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'Soca Queen' a success, despite problems with Canadian promotion
Published on Thursday, December 6, 2007Email To Friend    Print Version

TORONTO, Canada: Alison Hinds, who became known as the lead vocalist in the calypso band Square One, recently ventured out on her own and has released her first solo album entitled “Soca Queen”. The album was released in Canadian retail stores on October 16, 2007 and on iTunes on October 9, 2007.

Atlanta based record company 1720 Entertainment joined forces with Black Coral records from the Caribbean, with the hopes of taking the captivating songstress to stardom. Realising that other Barbadians such as Rihanna have crossed over into mainstream, the company spared no expense in ensuring that the production was fit for an international audience.

Several songs on the record were produced by New York’s heavyweight Salaam Remi as well as calypso majors such as Van Gibbs and Chris Allman.

'Soca Queen' album cover
In addition to ensuring that production was right, the company also wanted the absolute best marketing team involved in the project. While conducting their research they came across Attack Music Group, a multi-faceted Toronto based company which does everything from licensing to producing.

President/CEO Mark Berry convinced them of his love for the music, and his commitment to ensuring that the album would be promoted properly in Canada.

After weeks of discussions, Attack Music Group was reportedly compensated significantly as they were brought on board to oversee marketing and promotion for the album. Unfortunately, this was not done.

Following a well received visit to Canada and a very exciting promo tour (made possible by 1720 Entertainment & Black Coral), Alison Hinds fans were anxiously awaiting the release of the album. However, due to some internal issues at Attack Music Group, the album’s release date was shifted several times, thus confusing the fans.

When the album was eventually released, Attack Music Group omitted the West Indian community, hence the record was not (until recently) made available in Caribbean record stores.

Fortunately for Alison Hinds, 1720 Entertainment and Black Coral Records noticed some inconsistencies in Attack Music Group’s actions while Alison Hinds was in Canada for her promo tour (September 24 to October 4).

They immediately took all necessary steps to remove the album from Attack Music Group, and brought on independent agents to assist with marketing and promotion.

Alison Hinds' debut album, “Soca Queen” is now available in major retail record stores, West Indian record stores nationwide and on iTunes.

1720 Entertainment and Black Coral Records say that despite all the setbacks they are seeing sales grow in all targeted markets.
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