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Marketing Strategies Today: Top ten ways you can grow your business using webinars
Published on March 13, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version


By Mitch Carson

Webinars are live online events that use video conferencing software applications to do presentations, demonstrations, discussions, lectures, workshops, or instructional sessions. They help in marketing, idea generation, networking and attracting potential customers; hence considered as a powerful tool for growing any business. The right webinar platform will offer several functions that support your business success strategy. Below are top ten reasons and ways to grow your business with webinars.

Mitch Carson has been a pitchman on Home Shopping Network, CBS Radio host, and is the CEO of Impact Products Marketing in Los Angeles, CA. Reach him at or
1. Webinars boost your business promotions

Webinar presentations increase your business or company’s exposure. You can use your webinar conferences and presentations in a promotional perspective, such that you present your services and products to your audience. These video demonstrations increase customers understanding of your business products; this has a huge impact on how potential customers view your services. Recorded webinars are used for providing your subscribers with additional site content.

Freebies improve your ranking in search engines, just as Google places some video content (often from YouTube), on the first page of results upon searching for certain keywords. All you need to do is study keywords used in top searches and use them when creating relevant and valuable webinars. For promotional purposes, webinars can be part of your email marketing campaign.

2. Webinars establish your credibility

Webinars give more credibility to your business ideas, products, and services. Sharing ideas on webinar platforms allow your audience to understand your concepts better than using the normal written format. They are effective strategies for bringing people and their diverse perspectives together; enhancing further understanding to clients and widening your viewpoints.

Through webinars, there is an evolution of ideas as everyone has an opportunity of speaking their mind, including your viewers who can use sidebar comment box. You have the opportunity to engage with potential customers directly, a chance to strengthen business relationships.

3. Webinars create and increase brand awareness

Brand awareness is a business and marketing concept that involves increasing the product awareness through consistent marketing, promotion, advertisements and labeling with focus on a common theme or identity. Webinars give your audience a visual image of your product brand, leading to a bigger consumer base. You can make customers aware of your brand at the start of your webcast, through the hard-sell outright promotions or by any other subtle means. Webinars allow you to promote and broaden your reach at any time and as you wish. For instance, you can run informative webinars weekly or monthly when launching new products and services.

4. Webinars help in building a broad audience reach and contact list

Every webinar you create forges new contact, just like YouTube channels or podcasts. Webinar presentations build a bigger audience in your business through sales pitches that attract potential customers. Allowing your guests or viewers to share ideas related to your business with their followers brings new clients to your business. Every time you promote webinars, announce it to your mailing list and reach out more people through social media and joint ventures such as Facebook ads. Creating a webinar directed to a particular audience can be used as part of business marketing strategies. Every business should, therefore, use webinar based campaigns to reach out new customers.

5. Lead Generation

Every business or marketing strategy is driven by leads; a business with high-quality lead generation grows very fast. Webinars are an efficient way of attracting new eyes, generating new leads and ultimately converting them into new customers. Through webinars, new registrations are expected such that you add interested audience to your webinar and newsletter list. When you run related webinars, reach out to them with an offer. There are several ways of promoting webinars and drive registrations such as emails, Facebook groups and ads, LinkedIn and Google+ communities. All these are geared towards generating new leads and building strong relationships with ideal clients.

6. Webinars are used as a post-sale educational platform

Webinars are a great post-sale educational tool for creating added brand value. This involves making customers understand the value of products or services they buy; it is about positioning your products as different from others, and truly useful. The primary goal is building and maintaining a good reputation for your business. As well, they are interactive idea crowdsourcing platforms where people share their ideas using webcasts and live streams showcasing various business concepts.

7. Webinars as a tool for employee training and collaboration

Webinars are effective in employee training – they are efficient tools for training, orienting and updating employees if a business is opening stores or branching out to new locations. Webinar based training sessions are recorded live and presented to other personnel without video-editing. They have online collaboration tools that support high impact presentations, collaborative projects and compelling discussions.

8. Webinars are a means for hosting virtual events

The internet plays an important and prominent role in business activities. Businesses are using the Internet to stage virtual events such as conferences, trade shows, exhibits, and expositions. These events are crucial in creating networking opportunities among businesses, providing excellent opportunities without distance constraints. Through virtual events, people meet possible business partners, distributors, suppliers, manufacturers and other entities that help businesses grow. They allow product launches to be conducted as virtual events when marketing a product in different locations.

9. Increasing sales

The main aim of a business is generating profit. Webinars with the right content soft-sell your products, deliver value, showcase problems and kill objections without much effort. The best way is to create a webinar that will teach prospects about your products and at the same time sell it. Webinars merge all the initial funnel steps and allow you build trust with customers fast; this allows easy conversion of leads into customers. Overall, the revenue is increased helping your business grow.

10. Proven-to-convert webinars attract affiliates

The affiliate world requires something that will convert well and deliver value to customers. Affiliates cannot promote a product they are not going to make money from after generating traffic. Sending traffic to a webinar campaign delivers more value compared to sending traffic to your homepage directly. This way, affiliates generate more commissions even before starting the promotion.

The above ways show how you can grow your business with webinars successfully. Consider using them to market your business, connect to and engage customers, reach potential business partners and offer efficient employee training and communication. For optimum results, chose a platform that is reliable, dependable and feature-rich for your webinars.
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