba 12-2 in World Baseball Classic March 13, 2006
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AFP): Home runs by Bernie Williams, Carlos Beltran and Alex Cintron powered Puerto Rico past Cuba 12-2 here Friday in the World Baseball Classic, keeping the hosts unbeaten in the event. read more..

Cuba opens more Caribbean embassies March 13, 2006
GEORGETOWN, Guyana (AFP): Cuba will open embassies in four new Caribbean countries in an effort to bolster its regional ties, Cuba's ambassador to the Caribbean Community organization said Friday. read more..

Scholars want approval for Cubans' visit March 9, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (UPI): Scholars from the University of Pittsburgh have petitioned the US government to allow a group of Cubans to participate in a regional academic conference. read more..

Cubans beat Panama 8-6 in World Baseball Classic March 9, 2006
SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (AFP): Cuba made a triumphant debut in global competition against elite Major League Baseball, defeating Panama 8-6 in 11 innings here Wednesday at the World Baseball Classic. read more..

Cuban cigar maker beaten to death in Moscow March 7, 2006
MOSCOW, Russia (AFP): A Cuban cigar maker, who worked for a posh restaurant in Moscow, was beaten to death on the city streets last weekend by unknown assailants, the Moscow prosecutor said Monday. read more..

Cuba’s Menendez impresses in Santiago March 7, 2006
SANTIAGO, Cuba: Cuba's World and Olympic Javelin Throw champion Osleidys Menendez, who opened her season with a commanding 62.64m on February 25, returned to Santiago de Cuba, her nation's second largest city, to thrill the home fans with a 65.02m throw at 2006 Aurelio Janet Memorial, at the weekend. read more..

Spanish opposition wants Cuba condemnation March 7, 2006
MADRID, Spain (UPI): Spain's political opposition called for the prime minister to condemn a recent increase in repression in Cuba, Spain's EFE news agency reported Tuesday. read more..

Cuban women dub US anti-Iraq war activist 'Mother Courage' March 7, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The Federation of Cuban Mothers on Tuesday expressed support of US activist Cindy Sheehan who lost a son in Iraq and campaigns against the US war there. read more..

Castro meets top US bishop March 2, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro met the presiding bishop of the US Episcopal Church, Frank Griswold, a day after Griswold issued a forceful criticism of Washington's trade embargo against Cuba. read more..

Cuba take centre stage in baseball Pool C March 1, 2006
TOKYO, Japan (AFP): Cuba will be seeking to continue a long tradition of international baseball excellence when it takes on Panama, Puerto Rico and the Netherlands in Group C of the World Baseball Classic. read more..

US judge rules in favor of repatriated Cuban migrants March 1, 2006
MIAMI, Cuba (AFP): A judge in Miami Tuesday ruled authorities were wrong to repatriate 15 Cubans picked up at the base of a Florida bridge, and said officials must do their best to help them return to the United States. read more..

Cigar lovers get whiff of paradise at Havana festival February 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): More than a thousand cigar lovers from 60 countries ringed the center of the cigar universe Monday in Havana, comparing notes and celebrating Cuba's finest smokes. read more..

Washington's embargo against Cuba 'inhumane' says US bishop February 28, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The presiding bishop and primate of the US Episcopal Church, Frank Griswold, issued a forceful criticism Monday of Washington's trade embargo against Cuba, calling it "inhumane". read more..

Media watchdog slams Cuba for harassing journalists February 27, 2006
NEW YORK, USA (AFP): A US-based media watchdog condemned the Cuban authorities on Friday for harassing independent journalists and failing to provide adequate medical treatment for those in prison. read more..

Cuba rolls out an army of flags next to US mission February 27, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): President Fidel Castro on Friday led a protest outside the US diplomatic mission here, as more than 100 Cuban flags were raised to counter what Cuba slams as US provocations. The blue, white and red Cuban flags replaced black banners placed there earlier. read more..

Cuban spy may link a Castro to shootdown February 24, 2006
MIAMI, USA (UPI): A potential witness may exist to pursue an indictment of Raul Castro, brother of Cuban leader Fidel Castro, in shoot-downs of civilian planes, a report said. read more..

Four dead, 45 injured in Cuba bus accident February 24, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Four people died and 45 were injured, some of them seriously, after a public bus overturned in the Cuban province of Camaguey, east of Havana, Cuban media reported Thursday. read more..

Castro asks pope to visit Cuba February 22, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (UPI): Cuban leader Fidel Castro has invited Pope Benedict XVI to visit the communist island, the Italian news agency ANSA reports. read more..

Fidel Castro supports Iran in nuclear dispute February 20, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): President Fidel Castro has offered "firm support" for Iran's right to pursue a nuclear energy program, Cuba's state-controlled media reported Sunday. read more..

