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Marketing Strategies Today: Video blogging tips
Published on March 6, 2017Email To Friend    Print Version


By Mitch Carson

Want to watch profits rolling into your business? Then go for online video blogging! It is deemed to be the future in Internet marketing.

Yes, blogging stormed into the world of Internet the long time ago; the same with sharing sites such as YouTube. But then not too many people find themselves techie enough to make their business videos and eventually upload them to popular hosting sites such as YouTube or comScore video metrics.

Mitch Carson has been a pitchman on Home Shopping Network, CBS Radio host, and is the CEO of Impact Products Marketing in Los Angeles, CA. Reach him at or
But if you will take a look at the figures, you will be surprised at how much people are ready to view videos in just one day! With comScore Video Metrics alone, they have found out that there are about 161 million viewers who would watch about 157 video streams per viewer on a per-day basis.

What is more, YouTube has reported a roundabout of two billion ads being watched in just one day. From these numbers alone, you would know where your business can go if you will finally learn about online video blogging.

Find below some online video blogging tips on how you can start making your blogs to keep money coming in:

Create new and exciting topics in your videos

Keep in mind that it is not only the videos that are viral. Viewers can sense the emotions in the videos, so you better make it a point that when you do online video blogging, the topic is exciting and truly novel.

Otherwise, they might just lose interest at first glance of the blog. You're wasting traffic; you lose your business leads. You lose the opportunity to gain viewers and increase your traffic; you lose your profits! It is that simple.

Make short and concise videos

Make it a point that the videos you will make are only about 15-30 seconds. Otherwise, you might bore the viewers and only drive them away. It has been confirmed that a 15- to about 30-second video ad can maintain the attention span of an audience.

Beyond that, they will surely click away from your video. If you get their attention, you can say you've been successful implementing viral video marketing on your video ads.

Ensure quality of both video and content

Last but not least, make sure that you take quality seriously when you do online video blogging. It is not only all about marketing. It goes beyond ensuring that there is quality at all times.

Quality is the number one indicator of a video's success. Video marketing created in poor quality will not warrant any viewers.

Video blogging is one of the today's most ideal strategies to sharing information on the web. This method is to train, educate or and engage viewers. Others have taken this method to advance brands, products, and political views, their supporters, or to share anything that would give viewers a decent laugh. Dissimilar to composed content, a video blog makes it simple to interface with watchers since it gives you a one-on-one feel that brings you "closer" to the viewer.

While video blogging may appear to be only a shoot-and-post method, it is more than that. There are sure rules that you have to follow after to be effective. It takes careful planning, fundamental hardware and instruments, ability and a lot of creativity.
Here are some tips you will discover as helpful:

Think about a unique concept

Try not to extend yourself, or invent brand new ideas. Think of an idea that will cause the interest and enthusiasm of viewers. Ask yourself, "Is my point significant?" "Will individuals consider my content and message valuable?" "Will it provide the interruption I needed?" Be inventive and extraordinary. You can build up your particular idea or get motivation from the work of other individuals and give it your particular slant and spin on the topic.

Select a memorable title and a proper summary

With the large number of recordings officially posted on the web, it is very hard to get the attention of viewers and encourage them to watch your video. One approach
is through the effective use of a catchy title. Think about a unique line, or a word that sticks out. Likewise, give a straightforward assessment so that your group of viewers will have an idea what they can expect from your video. Keep it short; however, it ought to give enough subtle elements to cause interest. One thing you ought to never forget is to be direct. Never give a false title or false expectation to your group of viewers.

Avoid plagiarism and respect copyrights

One thing to remember is never copy the work of others and claim it as your own. This would constitute copyright infringement. If you find an unusual topic and need to use another source or reference, then be sure to give credit to its source. Copyright infringement can get you into a legal situation that can be costly.

While video blogging will require additional assets, it is certainly justified regardless of the exertion as a feature of your web promoting attempts to have the video on a website page with the utilization of spilling video. Here are a few things you have to consider. Most importantly video blogging requires bigger site circle space. Next, you will likewise need to utilize a speedier server. In conclusion, this innovation is bolstered by a unique accumulation of projects.

Video blogging is a perfect stage for engagement for both individual and businesses. From a business perspective, it offers various advantages. Consider this as a platform to show the entire line of your items or services to potential clients.

Video blogging has certainly turned into an exceptionally compelling method for conveying and offering thoughts or items. It is an awesome method to interface with viewers. Along these lines, in the event that you are keen on extending potential outcomes in the virtual world through video web journals, then pull out all the stops. Explore online networking to express your thoughts and passions and to earn feedback from others.
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