Iran parliament speaker visits ally Cuba February 17, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Iranian parliament speaker Gholam Ali Hadad-Adel on Thursday started an official two-day visit in Cuba, a staunch backer of Iran's disputed nuclear program. read more..

US defends actions in Cuba sanctions row with Mexico February 14, 2006
WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): The United States Monday defended its actions in pressuring a US-owned hotel in Mexico earlier this month to expel Cuban officials, creating a diplomatic row. read more..

Cuban dissident on hunger strike agrees to be fed intravenously February 10, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A Cuban dissident journalist has agreed to be fed intravenously after an eight-day hunger strike left him in critical condition, a family member told AFP on Thursday. read more..

Cuba offers more health and education services to Guyana February 9, 2006
GEORGETOWN, Guyana: Guyana's Head of State, President Bharrat Jagdeo has hailed a recent visit to Cuba as a major success as it served not only to deepen diplomatic ties but also to expand the level of assistance offered to Guyana from Cuba. President Jagdeo and Cuban President Fidel Castro affixed their signatures on agreements. read more..

Cuban government responds positively to nursing shortage in Dominica February 9, 2006
ROSEAU, Dominica: The Government of Cuba has responded positively to a request made by Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit for assistance in dealing with the nursing shortage in Dominica. The Cuban Government will provide twenty-three lecturers over a period of two and a half years in the first instance to assist in programme delivery. read more..

Cuban dissident in 'critical condition' after hunger strike February 9, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A Cuban journalist was in critical condition at a hospital Wednesday on the eighth day of a hunger strike protesting the communist regime's Internet censorship, dissidents said. read more..

Castro invites Iranian leader to Cuba February 8, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has accepted an invitation to visit Cuba from President Fidel Castro, in gratitude for Cuba's support of Iran's nuclear program, the official Granma newspaper said Tuesday. Ahmadinejad accepted the invitation in Tehran from Cuban Ambassador Felipe Perez Roque. read more..

Cubans surround US mission with black flags February 8, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba inaugurated a "mountain of flags" outside the United States' mission in Havana Monday with a 24 hour vigil featuring 138 black banners with white stars honoring Cuban victims of terrorism. With President Fidel Castro watching, the flags were raised as well to effectively block views of a huge electronic billboard on the US mission's facade. read more..

Six Cuban migrants feared drowned off Florida February 6, 2006
MIAMI, USA (AFP): Six would-be illegal Cuban immigrants may have drowned off the coast of Florida, according to eight others who were found on a deserted island and rescued by the US Coast Guard, a guard spokeswoman said Friday. read more..

Cuban ambassador makes first visit to Nevis February 3, 2006
CHARLESTOWN, Nevis: Cuban ambassador to St Kitts and Nevis, Mrs Ana Maria Gonzalez, paid a courtesy call on Premier of Nevis Vance Amory, Deputy Governor General Eustace John and other members of the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) on Thursday, during her first visit to the island since taking up her recent appointment in Basseterre. read more..

Cuba prepares to unveil 'surprise' near US office in Havana February 1, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The Cuban government on Tuesday was preparing to unveil a mysterious construction project outside the US Interests Section in Havana that began just six days ago. The project is likely to be a wall of flags designed to block a rolling electronic message board that broadcasts from the building and is visible across much of Havana. read more..

Menéndez is Cuba’s sportswoman of the year January 31, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba: Osleidys Menéndez, the World and Olympic Javelin champion, has captured the award for the best Cuban sportswoman of 2005. Menéndez, who improved her own world record to 71.70m at the 10th IAAF World Championships in Helsinki, Finland, last summer, received the award for the fourth time, after being honoured with the trophy in 2001, 2002 and 2004. read more..

Rivals' war of words heats up as US free speech tweaks Castro January 30, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba and the United States are keeping the verbal blows flying in a diplomatic row that communist President Fidel Castro says is aimed at unravelling their limited, tense bilateral ties. read more..

Czech supermodel held in Cuba over photographs January 30, 2006
PRAGUE, Czech Republic (AFP): Czech supermodel Helena Houdova was detained by police in Cuba after she was caught taking photographs in a poor suburb of Havana, she said in an interview published Friday. read more..

Cuba backstops Chavez revolution in Venezuela January 30, 2006
CARACAS, Venezuela (AFP): Cuba has no money but is playing a major role in the social revolution that President Hugo Chavez is pursuing in Venezuela and showing off to the world this week. read more..

Cuba mounts mystery construction project near US interests section January 26, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban officials launched a mysterious construction project outside the US Interests Section here early Wednesday, a day after holding a massive march to protest "aggressive" US policies. About 100 workers, bulldozers, a crane and several trucks loaded with concrete and metal arrived at the site at around midnight. read more..

Hundreds of thousands join anti-US rally in Havana January 25, 2006
HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Hundreds of thousands of Cubans shook their fists and chanted slogans outside the US Interests Section in Havana Tuesday, protesting the possible release of an anti-Castro militant and terror suspect held in the United States. The government-organized march brought the Cuban capital to a standstill. read more..

Cuban regime expects one million to protest outside US building


HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): The Cuban government expects more than one million people to answer Fidel Castro's call for a massive anti-US demonstration Tuesday in front of Washington's Interests Section here. Castro blasted the United States on Sunday over its economic sanctions against the communist island. read more..

Castro offers free eye care to poor US citizens


HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): President Fidel Castro on Sunday invited US citizens too poor to afford eye care to come to his communist country for treatment. read more..

Baseball legends Oh and Aaron want Cubans in World Baseball Classic

Thursday,  January 19, 2006

WASHINGTON, USA (AFP): Japanese baseball home run king Sadaharu Oh and American all-time homer leader Hank Aaron backed Cuba's participation in the World Baseball Classic and asked stars sitting out to reconsider... read more...

US mission in Cuba displays rights declaration

Wednesday,  January 18, 2006

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): A giant screen installed on the facade of the US mission here began Monday displaying passages from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  Passers-by stopped in front of the US Interests Section in Havana to read the declaration as well as famous quotes from slain US civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr... read more...

Cuban defectors challenge 'wet-foot' law

Monday,  January 16, 2006

MIAMI, USA (UPI): Fifteen Cubans challenging U.S. immigration laws got their day in a Miami courtroom but not before they already had been sent back home... read more...

Cuba gets China's first trains exported to Latin America

Monday,  January 16, 2006

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): President Fidel Castro on Saturday happily took delivery of China's first trains exported to Latin America and the Caribbean, part of Cuba's strategy to improve the country's persistent transport problems.  Castro came out personally to the rail-yards here see the 12 trains -- as well as 80 buses -- purchased from China... read more...

Lasorda optimistic US will let Cuba play

Thursday,  January 12, 2006

TOKYO, Japan (AFP): Cuba is likely to stay in the inaugural 16-nation World Baseball Classic despite US moves to bar the communist state from profiting out of the event, baseball legend Tommy Lasorda said Wednesday.  The US Treasury Department said last month that it would be illegal for Cuba to take part in the international tournament... read more...

Migrants who reached US bridge sent back to Cuba

Wednesday,  January 11, 2006

MIAMI, USA (AFP): US authorities Monday repatriated 15 Cubans after ruling that because they were picked up at a broken bridge they were not covered by legislation that guarantees residence to Cubans who make it to land... read more...

Two Florida university staffers charged as Cuban covert agents

Tuesday,  January 10, 2006

MIAMI, USA (AFP): Two Cuban-Americans have been charged with being covert agents for Cuba's communist government for almost three decades and were denied bail when they made their first court appearance in Miami Monday... read more...

Cuba receives 12 Chinese locomotives

Tuesday,  January 10, 2006

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuba has received 12 locomotives and 80 buses from China as part of a government plan to improve the communist island's transportation service, the official daily Granma reported Monday... read more...

Castro backs Iran's 'right' to peaceful nuclear energy

Friday,  January 6, 2006

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban President Fidel Castro backed Iran's "right" to pursue a peaceful nuclear energy program following a telephone conversation with his Iranian counterpart, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the official newspaper Granma said Thursday... read more...

German film claims new evidence that Castro had Kennedy killed

Wednesday,  January 4, 2006

BERLIN, Germany (AFP): A German documentary to be aired this week claims to have found new evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald shot US president John F. Kennedy on the orders of the Cuban secret services... read more...

Cuban eye care programme in Antigua-Barbuda to be upgraded

Wednesday,  January 4, 2006

ST JOHN’S, Antigua: Relations between Antigua and Barbuda and Cuba were further strengthened on Tuesday morning when Health Minister John Maginley met a number of Cuban eye specialists to discuss the continuation of the eye care programme.  The programme provides free eye examination and free medical treatment in Cuba... read more...

Cuba a hotbed of intolerance in 2005, says dissident leader

Wednesday,  January 4, 2006

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Cuban dissident Oswaldo Paya lamented Tuesday that Cuba had reverted to the "darkest days of intolerance and restriction" in 2005, with a renewed rejection of any progress toward a brighter future... read more...

Castro bolsters alliance with Bolivian leader

Monday,  January 2, 2006

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): Bolivia's socialist president-elect, Evo Morales, won a hero's welcome and a cooperation deal in Havana, with communist Cuban President Fidel Castro promising the world "the (political) map is changing.".  A military band played and an honour guard stood at attention after Morales arrived Friday... read more...

Castro welcomes New Year at filling station

Monday,  January 2, 2006

HAVANA, Cuba (AFP): President Fidel Castro marked the 47th anniversary of his rise to power Sunday, welcoming the New Year at a Havana gas station with youth volunteers on duty to deter theft.  Wearing his usual olive green military fatigues, Castro, 79, sang the national anthem and chatted with the volunteers... read more...

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